2010 Deer season in review


I had planned to put together a Deer Season Bragging Board, however, it seems a review or assessment of the white-tailed deer numbers is in order.  (I will be running the bragging board next week so please send in any deer photos you have from this fall)

At this point, I invite all deer hunters from across Ontario and Quebec to send-in an ‘assessment’ or ‘evaluation’ of the deer numbers in their hunt area.

We will be comparing deer numbers and sightings this year, to previous hunting seasons. Please describe your deer woods in terms of whitetail sign and sightings, ‘as compared to last year’

How would you describe the health of your deer woods compared to last season?

“Significant Increase, Increase, Slight Increase, No Change, Significant Decrease, Decrease, Slight Decrease.”

Without giving away your hunt area completely, you may want to describe it as being in the “Calabogie-area” or “Barry’s Bay-area”…etc

Feel free to include such things as number of deer harvested or number of deer sightings this year compared to last year.

I also invite all those folks with businesses tied-in to the deer season like taxidermists, outfitters, slaughter house owners, butchers, hunting guides, etc, to share their thoughts. 


63 thoughts on “2010 Deer season in review”

  1. This has been an unbelievably slow year deer hunting wise for me.

    It took over a week of bow hunting to see my first deer of the season. It has not gotten better.

    The rifle hunt was not much better. It looked good as I saw much more and better buck sign on our property near Oxford Station than last year. I was able to shoot a seven point buck at 10 AM the first morning. It was the only deer I saw that day. Normally I see 6 or 7 deer per day. In total I heard less than 20 shots that first day.

    My total deer sightings that first week were 6, the same doe three times. The rest of our gang, 4 guys saw less than a deer a day. We normally see about 10 per day for the group.

    The second week was not better although we got a forkhorn on Wednesday.

    Shooting in the surrounding area was almost non-existent.

    On a more accurate broad based sampling as a taxidermist I usually have received over 40 deer in for mounting by this time. This year I am at 15 to date.

  2. As you already know i hunt in the park. deer numbers there are down big time. we usually shoot a couple of does and 3 bucks min . the 2nd week of the deer season we say 5 deer 3 does and 2 fawns, no bucks at all seen we run dogs. 1st week we hunt 72a for shot gun . we usually see lots of deer we only seen 4 deer all week. we usually get about 8 deer for 12 guys . things were ruff hunting this year. but the season is not over yet as bow season is still on . once the snow comes it will be intresting as to how many deer find there way to the apple orchard, usually lots of deer come we will see

  3. My main hunt territory which, as most of you know, is nowhere near here….lies in the Laurentian mountains just south of Tremblant…about 1 hour north of Montebello.

    I would describe our deer herd in that region as on the “Increase” over the previous two seasons. I just received news from one of the check stations back home and they are up prob 20-25% over last year.

    Considering I never saw a single deer last fall, seeing 7 this fall and capturing twice the number of images on my trail cam tells me things are on the rise. We saw 2 bucks..one good one..and I photographed 4 different bucks from one location in a 7-week period.

    The mountains where we hunt was also hit hard two winters in a row as was eastern ON..but seems to be on the rebuild since thing. Almost every doe I saw had at least one fawn with her…a pretty good sign Id say. Montebello deer woods are also on the rebound Im happy to report.

    We, unfortunately, also noticed a lot more coyote sign around both my hunt areas. We found several areas where a pack of 4-6 were travelling together…something which will undoubtedly have an effect on the herd as it works towards rebuilding.


  4. Chalk River research forest hunt:
    I only had three hunting days this year due to work commiments. I hunt alone and most times find a decent buck in a few days.
    In short I never saw a deer in the woods this season,not even a white tail bouncing off through the woods.

  5. Just outside Renfrew:

    This was the third quiet year we’ve had, only saw 3 between 3 guys and took one small doe. I would have to say the herd is increasing a bit overall though. Seeing lots of deer this week on my drive to/from work including a buck dogging a doe right beside Hwy. 17 near Arnprior this morning.

  6. At our deer camp we harvested 3 bucks and a doe, our deer count was off from 18 last year to about 8 this year.
    The rut hadn’t started yet so there was very little readable sign, other than tracks and droppings. The cam across from us havested one deer, down from probably two a year, two other camps near us got two each, about normal. I think the winter two years ago is still having it’s affects on the herd and it’ll take a few years to bounce back. What surprised me is we got five does tags. I don’t think it would hut to turn them down a notch or not give any out for a year or two.

