Animal Rights Group sabotage trappers

Thanks to the fine organization US Sportsmen’s Alliance for this recent Press Release. Looks like radicals in the US have stepped things up in their quest to end conservation!


The extremist animal rights group known as Earth First! recently published a how-to manual for illegally sabotaging wolf hunts and traps .  This was in response to a recently introduced federal bill to allow wolf hunting in most of the U.S.

The Earth First! Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual gives detailed instructions on how to sabotage traps and free trapped wolves. The 12-page manual also refers to trappers as “slob hunters” and “amateurs, a##holes, and part-timers whose techniques are crude.”

The manual, written by a group referring to themselves as the Redneck Wolf Lovin’ Brigade, tells activists how to find addresses of trappers so as to follow them from their homes to their trap lines.  The manual provides advice on how to secretly follow trappers and leave no trace of footprints nor fingerprints. It also instructs individuals to trip traps to render them ineffective.  It also states that “any type of trap line interference is illegal, so you might as well do a thorough job and totally dispose of any traps you find, as this is no more illegal than simply tripping them and leaving them intact.”

The Redneck Wolf Brigade is correct when they state that any type of trap line interference is illegal, as is hunter harassment in all 50 states. Over 25 years ago, USSA wrote the hunter-harassment language that was used by the majority of states when they passed laws protecting hunters, anglers and trappers from being able to enjoy their sports.

Wolf hunting is currently legal in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.  USSA has helped lead the fight to gain the delisting of the Western Great Lakes Wolf from protected status by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and has seen much opposition from animal rights groups such as Earth First!

Here is a glimpse of the drivle contained in this manual:

Hunt sabotage, also known as hunt sabs, has a long and glorious history in the United States and elsewhere. Hunt sabs are an effective tactic at stopping, inhibiting or drawing attention to the massacre of wildlife. Hunt sabs most often include direct intervention and are meant to disrupt a hunt. Actions can take the form of a blockade comprised of dozens of people at the office where wolf hunting permits are sold, or along roadways where hunters are engaging in hunts. But it also includes powerful propoganda, such as flyering communities before a hunt, or sharing this manual at your local NRA meeting and outside permit offices.



26 thoughts on “Animal Rights Group sabotage trappers”

  1. Flyering a community hahahahahahahaha
    think of the environmental damage from all those flyers blowing around in the wind

    1. Iggy wrote: “Flyering a community hahahahahahahaha
      think of the environmental damage from all those flyers blowing around in the wind”

      Don’t say that Iggs…that’ll cause them to give up the whole campaign!


  2. Good idea, city dwelling animal lovers following a trapper into the woods to sabotage his trap line. I sure hope the app on his IPhone can get him out before the battery dies.
    Here are the written instructions on how to ‘free trapped wolves’! Sounds easy; you go first.

  3. If you’re a trapper take a page from the redneck wolf brigades manifesto. If you catch one pulling you’re traps and you must push ,shove or otherwise restrain him to get him to stop ,he will probably charge you with assault, so you might as well beat the living snot out of him and make it worth you,re while !

  4. these people are morons and should be put in a bear trap or wolf trap and, left with a hand saw and a book of instructions lol

  5. So their bright idea is to follow people into the woods who either do so for a living, or a hobby, catch, kill, dismember and dispose of predators and large animals, often without people whom live a short distance away being aware of their activities?

    All the power to them, ha!

    1. a trapper said; “So their bright idea is to follow people into the woods who either do so for a living, or a hobby, catch, kill, dismember and dispose of predators and large animals, often without people whom live a short distance away being aware of their activities?All the power to them, ha!”

      Thanks for the comment, btw were you known formerly as just ‘Trapper’??


  6. like I have said hundreds of time “we have to start treating these people like they treat us .. with absolutely no dignity and stop being polite to them.. instead of trying to explain to them why you hunt or fish , tell them to F off its much easier and does not take up extra oxygen from the air

    1. chessy, you are absolutely right! Sadly, though a lot of them are counting on us fighting back, so they can create a scene and bring attention to their cause.

      Reminds me of the time I had a run-in with a similar group in front of the Shrine Circus..and my children were with me. What a bunch of idiots, you feel like punching them but you can’t…they WIN if that happens.

      Here’s to ‘fighting the good fight’ and to continue exposing them for the ignoramus they are!


  7. I had the opportunity to go up to Eastern Canadian Outfitters just north of Ottawa yesterday to visit Rob Argue, the owner/operator of this hunting and fishing lodge. What a nice spot, I was just up to help him with some trail clearing and baiting but I was really impressed.
    Anyone wanting to spring bear hunt or deer hunt for big bucks, or wanting to rent a cottage for a family this is a great spot. The nice part is it’s paved road all the way.
    I was up at their outfitters camp yesterday and man what a nice place. nice cabins and the fishing is apparently fantastic, people were catching lake trout flatlining which is unheard of at this time of year
    I was just up for the day to help out Rob clear some trails and put out some apples for the deer. What a beautiful spot. I think I might just organise a spring bear hunt there

    1. Hey Iggs, that’s terrific..tks so much for passing along the info.

      I actually know Rob, and have featured him in my columns over the years.(Back when he was a CO and not a business owner) I just checked out his site and looks awesome! I am familiar with that region around Lac Cayamant too as I’ve moose hunted there a couple of seasons. It looks like he’s offering some great packages, I should head up there sometime to say hi or look for a Bullwinkle.

