Animal Rights Activist kept children in dog cages


A self-proclaimed Animal Rights Activist faces up to 3 years in prison for abusing her three sons, and even forcing them to stay in dog cages! 

The 49-year old Connecticut woman, who ran an animal rescue shelter out of her home, was discovered after her 14-year-old son was admitted to a psychiatric hospital – suffering an emotional breakdown.

He and his two younger brothers were said to have suffered sexual and physical abuse at the hands of their Animal Right’s activist mother.

Is it just me, or is this sort of shocking behaviour not even that surprising anymore; given that it is an “Animal Rights” person involved?

It reminds me of the time I was confronted by Animal Rights people at the Ottawa Shiners Circus two summers ago. I was there with my two daughters and as soon as we arrived, the Animal Rights idiots were in our face with their annoying megaphones!

They went on and on about how ashamed I should be for subjecting my children to such animal abuse and cruelty. Then they went into vivid detail about the degree of suffering an elephant goes through in a given day.

They even made my youngster daughter cry for God’s sake! 

Finally, I grabbed a bunch of pamphlets and threw them in their face. I said “You must be very proud of yourself, to make a little girl cry like that!” You must have been proud too when PETA was stripped of its “non-profit’ organization status a few years ago?”

(I actually said more which I will not repeat) 

“Do you realize how many children and their family’s the Shriner’s hospital helps each year, you ignorant bastard?” But they didn’t care one bit, in their minds the Shriners were nothing but a despicable bunch of animal abusers. 

They wouldn’t let up either, and finally we were able to get away and move to the entrance. A Shriner Rep. came up to me later saying how sorry he was we had to deal with that, he thanked me for the support and even offered us free tickets for the show. It was very kind of him.

The whole experience proved to me how little disregard ‘these people’ have for human decency. When I heard about the woman in Connecticut, it did not surprise me in the slightest. 

It is a sad state of affairs when the abuse of children becomes almost ‘expected’ from Animal Rights groups. It just goes to show how sick they really are!


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  1. jeff this is one of those times where it doesnt matter what the person is. they deserve a bullet when any group hurts a inocent child. i give me 3 cents worth every time i see these people “animal activists ” but this person that hurt the children would not even get any mercy from me

  2. Lets call this a case of being in the minority. Never one to protect animal right activists, I do subscribe that any person who treats a fellow human this way, has got to be in the minority, a sick depraived, sociopath who deserve serious jail time. That being said though, I wonder how animal rights activists are feeling today having to defend themselves from one of there own?

    Yes it’s an isolated case, much like hunters who are cruel, much like farmers who mistreat their animals, much like seal hunters who don’t go for the quick kill.

    But we know that animal right activists don’t use this form of propaganda in a misleading fashion do they? We know that they would never tip evidence towards their end goals – right? We know that they would never plant evidence against any company – like taking dead dogs, placing them in a dumpster, then calling the cops on them – right?

    Again, this crackpot is an isolated case, and I’m sure most activists would think it unfair for us to lump them all into one basket and say that all animal right activists are cruel to their children – right?

  3. In the past 50 years, this is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of anyone involved with animal rights being convicted of child abuse. Suddenly, in the mind of the author, “the abuse of children becomes almost ‘expected’ from Animal Rights groups”. Presumably, the author will happily pass along his moronic, narrow-minded, hateful mindset to his two daughters. That, is a gleaming example of child abuse at its most insidious level.

  4. As a former elephant sanctuary volunteer, I have seen how elephants are trained for circuses, and the information you encountered is not an exaggeration. Elephants do not do silly things unless they are afraid. Also, if there was any untruth to what the activists were saying, the Shriners would have long ago sued for defamation, and at least sought to get an injunction. The fact that they have not is very revealing.

    It sounds like your children were upset by what they heard about how the beloved animals were treated. Since the information is true, perhaps it is the Shriners you should be mad at, since they’re the ones who made your children cry with their treatment of animals?

    The Shriners do good work. They can continue to do good work raising money through means other than circuses.

    1. Did I say that all Animal Rights Activists were child abusers?

      No, what I was saying, for those who evidently did not get the gist of it, was that based on the actions of Animal Rights people – who oftentimes put the welfare of animals ahead of the welfare of our children, it did not surprise me that one would eventually be charged with child abuse…that’s all!