    On the Quebec side there were deer everywhere where as last year the guys were saying they didn’t see very many at all. I saw two dogging the bush and I never see deer when I dog, too noisy and clumsy.

    1. Ok folks..Im noticing a bit of a pattern here…although it is still too early to tell, but it seems as you get into the mountains(QC)
      or a bit further North(Keebler in East Bay area)..the deer numbers and sightings seem to be on the increase.

      Other areas closer to town are either down or about the same as last year…

      Any thoughts?


  7. I hunt callabogie area first week and saw one doe. we were only three hunting there this year and that was the only one that was seen. my cousin hunts from dawn to dusk in his condo tree stand and saw nothing. he’s succesesful most every year as he puts in the time.
    second week we hunt my place in lanark area. we harvested a spike on last day. 8 pointer was spotted but no oppurtunity to shoot. we are tree stand hunters and do not dog. got news from a few hunt camps in my area in lanark and haverst was dismal. I found the rut coming on hard in that area around the end of the week so hopefuly get the bow out this weekend. my assessment for myself and our group is about the same as last year but from other camps that run dogs and have bigger groups it was worse than last year for sure.

  8. going to try to put this lightly . First all i have friends in the mnr good friends. but i was at a meeting and they were discussing reducing deer tags (doe tags) i asked 3 simple questions . what is the carring capacity , what is the current capacity of deer and what has it dropped to in the last 2 years, every question was answered by I DONT KNOW this is the man that is controling our deer herd in my area. again we have to look at the states for info. in Virginia ever deer is checked EVERY DEER (The cornerstone of Virginia’s deer management program is the big game check station system, which allows the Department to effectively monitor the annual deer kill on a county basis. By law, each successful deer hunter is required to check every deer killed. Information regarding the animal’s sex, date of kill, weapon, and county of kill is recorded. Initiated in 1947, check stations are operated by local volunteers who serve without compensation. Results of the annual deer kill are typically available about one month after the close of the season. In contrast to many states that estimate their annual deer kill, Virginia’s deer kill figures represent an actual known minimum count. The check station system provides deer kill figures that the public understands and has confidence in.) this system works . with todays electronics we can do something online to look at how our whole deer population is doing . something has to change other than guessing how many deer are killed

  9. i was hunting in unit 80 on a family deer hunt. the numbers in our area seemed to be the same. we saw 3 does and 3 bucks. we got a doe and a buck. it is funny in the mnr questioner i got about coyetes. it read did you see coyotes or killed any? i did not see any personally, but the racket they were making around me was awfull. i don’t think the gut pile was there more than 1/2 hr and it was gone. i guess they were lining up at the dinner bell, aka the remington 12 gauge. haha. othere groups around us did well. so i guess the numbers are up in that area. 80 is also a controlled hunt area. i agree with cheesy. we used to have a moose check station up north. when you were driving out, you had to stop in and check in with the mnr attendents. seems to be a thing of the past with the mnr.
    jeff are there check stations in que. when you shoot a deer?
    maybe we have to go with cheesy on this one. who would of thought?

    1. Ok, I just learned something new…are you saying that Ontario no longer requires a deer to be registered after it is harvested?? You’re frigging kidding me??!!

      This is news to me..I had no idea!!

      After deer hunting for 30 years on the QC-side I can tell you how serious big-game check station’s are…and if you DO NOT happen to register your animal at one of these gov’t controlled offices within 24 hours of leaving the bush, it is big doodoo!! Trust me, I know guys who have been fined for it!

      By the end of each deer season in QC…they know the EXACT number of animal’s harvested and the location…on a digital topo map..of where every single deer(or moose, or bear) was taken..and truly, how else can you ‘visualize’ or manage a deer herd without knowing the numbers/locations of those killed legally in the fall.

      They release the detailed stats to the public around Dec each year.

      At one time, tooth extraction and a temperature reading was also done for every animal..but they fazed that part out because of the cost probably.

      Another change they implemented was to greatly increase the number of check stations or ‘registration offices’ around the province..by training smaller corner store owners etc on the registration process..and to install a gov’t computer database in every new check station..no more driving an hour to register an animal.

