Animals Rights Group coughs up a Fur Ball


Well folks, it finally happened! 

The Animal Rights Groups now appear to battling amongst themselves!

I suppose it was really only a matter of time.

According to SUN Media, the same group who forced ‘Foie Gras’ to be removed from an NCC dinner at Winterlude – the Ottawa Animal Rights Defence League – now has their sights set on the Ottawa Humane Society’s fundraising dinner known as the Fur Ball. 


(John Baird at a previous Fur Ball)

The Ottawa Animal Rights Defence League appears to have a beef (pun intentional) over what’s being served at the Ottawa Humane Society Dinner in March, and they are doing their utmost to have it removed! 

Animal Defence League spokesperson Sue Lawrence said she was extremely sad that such a fundraiser dinner, being held at the National Gallery, would consist of meat. Lawrence says they should be serving a strictly vegan diet. 

But alas, the Ottawa Humane Society is not caving in and plans to stick with the original menu which includes meat. 

The Society has even spoken out to clarify that they are considered an ‘animal welfare’ organization and not an animal rights group, and do not have a position against raising animals for food. 

The Ottawa Humane Society has even offered a vegan option at previous dinners, but says that fewer than 5% of guests have opted for it.

Well I say, KUDOS to the Ottawa Humane Society for sticking to their guns, and I take back what I said earlier. 

There seems to be only one Animal Rights Group in this story, and they certainly appear to have lost this round. 

Now, let’s get some Foie Gras back on the Winterlude menu!!


26 thoughts on “Animals Rights Group coughs up a Fur Ball”

  1. We are not fighting amongst ourselves. The Humane Society is clear that they are not an animal rights group. Animal rights proponents do not believe that animal “welfare” is the way to go. The animals are still being exploited, still being slaughtered, still being oppressed.

    And you might want to look at the research, that shows vegetarians/vegans to have higher IQs than meat eaters. We are also healthier as a whole than meat eaters.

    Humans used to think that black people did not deserve rights because they were “just blacks”. We used to think that the disabled should be sterilized, euthanized, or shut away in institutions. We now know better. That is what is happening with animals. Humans are beginning to become enlightened about speciesism, which is discriminating against a being based on its species. No one is saying that cows should have the right to vote – they as a species likely have no interest in that. What we are saying is that non-human animals should have the right to be free from exploitation and suffering at the hands of human animals.

    1. Everytime an Animal Rights person speaks of speciesism, I ask them to look up anthropomorphism…


  2. “We are also healthier as a whole than meat eaters.”

    Mike you might want to check out the recent story about Phil Nickolson’s experiment with veganism. What about all the studies about children having their physical and mental health retarded by a strict vegan diet? Parents have been charged with child abuse over the later!

  3. I am all for veggies , The cows eat the grass i eat the cow !!UMMMM i will name my cows Porterhouse , and Tbone !!
    Pass the potatoes

    1. Hey Rick..what happened to poor Phil M on Veggies….did it make him right handed or something…lol


  4. I have to tell this story

    I am attending Trent university, I attended a class and it just so happened that I sat beside a philosophy major, during the first class the professor told us to introduce ourselves to our neighbours .while doing so I am very proud of my hunting a fishing background and when I said I was a hunter the student I was talking to got that funny look in his eye. He had a chance to introduce himself and said he was a vegan. We began chit chatting back and forth and he came right out and said what does meat tastes like I said chicken with a laugh. He told me he has never ate meat ever. We then discussed hunting and fishing. I asked him if we ever had a power outage what would he do for food. He thought it over, and said he had never ever thought of it before. The next class he asked me if I ever trained or showed people how to shoot a gun? I said all the time. He asked me if I could show him I asked why. He said if we ever had a power outage for a long period of time he is screwed because all he eats is fresh vegetables and other vegan stuff. He said that it never crossed his mind until I brought it up that he lives in a cold weather climate where vegetables don’t always grow. He informed me he wanted to learn to shoot just encase something like that never happens. I asked him his status of being a vegan he said in a long case of no food he would eat meat. This is from a person that is a philosophy major. with all that I said it just goes to show that even the most strict vegan will opt for meat if it means there survival so why bother me while I am trying to survive with out eating vegetables
    sorry for the rant jeff

  5. Jeff the story said that Phil tried a strict vegan diet for six months last year. He gave it up when he found it negatively affected his strength and stamina. After he switched back to a more balanced diet he is feeling better and has regained his strength and stamina.

  6. Mike, you are not proposing animal rights, you are supporting personal choice, your personal choice is to chose a vegan life style, you try and make facts without presenting any supporting documentation. My personal choice is to have meat protien as part of a healthy diet, you have no right to impede my personal choice. Your trying to impose your will on over 95% of the population that do not want to be vegans. Your “enlightenment” does not give you the right to impede on my choices. If we were to continue with your reference to animals having freedom, then we have to stop animals eating other animals, because your logic states that all animals have the freedom not to be exploited. Please take your enlightenment elsewhere, PETA will listen to you, stay with the “enlightened, the rest of us want to bbq.

  7. ok mike i’ve had a really bad day today and you’ve topped it off. are you comparing meat eaters to freaking racists!!
    your comment just blows my mind. just because we dont believe what you do makes us bigots and indefirent to human kind ?, give me a fn break. if anybody is narrow minded its you tree hugger, grannola cunchers with your my way is the only way mentalality. most of us hunters and trappers etc.. have a deep respect for nature, we eat meat but we also eat fiddle heads and wild garlic ect.. when they are in season. wether you like it or not us outdoorsmen are the guardians of our wildlife because no one else will stand up and do the job we do. i could go on mike but im tired with the 12 hour shifts ive been putting in but let me assure you A holes like u piss me off and will always piss me off but fly your flag up high because in this country you freaks seem to get the attention that you do not deserve

  8. p.s i have a vegatarian in my family (my youngestest son) and we have no problems even when im frying bacon on sunday morning. he says its his choice and he sticks by it like a troopper and i tottaly respecty it. the difference between him and A hole mike is its HIS lifestyle not ours and we live toghether quite well because he does not preach his lifestyle to anyone. he is not a chest thumping tree hugger trying to change the world he just made his life style decision and does not bother anybody.

  9. Wow.! I’ve been busy and missed this blog for a bit.

    Tom, you’re reply is bar none, one of the BEST I’ve seen yet. Fantastic!
    You are so right – they have no right whatsoever to decide what I want to eat. I equate this to maybe forcing all people to wear a certain colour of clothes, or drive specific cars.

    I laugh at the IQ being higher with vegans. whatever…

    For the record, I certainly don’t care if anyone is a vegan. Heck, I’ll go out of my way to buy vegan burgers if I’m having a BBQ. To each their own, just don’t try to shove your thoughts down my throat….regardless of the topic/situation 🙂

  10. It drives me up the wall that an organization purporting to help the interests of animals ( Ottawa Animal Rights Defence League) is trying to impede the fundraising efforts of an organization that does just that (humane society). The humane society actually rescues animals, educates the community and houses/rehomes strays. What has this Ottawa Animal Rights Defence League actually done except protest, get in the way of actual efforts and piss people off?

    1. Katherine, that has to be the smartest thing I’ve heard in awhile!!

      And yes, that baffles me as well..


  11. The big thing to remember about these “not for profit” companies is that they are anything but. The employees and stake holders in the company draw salaries, and thus profit from the “work” they do. PETA/ADL/etc are just as much a not for profit as my corporation I run the farm under.

  12. There’s a difference between killing and eating an animal, and torturing, killing, and then eating an animal. That is why people hate foie gras. Your attitude disgusts me.

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