      And going back to the Shrine Circus for a moment, did I mention the incident was two years ago? You see, my youngest daughter (who btw is the biggest animal lover and conservationist you’ll ever meet) did not want to go back to the circus this summer and you know why? She told me the people there ‘scared her too much!’

      So, there you go people, another small victory for the kind-hearted Animal Rights people.

      I could be wrong about this, but I truly believe I was specifically targeted that day by this ignorant group of individuals because a) I had young impressionable children with me and b) My wife was not there at the time. There were many other people heading into the circus at the time, but they paid particular attention to us..why? I say it was a tactic, and then when they realized they had succeeded in scaring my 7-year old daughter and pissing me off, they laid on the heat even more.

      Oh, did I mention the local Media was there?

      So, you tell me..were they hoping I’d clock one of them so they could use my actions as propaganda in the form of a publicity stunt? They were like a pack of feral dogs on a 3-legged cat when my daughter started crying…pretty sick.

      Yeah..another victory for the people who care so much about the world. Good for you!

      So, am I saying that ‘all’ Animal Rights people are child abusers? No, but in my opinion, this particular group fit the description, and I bet there are more out there.

      How can someone be so blinded by their ’cause’ they feel its ok to push their message; regardless of the people they hurt along the way?

      So Marc Antony, I think we all know where that ‘moronic, narrow-minded, hateful mindset’ is, you speak of…


  5. voice of reason give your head a shake .. there is a time and place for this in a controled environment . i have seen these people first hand yelling and screaming at people… this is a direct quote from the candaian justice department .”Emotional abuse involves harming a child’s sense of self. It includes acts (or omissions) that result in, or place a child at risk of, serious behavioural, cognitive, emotional or mental health problems. For example, emotional abuse may include verbal threats, social isolation, intimidation, exploitation, or routinely making unreasonable demands. It also includes terrorizing a child, or exposing them to family violence.” the next time one of them speak to my children i will file child abuse against them its about time hunters fight back against you like Don cherry says you left wing kooks

  6. Marc sound indignant that one would suppose that because a woman was charged with child cruelty that the author would come to a conclusion that all Animal rights activists must be cruel to a human child. Kind of proved my point don’t you think?

    Then we have voice of reason making claims based on his personal (perhaps biased) not proven facts. I don’t see any study done by a reputable group proving any of his points. Yet does not speak to the trauma of these activists yelling at children (another form of abuse) for attending a legal event. Perhaps voice, the reason the shriners did not do anything about it, is due to the fact that in this day in age, they know like the rest of us do, is that activists can pretty much create havoc with immunity. Maybe be fined, maybe be thrown in jail, then the next day they speak of the mistreatment at the hands of the police.

    We all know that activists do not respect the laws, let alone others personal opinions on matters as such as these. We all know that in an activist’s mind, it is only their belief that matters, and they will do anything to justify their actions, let it be scream at children, or damage property to let their views be FORCED upon the rest of us.

    It is the activists who engage in illegal activities, to try and stop legal activities, and infringe on the majority personal believes. Case in point, the Trudeaus being slapped on the front page of the paper for wearing something that is legal, yes legal. I can imagine the threats that this family will receive from those who wish to ban the wearing of fur.

  7. Perhaps the author, and I use the term loosely, as it can be applied to anyone with a keyboard and the ability to string together some innane babble, should check his own article.

    I quote “Is it just me, or is this sort of shocking behaviour not even that surprising anymore; given that it is an “Animal Rights” person involved?”

    Sure sounds like a narrow-minded, hateful mindset to me.

    I guess we should give you some margin for error, afterall it appears you may have been more traumatized by the Shriner’s incident than even your young daughter. Who has my sympathy.

    This world is becoming far too polarized and articles such as this one do nothing to alleviate that issue.

    1. read carefully said:

      “as it can be applied to anyone with a keyboard and the ability to string together some innane babble”

      I dont think you really want to go down that road where we begin comparing credentials on the subject…and btw ‘inane’ only has one ‘n’.


  8. Marc you must lead a very sheltered life or more correctly choose to ignore the facts. “In the past 50 years, this is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of anyone involved with animal rights being convicted of child abuse.” Have you not seen or read of the cases where animal rights activists and vegans have been charged with child neglect because their children were so abused by their life style the children were stunted and malnourished to the point of permanent damage?