      I’m really surprised guys..I totally thought Ontario did things the same way! If they don’t, then as Chessy pointed out..that is a HUGE problem!!


  10. Jeff this is my 45th year deer hunting in Ontario, We have never had mandatory registration. Ontario does their data collection through survey cards sent to random hunters throughout the province.

    1. OK Rick…you are both an avid deer hunter and someone who’s livelihood ties-in directly with Ontario big-game…do you think, in your honest opinion, that a registration system like Quebec has would benefit Ontario’s renewal natural resources??


  11. Jeff,
    to confirm and add to your comment above.

    we ( as ontario resident hunters) do not need to register our harvest at any station . The MNR sends us a survey card following the season to ask us how many moose, bear or deer we have seen, how many we harvested and if any coyotes were seen. Actually I just received mine for the moose portion in the mail yesterday. The bear survey should follow soon. Pretty sure you can receive a fine if you don’t comply and answer and send in the survey card.
    I know that up in NortherOntario ( HWY 11) north of the BAY they have many “check stations” but I believe this is more to control poaching. Not sure they gather any data at these “check stations”.

    yes it would be great for the MNR to have a similar system that QC and Virginia has.

    I do know that there was a huge moose program review where the MNR had counted the number of moose per WMU and with a breakdown of area within the WMU. A buddy of mine who is a helicopter pilot was contracted tfor this.

    but in a nutshell I have been hunting deer in Ontario for more than 25 years and never had to register deer other than submitting the lower jaw and the hide for hats program. the lower jaw gave us an embroided patch showing the year of the hunt and type of big game.

    interesting topic Chessy!

    1. Thanks Alain…I remember ON’s hat program from year’s ago.

      I’ll ask you the same question as Rick…should ON implement a ‘big-game registration’ system similar to Quebec?

      Do you think it would it benefit the herd in the long-run??


  12. Jeff the answer depends on what they do with the data. What does Quebec actually use the data for? How is the data utilized in practical game management decisions?

    According to many US States game departments the survey cards are as effective as total registration at a fraction of the cost. There are some excellent population evaluation computer models available to game managers.

    I am not sure our MNR would use the registration data any more effectively than the current system. We are so enslaved to winter survival/mortality.

    Although if they wanted to shif the wasted money used on the CWD monitoring to regisration I beleve it would be money much better spent!

  13. First of all Jeff i would like to say that the Ont government see’s hunting in this province as nothing more than a source of revenue.I remember telling you in another article that the survey cards sent out after the hunt are a useless way of determining the state of our wildlife. If they were filled out exactly correct by hunters it might be of some help,but is no where near as good as a check station like Quebec,But that would cost money!!!!. Hell they even got a quota on the amount of gas they can use. Instead i here from my neighbour that where he hunts in the Bancroft area that someone shot an elk which is a crime yes, but the MNR had an entire forensics team and police and around 4 mnr guys all looking for evidence. At what cost i don’t know but you can imagine. In the mean time the deer herd health is being left to a computer to figure out.
    On another note, we had a good hunt this year in our area with 9 deer gotten in a 3week period. Some good size deer shot and a 12pt tops. We found the weight was up in most cases. A lot of does seen the first 2 days(all in groups) then none after. No late fawns seen. Surprisingly we saw no coyotes which was disappointing because they make good target practice (but don’t kid yourself they’re around).
    And on a last note AL’s corner store has his sign out again this year for the coyote contest. It’s nice to see he was not intimidated by some of the negative articles that were attacking lasts years hunt. Congrats Al .

  14. To jaye thanks for the compliment, if you stay around here you will see that my off the wall thoughts are really good ideas and most of the people think the same way but afraid to admit it

    To Alain those surveys are a crock. I know the lady that does them . people write on them what they want Do you think a hunter is going to say that they only seen 3 deer this year ( that would mean a drop in licences or days allowed to hunt) ALSO and a BIG ALSO there is NO FUDGE factor put into place if a person says they seen 50 deer in 20 days of hunting they enter that information, every one stretches the truth but the mnr does not add that into there files . like another person said how many coyotes did you see answer none but i heard them every day and night there were lots but there reply on the card was 0 Therefor there is not many coyotes around as far as the survey goes they cannot charge you as they have no security over the mail system ( i sent it in you know the old cheque is in the mail excuse) they system is broken.

