Amazing whitetail battle to the death


If you have not yet seen the images of the three whitetail bucks locked in death..I warn you they are quite graphic. 

We have often seen images of two whitetail bucks locked in battle for supremacy during the rut. On the rare occasion, these deer become locked together for life (& death). It is a sad reminder of the cruelty of nature… 

Now, I bet you have never seen three bucks locked together, following what must have been one terrible battle!

In this image, you can see the silhouette of three big bucks connected only by their headgear. The caption on the email I received says “Buck Fight in Dacre” however, it seems the photos originate from the US Midwest, and NOT from Ontario


In this photo you can see the three deer after being pulled from the water and their heads severed.


This image will give you a full appreciation for the size of the bucks involved. What a terrible shame.


So, now we can say we’ve seen evidence of the worst buck fight in history, but a few questions remain. What were three bucks fighting in the first place? Were the two smaller ones ganging up on the big one?

I guess we will never know…


Thanks to Chessy for digging up this additional image:


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  1. I also got the e-mail and I hunt right near Dacre, don’t know when this was but if it’s during this years hunt there was snow on the ground, can’t make out the picture of the ranger-bob but it doesn’t look like the MNR to me, although I could be wrong. Still a mess no matter where it happened

  2. WOW, those bucks must of been fighting over a georgeous doe.

    Maybe she was wearing a sweater that said “Black Widow”

    1. You mean “Ranger Ricky”..right Iggy….lol
      Ian M and I were trying to zoom-in on the pic of the CO, but the image gets too grainy.

      There’s just something about the bucks to make me think its not Ontario..first of all, look at the size of racks?? Not to say we dont produce bucks of that calibre, but three locked together like that..I dunno

      Besides that, the ‘Whitetail Guru’ Rick P told me it was from Ohio, and I take everything he says as gospel!


  3. I was able to zoom in on the shoulder patch of “Ranger Rick” and it is an Ohio patch on his arm. Our CO do indeed wear sweaters but one can clearly see the Ohio insignia if you got the pictures which I received last week and was able to zoom into the arm patch…….And Rick the whitetail guru is correct….again!!!

    1. Mr Guru..I mean Snopes..I mean Rick..geez, is there nothing he cant do?

      Thanks for that fine bit of investigative work, Michael!

      Now, can you tell us how three bucks got locked together like that?


  4. WOW…frickin’ Awsome!
    Will check to see if this story has hit North American Hunting Club Forum and post link if so…..

    The Rut seems to be on NOW….two days ago I find tracks of a doe…running right under my stand, larger buck track…running right after her, then another large track…’nother Bucky, joined the chase from about 100 yds. away….wish I was there…… kinda cool to finger out what was goin’ on by analizing the tracks….Into the Cedar Swamp she led them both…

    Had a big doe so close to my car this morning, if I had a put my arm out the window I coulda scratched her nose….


  5. i wonder if someone will try to do some sort of mount to preserve them. how would you go about something like that guru,snopes, Rick

  6. Yeah ever done a three-way…I mean, mounted a three-way..hmmm, well, you know what Im saying….could you ever put together something as complicated as that?


  7. jeff i sent you another picture that was floating around …

    This is the result of three bucks all fighting for one doe. They had
    the bank of this creek all tore up. All together I estimated the deer to
    score well over 400 inches of antler. The biggest one was a massive 6×5, approx
    165 inches, the other two were around 130 or so.”
    Joshua L. Shields
    State Wildlife Officer ODNR

  8. While three bucks locked is a one in several million occurance it has happened before. I know of at least two other instances. I will try to dig up the info.

    What happens is two bucks are fighting when a third butts in. Rutting whitetails are one of the most aggressive animals there is. It is the interjection of the third set of antlers that causes the lock up in these cases.

    It would be quite the challenge to mount the three bucks as one mount. I have done two bucks fighting but they were not locked. I will try to find the photo of this mount and forward it to you Jeff.

    1. Tks Rick..I guess the thing about a fighting mount is, you really don’t get a full appreciation for the animals involved; when they’re all tied-up like a pretzel..

      I think a ‘squaring off’ mount would be much nicer…love to images of the one you did like that sometime.


  9. jeff try looking at the bottom of the email for the paper clip…. remember you had this problem before ?? i wil resend photo

    1. Thanks Chessy…I never actually got an email the first time though..just a note about your Blog comment..

      We’re all fixed up now much do you charge for your Internet Research Projects??

      Wouldn’t be a bad job eh?


  10. lol ya im good on that end of it. only when somthing intrests me . i do use altvista for “research” type searches due to google sells the top spots to advertisers.. . looks like i am giving away tips… i will have to charge you now lol

  11. After a quick check I found pictures of three locked bucks from Texas. Apparently one was still alive and successfully released.

    I am pretty sure the other three locked bucks I heard about were from Manitoba but I could not find the reference.

  12. Referring to Ricks comment
    My father and grandfather shot to 3 locked deer in Manitoba. I have been looking on line and their are no pictures of it. If you want pic’s I could send some
    It’s amazing to see in person!! They are currently hanging in my fathers farm house.

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