    What about the cases where animal rights parents denied health care to their children because of their beliefs and were charged with child abuse?

    Marc open up you eyes even your beloved Ingrid advocates child abuse over the proper use of animals for human benefit/health.

  9. @read carefully

    please read this carefully
    narrow minded ! ! !
    I’ll tell you what narrow minded is, it’s people like you that are trying to force change on other people. Not by words but
    trying to force it down our throats.
    Maybe you should just do your thing and mind your own @#$%^@# business
    Like normal people do

  10. well LeGrand you know what, I’m sick and tired of these idiots trying to force their way of life on everyone. If they

    want to lead a life a certain way, fine, let them, but leave me the @#$% alone, and leave the other 99% of the

    population alone that want to lead a normal life. These are the same idiots that think governments should control most

    of our life, and they should control the rest. @#$% off

    And go post on your own sites, so I don’t have to read your crap

    Thank you for listening

  11. hahahahaha
    do as I say, not as I do

    go shove your holier than though attitude at some other group

  12. Jeff… to answer your question: when you write an article and state something like “… the abuse of children becomes almost ‘expected’ from Animal Rights groups”, you are stating that you (almost) expect people involved with animal rights groups to be child abusers. If a black guy robs a bank, and I write something that states “… the robbing of banks becomes ‘almost’ expected from African American groups”, I am stating that I (almost) expect people who are black to be bank robbers. In my opinion, each of these statements is as hateful and absurd as the other. That’s all. Also, because I promote compassion over cruelty does not mean that I condone rude and insensitive behavior. Advocates of any cause that stoop to becoming thugs do nothing but undermine the credibility of the cause that they seek to promote, no matter how just the cause may be.

    1. Marc, I saw my statement more as a commentary on how sad it is..that I’m not that surprised to hear such news..have I become jaded? Perhaps, but really after some of the stunts these groups have pulled over the years, can you blame me?

      If you do not condone this sort of behaviour (which I am pleased to hear) then you must not be a member of one of ‘said’ radical groups..because we both know that sort of behaviour is what they often count on to get the word out.

      Would you mind if I asked which group, if any, you are currently involved with? Obviously you do not share the same hardcore credo that some of these organizations do.

      You know, most of us here are not barbarians. We have strong family values, we honour tradition and respect and understand the world and the great outdoors from a logical and biological standpoint…where human rights come ahead of animal rights.

      It may be small potatoes to some and I don’t know if you are a parent yourself..but when someone takes joy in making my children cry, it stirs something inside me. I’m pretty sure they call that human nature as apposed to narrow-mindedness.


  13. Are you kidding me? You are whining about a child crying? I have been a human for 27 years and cried several times in those 27 years and I will tell you that crying is absolutely NOTHING compared to what these animals have to endure. I am beginning to notice something about our human race and that is that the majority have somehow got this mistaken notion that the only life forms that have value and importance is the human race. Yet when it comes to other life forms (animals) there is no value, respect or equality given to them. Your child crying is absolutely NOTHING compared to what these animals go through and I do not feel one ounce of sympathy towards the situation. You are painting a very negative view of animal activists and I will have to disagree with the idea that we are all out there to harm other humans or make them cry. Did you ever think that your daughter may have been crying because when she saw what was happening to these animals it made her heart sad? I mean the activists were out there for one reason and that was to try and help these animals, I hardly believe that they were out there to make little kids cry. The day you or your child are beaten, tortured and put out in front of an audience to perform is the day that you might possibly understand what these defenseless animals are going through until then maybe you should do a little bit of research on what is actually happening instead of wasting your time with your negative ramblings about good hearted people that are just trying to gain equality for the animals.

  14. As someone who has protested at the shrine circus in Ottawa, certainly we do not take joy in making children cry. That is ridiculous. But why would YOU take joy in an animal’s suffering? Have you ever researched up on how they are able to make these huge, powerful creatures do tricks on stage? or do you blindly partake and fund such activities? Elephants are amazing and do not deserve to be chained in captivity, transported from city to city, pavement to pavement for your and your children’s amusement.

    Honouring traditions does not take priority over advancing as an intellectual and empathetic civilization… shall we still have gladiators, hang people on a cross/public executions.. defend female circumcision, cannibalism,.. shall I continue? That is a pathetic excuse for going to a circus… how is a circus promoting human rights ahead of animals rights anyway?