    the hats for hide is a government thing they pay for the hats and the natives get the hides for free.

    as for survival /mortality rate in the winter i talked to a bioligist from the states who helped implement our turkey program i asked him about a fall hunt ( i was against it ) he said good idea but the way the mnr works if would be 2 years of bad winters before our system would allow them to do anything about it. and by that time it would be a end to the turkey population .
    Our MNR does a good job for what they have . but its time to get into the 21 century . and get some of the people that sit on there butts all day looking at tv screans watching the weather channel so if a bad storm comes they can contact the conservation authorities to issue a flood warning ….. or fish bioligist that are still looking at data they collectet from 2004 (they still have from 2005 till this years data to look at )

    In short our system needs fresh ideas some of the money that has been taken away from the mnr to give to other groups to do sientific studies for instance why do we need 2 groups doing invasive speices Waste of money . the mnr should take back all outdoor money and do a better job
    sorry for the rant

  15. I was surprised when I was in Quebec, they have to go and register the deer within 48 hours I think. I’ve never registered a deer, or a moose, the Ontario bear harvest questionnaire is mandatory I think, just got my bear crest from my bear this year, and they send you the age. My bear was 9 years old, last year it was 15 years old. I only shoot old shag bears LOL
    Shameful really, they only want your money in Ontario, it isn’t about the heard, I’m not talking about on an individual basis, I’m sure there are people inside the MNR that care, but the government just wants the cash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  16. just wanted to add one more thing (suprise suprise ) some of you may be saying man o man one more thing to do is register your deer kill , but with all the other hoops we have to jump through i could not think of a better hoop to jump through then to protect and build a solid game plan for future use for me and my children

  17. Only problem is Chessy, they’d use it as another game check to make sure every i was dotted and every t was crossed. More revenue. And that’s ALL they care about. We used to go to the big game check in Arnprior until they reported a mistake, and it was an honest mistake, to the MNR. The guy ended up in court and of course he lost, but that’s the kind of treatment you get for being an honest hunter and making an honest mistake.If this mistake had been on purposes, they know he wouldn’t have even checked in. I don’t even think they have the “voluntary” big game check any more because guys were driving right past it when the word got out, and believe me, it doesn’t take long for the word to get out in the hunting community

  18. Iggy i think you have a game check different than we are speaking .. you can call in and answer the questions buck doe rifle township ect they dont examane your tag or the deer it is just information .. just like your deer question air .

  19. it all comes down to our provincial gov. neglecting this department for many many years. i remember when i was 17 and working summer for them, tried to get back next summer and they had cut back on part timers. was going to go to university etc. and backed out on a friends advice at MNR. that was 30 years ago. they need funding cut and dry!!

  20. Hi

    A few years ago our farm (Lanark area) was running 20-30 deer in the fields. Then that big snow hit (was 12′ in bush during tapping) and the last few years the numbers have dropped for 3 or 4 in the fields.

    Ive had years where in a morning hunt as dogger i would see 30-40 deer. The last two years i have seen none (in bush). This year we got 2 deer between 8 men and both were taken in the evening field sits.

    My guess is that upwards of 90% of the deer population died during the big snow and it will be a few years yet before the population starts to recover.

  21. Hey Jeff the new area to me is kempville and from what i saw the deer are not hurting down there i/m sure i have see about 5or 6 just them white flags a day and don/t even know if they were bucks or does. The area arond cumberland i have been out for gease and in the fields you can see lotts of does bucks and thats because there not being bothered. I was talking to Phil and he hunts whitelake area north shore he said the only thing he saw were lots of does and just young bucks but not many.

  22. Definate decline in deer sightings in Peterborough County.

    I wish they would schedule both the deer and moose season later in November by at least 2 weeks. I’ve also come the conclusion that a deer wouldn’t come out to me if we were the only two in a 10 x 10 cage and I had a bag of corn…..In my opinion, our current Provincial Goverment couldn’t care less about Hunting or trapping for that matter.