      Regarding the bear HUNTS in that region..(notice I say hunts plural).. many parts of Zone 10 boast both a spring and fall black bear hunt. Given that this area of QC has one of the highest bear densities in all of Central Canada, there is little doubt Rob will offer hunters a good chance at a nice bruin!

      Thanks again Iggs..and Kudos to Rob for his impressive operation.

      Just a short drive from the City too, eh?


  8. They are not expecting us to fight back. If you confront them they usually back off. In the past year and a bit I have realized that life and your health is far far too short. It’s time for us to rise up and express our thoughts and feelings, no more powder puff attitudes.

    1. Very well put Chessy..hope you’re right. I know in some cases, though, these groups do like to stir shite and create controversy..ex PETA..and that story of mine about the Shriners circus, I’m pretty sure they set me up to create a stir…after I threw all their silly flyers in the air…hehe


  9. “a trapper” and “Trapper” are two different trappers (with the same passion I presume)

    As for these anarchists I look forward to the day our paths cross…

    1. Hey Trapper, good to hear from you and good to hear there are other active trappers out there.

      Sadly, I dont think your paths will ever cross..these people sound like a bunch of cowards to me.


  10. The sad part is animal rights people are their own worst enemies. The reason why trappers and pet owners cross so negatively is the lack of notice. Why is there no notice? Because they steal our traps and harass us when we do.

    Especially up here, where the less environmentally friendly methods and means are illegal (killing for the sake of it, we can’t let a pelt or meat spoil as the case may be), but folks read what is written down there and think that’s the way it is here.

    I trap for 3 reasons: to protect property and livestock, to collect furs for clothing (all of mine are made into functional clothing), and food.

    People are fond of having homes that aren’t flooded or damaged in some way by beavers/porcupines/raccoons. They don’t like seeing fluffy eaten by fishers, wolves and coyotes (eeven the occasional bear), so they call me.

    People can wear their dyno oil clothes, thinking that environmentally friendly, but they are more difficult to repair, and don’t have the lifetime of furs, in the end, a lifetime worth of clothes puts a lot more waste in the ground than furs, and lasts a lot longer when it’s in there. All my clothes are braintanned and rot rapidly when buried.

    Finally, can’t say the food is any more organic and natural than that. And much of my family hasn’t the money to pay the costs associated with Northern Ontario food, so they rely heavily on what I can provide.

    1. a trapper, I’m sorry…meant to comment earlier.

      Your subsistence way of living is commendable, and few people today would fathom what, surviving off what the land provides, would be like.

      Makes me think of a the TV Show Mountain Men..I doubt you watch much television, even though it is somewhat sensationalised, there’s a fellow called Eustace who lives his life very much in the same way as you…Im envious.

      Trust me, I am with you on that..unfortunately Im wayy too late now in taking that path, but I can certainly see the appeal in it.


  11. i would take these a holes far far out in the bear country area and let them go and try to survive and see how wild animals are not as fun as they think

    1. Hope everyone enjoys a great long weekend!

      Im heading to hunt camp for the traditional horse-shoe tourney..and to put up a few trailcams…man, it’s going to nice to get back up there again!

      After recently completing the manuscript for my next(5th) book, I will have now have more time to put-up new material. Sorry for being so quiet of late.

      Hunting season is near…you can almost smell it in the air, well not really but soon.


  12. Have a good one Jeff! Any fishing on the agenda or just horse-shoes?
    I am going to the lake, hopefully the walleye will bite better than they have so far. Water is 2 feet higher than normal at this time of the year so I have not been able to put a pattern to them. Couldn’t even catch many on leeches, that’s crazy. I have caught a few crappie but you need a livewell full of them to have a taste. Anyone else here catching walleye? Anyone here know how to find schools of crappie?

    1. johan wrote; “Anyone here know how to find schools of crappie?”

      Answer: Ask an American!

      hehe..sorry man, couldn’t resist.

      Nope, no fishing for me at hunt camp..its only trout lakes around there and most of them are already fished out.


  13. Check out the CBC.Ca site to view the story on an euthanized Lynx from West Quebec, emaciated and prowling around P8 parking lot of Gatineau Park and again on the highway chasing mice at night (HWY 5 or 50)

  14. jeff.morrison says:

    August 29, 2013 at 11:10 am

    johan wrote; “Anyone here know how to find schools of crappie?”

    Answer: Ask an American!
    or an Oriental
    come to think of it that wouldn’t work
    probably none left

  15. so true i have seen several orientals fishing out alot of crappie and bass and sunfish they rarely have a licence and play stupid when asked i have had the mnr come to several locations and check them out i am sure they recieve hefty fines as they should

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