    Human rights need not trump animal rights, how does being human give you the right to use and abuse animals? Rather compassion to animals and compassion to other humans go hand in hand. Just because this woman calls herself an animal rights activist… those are just words if not reflected in action… and you SHOULD be ashamed for subjecting your children to such animal abuse and cruelty… if your interest was truly about supporting the hospital, they would receive more funds by you just sending them the money directly. Please tell me just how much money the hospital actually gets from the Ottawa shrine circus tickets!

    “You must have been proud too when PETA was stripped of its “non-profit’ organization status a few years ago?”
    and just where did you get this information?

    You would defend your parental inclinations to protect your children when they are upset, yet you would deny animal mothers the ability to react to that same instinct. The greatest gift you can give your children is empathy, and the ability to cry even, not just for other humans that suffer, but the UNNECESSARY suffering of animals. Rather you gave your children a lesson on “human decency” with your reaction to people you disagree with, and by example of cuss words? Human rights include the right to protest injustices to other creatures on earth. You would say we are hypocrites, yet you can’t see that in your own actions.

  15. Roberta morin you are wrong about anybody painting a negative picture of animal activists. you people do that very well on your own! you are even more wrong about most people having no value or respect for animals. I value animals very much as they have fed my family and my ancestors families forever, and you will find nobody that respects an animal more than a hunter or trapper, trust me on this one. Roberta you believe what you believe and i believe what i believe i don’t have a problem with that, but get don’t get in my face with your rants and protests because i think you will agree that I have never done so to you. Thank you

  16. roberta you are a sad human being, you are arguing for the sake of arguing, i think its time you grow up and pressuring your beleifs on everyone keep yours to yourself and we will keep ours.

    1. Nice try Vaalea and Roberta..slipping those Animal Rights links into your comments..sorry, that doesn’t fly around here.

      I did do some background research and I must apologize, as it turns out you were correct that PETA did not end-up having its Non profit status revoked. They were in peril of losing it several years ago, and I do thank you for pointing that out, as I can now post the reason why they were in jeopardy of losing their Non Profit status copied from an article by Jodi Sokolowski of the Spokesman review in Spokane Washington:

      An animal-rights group should lose its tax-exempt status because it gave $1,500 to a group the FBI lists as “terrorist,” say two pro-business groups on the other side of the ongoing debate on animal treatment.

      An expert in tax law agrees that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals might have jeopardized its crucial status as a nonprofit charity. A form PETA filed with the Internal Revenue Service shows it gave $1,500 to the North American Earth Liberation Front last April “to support program activities.” PETA offered several different explanations for the payment.”

      The Center for Consumer Freedom, a coalition of restaurants, and the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, a group composed of mostly business and property owners, say the donation should cost PETA its nonprofit status.

      “The implication is PETA is funding someone who (wants to) overthrow the government of the United States,” said Ron Arnold, Free Enterprise center executive vice president.”

      So, without further ado, I invite all of you to sign the petition to have PETA’s Non-Profit Organization status revoked – in an initiative started last year in the United States by the Centre for Consumer Freedom.

      Let’s take a bite out of PETA:


      P.S. Thanks so much for pointing that out, I hate it when I make mistakes.

  17. Bruce, thank you, that is a great information site. I recognize a lot of the material from mainstream media outlets, but it’s good to get another perspective on the hypocracy of PETA.

    Thank you to Valeela(?) and Roberta for justifying my earlier statement. It’s obvious to me that you believe it’s within your rights to change how society views animals. It’s apparent that law doesn’t matter to you, and that violence and propaganda, and yelling at children is completely justified for your cause. Using outdated and improvised information to scare people works far better than the truth. Of course if that fails, insulting us as a last resort is a nice touch.

    Twisting facts does not strenthen your cause, it only weakens peoples ability to believe you in any way whatsoever.

  18. mcdan: “I value animals very much as they have fed my family and my ancestors families forever, and you will find nobody that respects an animal more than a hunter or trapper, trust me on this one.”

    I know exactly what you mean. I value humans very much as they have fed my family and my ancestors’ families forever, and you will find nobody that respects a human more than a cannibal, trust me on this one.

    1. Although I do invite everyone to comment here, Cannibal’s comment is perhaps one of the most ignorant I have heard yet.