  23. Great post trapper i have been saying that for years only put the moose and deer in the same season . but have moose every other year. and watch the population rise quickly

  24. My moose Hunting questionnaire actually gives stats on the back side of the form. If that is all they use it for it’s not worth the $$ ( tax payers) to send it to hunters.

    here is a re-type of what is said on the questionnaire::
    Moose Hunting in Ontario
    thank you for providing us with valuable information about your moose hunt. Here are some things we learned from resident moose hunters in the 2009 survey:
    – Over 88, 000 residents hunted for moose in Ontario
    – an estimated 5,439 moose were harvested by resident hunters( 2560 bulls, 1196 cows and 1683 calves).
    also a mention that we have the option to complete the questionnaire on line.

    First off; there first line is incorrect; they are assuming that 88,000 residents hunted moose in Ontario. This is probably the number of moose licence that were purchased. Duh !

    Jeff To answer your question above: should ON implement a ‘big-game registration’ system similar to Quebec?

    Do you think it would it benefit the herd in the long-run??

    It certainly would help manage, however a breakdown would need to be done per sector within WMU. some of these WMU are huge. As an example We hunt in WMU 41, we see adult moose year after year but cannot get tags. it’s not uncommon to see 6 adult moose for the 10 days we are there …year after year after year….

    AS for deer registration, if it works in QC why not lead by example!

  25. West of Carleton Place

    Our hunt was slow to say the least. First week, we got three small bucks for 7 guys. A spike, a 3 point and a 5 point. All one and a half year old deer if you ask me. Second week, just one doe for 4 guys. We have not shot a big buck since the big snowfall, and rut sign is almost non existent. I truly believe that most mature bucks succumbed to the winter of 2008. Sure there are some out there, but not like 3 years ago. We used to put 10-12 deer on the meat pole during the first week of the rifle season.

    I’m not sure how reliable the questionnaire cards are. Like others have said, most guys just throw down some numbers and send it away. Almost no one actually keeps harvest records for themselves, this would obviously help in filling out the questionnaire. I have a spreadsheet that I’ve been meaning to use to keep year to year records. It’s about time I started!!!

  26. I hunt in Lanark, the number of deer seen is about the same or increasing slightly. He have managed to bag 2 bucks and seen numerous does. The numbers sure have decreased from a few years ago though!

  27. we harvested 9, including 3 bucks later in the 2nd week.
    we let 18 walk (greenpeacing as we call it 🙂

    Lots of sign all over, but the weather played a big part in the deer not really caring to move.
    we noticed more movement towards the latter par of week 2 when the next moon was hitting its phases (ie. the pre-rut was on).

    A few other things we noticed:
    1. the deer didn’t go far once shot at or deking around us. maybe 100 yds at the most. we started doing smaller circles around each other and started bouncing the deer (ie. yet another reason to LOVE the Garmin Rino 🙂 lol

    2. the deer were sticking very close to ponds and lakeshores. I don’t know if this is because it was dry in the spring, but lots of nuts and feed due to the later rains. Oh, and the adult deer we got were FULL of fat. Very well fed deer.

    Personally, I’m JACKED for next year b/c the (rifle) season starts a week later and I fully believe that means the 2nd week will start with the moon phases so I’m expecting a full on rut in week 2. We’ll have to be patience on those does b/c I have a funny feeling mr. horny buck won’t be far behind. I shot my 1st doe and buck (4 minutes later) b/c he was right on her trail.

  28. not the topic but thought I could ask here.

    Anyone get their notice to renew their outdoor card?

    Mine expires at th end of the year and since I usually go speckle fishing January 1st I would need to have my licence renewed soon.

    I yet to have a reminder from the MNR.

  29. We hunt west of Perth. We had four guys for the first week. One doe tag. We sit in the morning and evening and run dogs during the day. We saw more deer this year than we have the previous two. My son filled the doe tag Monday with a 135 pd dry doe. One of my brothers used his out of province tag with a 8pt buck on Tuesday. My other brother shot a 8 pt buck on Wednesday. I completed the week with a 178pd, 10 pointer on friday. We had seen this deer the day before in a chase but could not get a shot. Hunted four days the second week, the group saw about 20 does and one buck. All in all we had a great hunt. Weather was great. Talking with camps around
    us I know their numbers where down. One camp got 0, another 2, another 1?

