400-pound buck a hoax?

Has anyone seen those photos of a whitetail buck that supposedly weighs 400 pounds, and sports one giant set of antlers?


See, that is the only problem with the Internet, it makes you begin to doubt everything you see!


The first time I received the news of this gargantuan, the caption said ‘400-pound buck from Maine’, and then it was from New Brunswick, and so on…

I suppose that’s the problem with Internet email campaigns, someone always changes the facts.


Here is the buck in question, judge for yourself:




Drop me a line if you have any information to either confirm or deny this rumour?



Here is that image Chessy is referring to:


15 thoughts on “400-pound buck a hoax?”

  1. well jef i think i found out that mabey this guy may have spoiled this beauty of a deer it looks like from the info i found that it comes from a high fence hunt area…. there are two pictures of this deer one in the day light and one at night.. the one during the daylight looks normal.. the one at night as you see above is bloated from not being cleaned… i do not want to give the web site out as it is high fenced hunt.. i will post the pic and mabey have viewers decide if same deer i think they are the same i think he dragged it around and took pictures all day


  2. sent you a message on the hunting sites you visit … i sent you the picture on that site .. your site wont let me put picture on it

  3. Ok, I’ve posted that new image above. I can see now what you mean about the body size, Chessy. The light does give it a whole new prescriptive, although the rack sure does not look any smaller!


  4. you can delete some of my messages… but if you look the pic is only taken 4 inches off his nose and the buy is all the way back at the end of the deer…. you know like the bass pics.. hold your arms way out so they look bigger

  5. $10 000 to start… plus trophy fees… it says anything up to 170
    180 Gross B&C: $2,000
    190 Gross B&C: $5,000
    200 Gross B&C: Determined on individual deer basis

    when you takeing me ??

  6. Incredible!

    So, the fellow in this photo paid upwards of $20, 000 to harvest this buck, in a high fence ranch-style hunt situation? Should the buck fall in the 200” class, which it surely does, 20K would about what he paid to shoot it.

    I suppose that brings up a whole new set of issues, concerns and defenitions of what ‘hunting’ is really all about.


  7. I’m sorry jeff but i don’t call this situation anything close to hunting.We all know that some hunters will pay any price for the opportunity to shoot a “” Trophy””. Fenced in or on a leash it would not matter. I once new a hunting preserve in pensilvania called’ tioga’. Friends of mine went down with a video camera to hunt.When i saw the video complete with fences,i was sure glad i had not gone because i would have made the trip for nothing . i would not have shot anything.If you were a disabled person with absolutly no way else to hunt,maybe just maybe you might consider this.You have to want to pull the trigger mighty bad as far as i am concerned to even entertain the idea. Call it fair chase (not a chance).

  8. Canned hunts are fine if you don`t care about the animal,or your ability.It seems to me more about taking a picture,than capturing memories.My first buck(6 pointer 100 lbs.)with my blackpowder,THAT was a trophy!

  9. RR, I totally agree with you.

    My very first deer taken back in 1981- at the age of 13 – was a smaller 8-point, and though I have harvested many larger bucks since, it is still my biggest trophy.


  10. I have the same buck same pic as the top one”in the dark” but different guy same clothes but has favial hair….shot in brooklyn michigian

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