  19. “The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), formerly the Guest Choice Network, is a non-profit American lobby group. It describes itself as “dedicated to protecting consumer choices and promoting common sense.”[2]

    CCF was set up in 1995 by Richard Berman, executive director of the public affairs firm Berman and Company, with $600,000 from the Philip Morris tobacco company. Berman told The Washington Post that CCF is now funded by a coalition of restaurant and food companies as well as some individuals;[2] according to the group’s website it is supported by over 100 companies and thousands of individual consumers.[1] Sponsors are reported to include Brinker International, RTM Restaurant Group (the owner of Arby’s), Tyson Foods, HMSHost Corp, and Wendy’s.[2] It describes its mission as defending the “right of adults and parents to choose what they eat, drink, and how they enjoy themselves.””
    and running over the rights of everyone else while they are at it.
    They are anything but Consumer Freedom, they fight to keep the truth from consumers so they can’t make educated choices.
    Started by Philip Morris to campaign against anti-smoking legislation, because everyone else is meant to suffer from second hand smoke in the name of consumer freedom… freedom for who?
    The CCF has drawn harsh criticism for having taken its startup funding from the Philip Morris tobacco company and for lobbying on behalf of the fast food, meat, and tobacco industries while representing consumers.[2][42][43][44][45]

    Some groups the CCF has targeted have questioned its ethics and legitimacy. The president of the American Federation of Teachers referred to the CCF’s leader as “a shameless lobbyist who has shilled for pesticide, alcohol and tobacco companies.” [27] A USA Today journalist said that they should change the name of their website to[46] Michael Pollan writes in his New York Times blog that the CCF is an astroturf organization that works on behalf of large food companies to protect their ability to sell junk food.[47] It has also been criticized for its efforts to portray groups such as the Humane Society of the United States as “violent” and “extreme,” and for its opposition to banning the use of trans fats.[48][49][50][51][52] The group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has also campaigned against the CCF’s validity as a non-profit tax exempt charitable organization, filing an IRS complaint in 2004 attacking the CCF’s claims that its advocacy campaigns were “educational” in nature.[2][53][54]

    Some corporations, including PepsiCo and Kraft Foods, have declined to work with the CCF, saying they disagree with some of the group’s arguments or with its approach to advocacy.[37]

    etc etc from Wiki.

  20. Financial Reports

    2009 Financial Statement

    The Year in Numbers:
    Gross Merchandise Sales
    Interest, Dividends, Royalties, and Other Income
    Total Revenues

    International Grassroots Campaigns
    Public Outreach and Education
    Research, Investigations and Rescue
    Cruelty-Free Merchandise Program
    Supporting-Organization Activities
    Membership Development
    Management and General Expenses
    Total Operating Expenses

    Net Assets Beginning of Year
    Net Assets End of Year
    Donor-Restricted (Permanently)
    Donor-Restricted (Temporarily)
    Board-Designated Legal Matters

    Direct Program Support
    Indirect Program Support
    Membership Development

    if peta is so rich . why not open shelters and start saving these poor animals instead of paying people to tell us what to do.. mabey just mabey they are just putting money in there pockets as a form of redistribution of money. keeping there friends employed ….

  21. Since when is everyone else allowed to post links, but mine are deleted? Afraid of something?
    Animal Rights links?

    The Youtube video was a elephant from a zoo being released into retirement into a sanctuary, and after the people observed a excited reunion between two elephants, they realized that .. (what 24 years before?) these two elephants had travelled together in a circus. Elephant’s never forget. The guy who worked with the elephant at the zoo was emotional because she no longer had to live by herself separated from any other of her kind, and she would no longer be chained. But wow that’s a scary, twisted animal rights link. A KPBS documentary from the San Diego State University is nothing more than propaganda?

    The second was a news article from associated press… are they an animal rights group? I’m sorry, I see the writer states she has an interest in animal welfare and rights, but does that make the information any less true? Those who are hard-hearted to the suffering of animals before them are more likely to feel the same of human suffering. We are all flesh and blood, capable of pain and joy. Those who derive pleasure from inflicting torture on animals may be likely to graduate to the larger thrill of humans. And those who feel indifferent towards the suffering… well there are plenty of examples of humans treating other humans “like animals”… when we should really be asking ourselves if we should even treat animals that way.