  30. just renewed On line with the Outdoor card centre

    3 years small game and sport fishing = 159.96

    card should be received in less than 20 days

  31. So there is a mandatory questionnaire in Ontario for bear hunters? Was wondering when those go out to those who bought a tag.

    Our deer season so far got us one mature doe and five sightings in 68B… no sightings in 76A.

  32. Hi Jeff, I just wanted to warn other hunters about something. Yesterday morning at about 9:00 a conservation officer showed up at my house and gave me a fine of $180. My crime was forgetting to fill out a moose survey concerning my moose hunting activities in unit 48. I didn’t even go hunting this year for moose. I did receive a calf tag (gun) for this area but because of a new born in our house I couldn’t go. I will admit some guilt in forgetting but I have filled out several deer surveys and have even sent in waterfowl wings for the federal surveys. On this form, there is no question that asks if you hunted moose in 2010. Even if I remembered the survey which was mailed on August 4th, it is somewhat confusing if it is necessary to complete the survey if you didn’t go hunting. It also bothers me that mandatory reporting is very new to Ontario that they couldn’t have either sent out a reminder or made a courtesy call. I understand the importance of the data collection and fully support it with my participation but to be fined $180 when I didn’t even hunt to me seems excessive. The officer admitted that most surveys hadn’t been returned so it will be interesting if you hear of any other hunters in my situation. Thanks for your time.

  33. Dave your area 48 is special area. when you get your survey there is a letter that comes with that and it explains they need your information for the moose area.. other areas are not inforced from my knowledge

    Special regulations in Wildlife Management Units 48, 55A, 55B and 57 require all moose tag holders to complete reports on the results of their hunt and register their harvest at an authorized check station. These regulations were put in place in 2004 to provide information that would help the ministry promote growth in the eastern Ontario moose population.

  34. nice money grab, and that’s all it is, if it wasn’t, he’d have presented you with another survey, asked you to fill it out, and POLITELY tell you that you could have been fined. MONEY GRAB! ! ! ! ! !

  35. go to court, tell the judge you thought that if you didn’t hunt, you didn’t need to fill it out, tell him that in most other areas there is no mandatory survey, and you thought this was the same, I’ll be he throws it out.

  36. Thanks guys, it’s was a real eye opener, there is no mention of a fine on the survey. I’d gladly fill it out but with no information to give, it seems kind of useless.

  37. Well now !!!!! is this not funny how they show up to try and get some money out of the hunters but when you try to get them to come out and get a moose on the loose you don’t here crap ! W.T.F. is going on ????? sorry to here that Dave !!!!

  38. I wander do they ask the natives in any given area to fill out a survey on how many they shot,cut the hind quarters off and left the rest to rot. Oh probably not, it’s easier to just ignore that and cut back on tag alotment for the rest of us.

  39. Paul you know the natives have a quota. and they dont go over that. the natives look after the wildlife very well. they only take what they need.. heck with people buying there cigaretts they are even thinking of not taking government hand outs any more…. OH ya i got land for sale in florida are you intrested 🙂

  40. I am dam sure in the states they don’t allow them to slaughter and waste the way they do up here. So maybe that land you have is not so bad.lol

  41. Dave, send them $180.00 worth of Monopoly money, and tell them you won’t be buying any more licenses. Remember they should be paying you to manage wildlife for them.

  42. the mnr is brutal…but they have posted this for years now to people that hunt in that area
    Mandatory Registration: A harvest registration form will be mailed to each hunter who is successful in the draw for a validation tag (adult or calf) in WMU 48, 55A, 55B and 57. Validation tag holders who harvest a moose must take both the completed harvest registration form and the harvested moose (field dressed carcass) to an authorized check station no later than 48 hours after the close of the season specified on the validation tag. The locations and hours of operation for the authorized check stations will be included in the information package distributed with the validation tags.
    Mandatory Reporting: All validation tag holders must return the completed harvest report form to the Pembroke or Bancroft MNR office within 14 days of the close of the season specified on the validation tag. This also includes hunters who have harvested and registered a moose.
    • Validation tag holders who fail to register a harvested moose at a check station, or who fail to provide the mandatory report as required, will be ineligible to apply to the draw in WMUs 48, 55A, 55B or 57 in the following year, and may also be charged with failing to report as required by regulations under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.


