Anglers gearing up for most important week of year


(Avid angler Don with an ‘Outdoors Guy-class’ largie he caught up the Valley – too bad he took a bite out of the fish before releasing it – note teeth marks near tail)

With the most important fishing week of the year kicking-off this Saturday, anglers are being reminded of what this great sport is all about.

National Fishing Week & ON’s Family Fishing Weekend are about educating and informing the public on the merits of sport-fishing in Canada. During NFW, veteran anglers are encouraged to lend their support – offering those new to the sport a chance to cast a line and discover the fulfillment of fishing in this great country of ours.

In celebration of National Fishing Week, all walks of life -young or old – are encouraged to plan a fishing day at the nearest stream, pond, river or lake. More than 1.3 million licensed anglers participate in recreational fisheries and contribute approximately $2.5 billion to the Ontario economy each year.

Take note that no fishing license is required in Ontario between July 4 – 12, so regardless of what you have planned this weekend, try to include some time on the water. I know I will!

For more information on NFW:

For more information on Family Fishing Weekend:





6 thoughts on “Anglers gearing up for most important week of year”

  1. I’ll be taking some of my young nieces and nephews fishing tomorrow, Canada Day, out on our cottage lake for some Small Mouth Bass and maybe some nice big Pike. Got the 9.9 ready and just sitting here at the lake hoping it doesn’t rain too hard

  2. Poured rain all afternoon but we caught a few before it started. Bought a year Quebec non resident fishing license and it was 76 bucks

    The lady at the depanneur told me the non resident moose license went up more than 100 dollars this year. I think she said it’s 480 dollars so this will probably be my last moose hunt in Quebec

    1. Iggy, I know all QC fishing and hunting licenses went-up but I had NO IDEA the moose permit was that expensive now! I had to check to be sure it was right, but $480 is absolutely the cost of a non-res moose permit this year. Even the non-res deer is just under $300 now.

      The cost of NOT having to deal with ON tag draw..and dwindling moose numbers up north I suppose…


  3. It costs me $259.49 for a fishing licence for 3 years (includes cost of ourdoors card). That works out to $86.49 per year, or $1.66 per week.

    Wynne Bag owes me $4.99.

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