  22. “It’s apparent that law doesn’t matter to you, and that violence and propaganda, and yelling at children is completely justified for your cause. Using outdated and improvised information to scare people works far better than the truth. Of course if that fails, insulting us as a last resort is a nice touch.
    Twisting facts does not strenthen your cause, it only weakens peoples ability to believe you in any way whatsoever.”

    I’m sorry, I don’t remember ever making any child cry – or yelling at them… except my little brother… but that’s a sibling thing when he was being argumentative for one reason or another and didn’t like what I had to say. I can’t believe you would never say something to your children they didn’t like and resulted them crying.
    Anyway, nice censorship job there with the links. Where is your truth? You make statements without backing them up. You feel free to twist my words, doesn’t make your twist true either. What is outdated? Every year we see more and more developed studies produced on the intelligence of animals and of their ability to experience emotion and pain. Every year we have more reasons why animals shouldn’t be treated as mere objects of our whims, that we would have the audacity to think we can place varying values on their lives as suits us. We say a mutt is of less value than a purebred.. when they each value thier lives the same.

    There are a lot of unstated truths in those figures on PETA. Peta is not an animal shelter, and come across the MOST neglected animals, the MOST horrific circumstances of animal abuse. How about some national figures on breeders, animals in shelters, adoption rates, euthanasia rates for perspective. You think no-kill shelters can welcome and house every animal brought to them? No-kill can turn into animal hoarding/abuse such as the case above. Newkirk grew up helping her mother out in a leper colony. Before starting PETA Newkirk killed many animals… she went in early to work to ensure those slated for death were well treated in their last moments, rather than shoved in a freezers, or stomped on as was being done at the shelter where she worked. She would cry every night, how horrible. Blame breeders, abandoners and the real abusers, not PETA. BTW you want to also publish the verdict on that case??? (Petakillsanimals) But you will find animal activists also divided in their feelings towards PETA. I don’t condone the destruction of property, but at the same time I can sympathize that these people feel as strongly empathetic to animals that they feel as justified as the resistance in WWII… but have they killed anyone? Even though you would consider me extreme the way I am, I still consider myself still hardened if only for survival and ability to enjoy life despite all the known suffering in the world both human and animal… when I open myself to it for a moment, it is crushing, what can we do about it? What can you do about it?

  23. “if peta is so rich . why not open shelters and start saving these poor animals”

    That’s very shortsighted.

    Because it is not their mandate and it is not what people give them donations to do. There are innumerable local shelters people can support, why should PETA be expected to add one more to the numbers?
    You know the (not vegan) saying about giving a man a fish vs teaching him to fish? That applies here. They could spend all their money on bandaid solution of setting up shelters, but no.. their job is to educate down to the root of the issue… so that we no longer would need these animal shelters filled with neglected, abandoned animals that human’s toss aside when they’ve become inconvenient.

    regardless, while not running a shelter, they are out there involved in the community.
    They do a lot of work in spay and neuter education/outreach/clinics, and work against backyard breeders.
    “We go into the very poorest of neighborhoods to deliver food, doghouses, and bedding to neglected animals who have never known a kind word or touch.
    We also provide services such as spaying or neutering for animals who would otherwise reproduce and bring thousands more animals into miserable and often deadly conditions.
    CAP (PETA’s Community Animal Project) staff and volunteers also transport animals to local veterinarians, provide water and food to dogs with empty bowls, loosen collars that have grown too tight, and supply tangle-free running lines for dogs hopelessly wrapped in chains. They rescue injured and dying animals and capture skittish strays who have been given up on by other agencies. CAP staffers also counsel animal guardians on proper care, such as always allowing companion animals to live inside the house with their families, and help people make that transition whenever possible.”

  24. Animals I’ve hunted over the years have also fed my family. They are much tastier and healthier. Low in cholesterol and fat. they’ve also kept me healthier because I get to spend so much time exercising to harvest (kill) them

    You dopes realize that plants are living thing too, and if they are living, they are feeling , and you are killing them. So every time you crunch into one of your lettuce leafs, your cruelly hunting and hurting a living thing, you bastards So if we don’t eat animals, and we don’t eat plants, what do we eat? Or maybe with your permission it’s OK to eat plants, THANKS, like your god or something. You idiots kill me with laughter and distain at the same time

    Your mentally sick and I seriously think you should search out good medical attention, or could it be a lack of red meat

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