  43. I hunt east of Almonte. The deer were down from the 2002 -2007 numbers when they were overabundant, but were similar to the last couple of years in my area. My trail cams showed good bucks surviving last winter with at least two 10-12 pointers. Also evident were at least five immature bucks this fall. They will all be big bodied 6-8 pointers next year. Does with single and twin fawns were common while on stand this fall. I did note that overall activity was less, although I don’t know exactly why. The rut was late. Perhaps the warm weather had something to do with it. My son and I each filled our tag during early bow then shotgun season.

    If you guys get the “Hunt Camp News” (mine is Kemptville region) from the MNR, it has the historical deer densities and carrying capacity by individual WMUs for the last many years, as well as current issues and news. If you don’t get this newsletter, ask them for it. It’s free. The MNR has more stats then you can shake a stick at. No shortages there. Only in enforcement. Not enough boots on the ground.


  44. Hi Chessy, I can’t say that I mailed it because I stupidly showed it to the CO. I am going to court to fight the charge though, since there is absolutely no box to check it if you did not actually go hunting for moose in 2010. On every other survey there is this box. Was I supposed to just send it in blank or put 0’s in the days hunted section? Bottom line, I shouldn’t have forgotten to fill it out (a new baby sometimes makes you forget) but to be charged $180 when traditionally the regular MNR surveys are voluntary, is wrong. They should have contacted me about it.

  45. i will keep this short because my blood begins to boil on this subject! like most provincial government departments now a days its all about money. Most have lost their mandates and have become money making machines and that is ALL they care about.

  46. I agree that we need mandatory check stations. This will allow the MNR to get true information on the harvest but also be able to talk to the hunters one on one which improves relationships. The paper questionaire that we fill out for deer hunting is useless. If I see 6 deer and my buddy that hunts with me sees the same 6 deer now the ministry thinks we have 12 deer in the area. Of coarse these animals travel and as many as 5 hunters might count them through out the season. Now the MNR issuses extra tags because there is an over population of deer. It’s about making money not about looking after our resources. The system needs to change so we can properly manage the deer herd. I think all these extra tags need to stop being sold and your over the counter tag should be a doe tag not a buck tag. In areas where there is an increase in deer numbers you could recieve a buck tag after reporting your doe kill to the check station.This way we can get our deer herd in check with a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 doe to buck ratio. Over the years I have been seeing more of a 10 to 1 doe to buck ratio and this is not good for the herd. Just my thoughts. Thanks

  47. maple you may have them in kempville. but we dont have them in southern ontario .. i have been to meetings with our bioligist ( found out yesterday he has moved on ) wonder why he was useless. hopefully some new blood comes in and changes the deer management plan

  48. Hey Dave, I don’t think it was the moose form you “flashed” at him, I’m pretty sure it was another MNR form you
    “flashed” at him that you just happened to have brought to court with you today 🙂
    Unless of course he took it from you??

  49. By the way, I went to court and challenged my moose survey ticket of $180 last week. They waived the fine entirely so at least there is a happy ending. The justice of the peace was a hunter too!

    1. Hey Dave, thats great news!

      Finally a win for the good guys..and its not just about the money.

      Just wondering, did the judge actually tell you that he/she was a hunter also..cause that is just too funny.

      Merry Christmas Dave..enjoy that new baby even more now!


  50. Thanks guys! He actually just started to tell me a story about loading his gun and walking onto a cow and large bull, however, he had no tag. Very nice man and he decided that since I didn’t hunt, that was a valid reason to get out of the fine. He also told me that the week before a 77 yr old man came in who was on a fixed income and simply couldn’t afford it, he waived that fine too.

    Merry Christmas to you as well, and I think that my new baby daughter, Brooke, is going to be a hunter. She already has her own camouflage hat.


    1. Ahh, nice to see there are still some good old boys around…hope if I ever have to be in court, I get to deal with him!

      All the best!


  51. I wish there was a place to start a topic, there isn’t so I’ll railroad this one. 😉
    Today in the mail, I got the Ontario Moose Questionnaire. What a joke
    First of all, it’s not mandatory
    Second, the cheap bas%^ds want me to pay for a stamp.
    Third, us suckers that do fill them out never hear squat about what they learn for them.
    Forget it, I’m dumping mine in the garbage

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