Bigfoot real or myth you decide


Ok, I realize I’m stuck on this topic, but I’m interested to see what other folks think. 

I would like everyone to indicate, in the comment section, weather they believe in the existence of Big Foot/Sasquatch, and why. 

We at the Outdoors Guy Blog are not here to judge, so feel free to spill your guts. Let er rip! Have at it! Give it to me straight!! 

I will tally the numbers in a week or so…in the meantime, check out the story of Jacobs trail cam photos from Pennsylvania in 2007.(Not intended to sway your opinion in any way)


28 thoughts on “Bigfoot real or myth you decide”

  1. If you believe in tooth fairies and goblins, I suppose you can believe in “big-foot” as well (does size 13 shoes count?). The problem with deciding whether a myth is real or not is that it’s hard to prove a negative. For instance, you cannot “prove” that Santa Claus doesn’t exist either.

  2. Ok John that’s fine, but what do YOU believe?

    So Iggy, I take it you’re on the Myth side, then?


  3. I have to say i’m a non believer.Sorry, there may be a lot of wilderness in Canada but for nobody to have gotten an up close encounter weather it be hunters hikers or loggers.Great trick photograghy but it’s a no go for me.

    1. Hey Paul, no problem, many dont beleive..but Im sure if you looked into it a bit further, you might be surprised..check out the Discovery series sometime.


  4. If you’ve ever had “something big” walk under your treestand in complete darkness, it makes you wonder what the heck it was.

    1. Ok bush24, that sounds like a story! (And a vote for the ‘yes’ side)

      When, where and you sure it wasn’t a bear?


  5. Hey JEFF That thing in the picture sure looks like an AVID. and it looks like it’s picking up all the butts on the ground from the guy in the tree stand , There’s a lot of them up around Calabogie.

  6. YES on the Bigfoot !!
    And yes on the Jackalope! I have seen a few of them in the bush , but the ones I saw were antlerless ones.(Females …)

  7. “Outdoorsguy” Very much like my post, walking to or being in a treestand / groundblind in complete darkness can be very exciting, gun or bow encased until 1/2 hr before sunrise. Walking to my treestand in the dark has given me some “stop in your tracks” occurences, scared …. in my pants feelings, I’m sure my eyes looked like “The Blair Witch Project” people. I never found what “those” things were walking in the bush crashing loudly around me but I can tell you they were big!. Nothing attacked me but it’s made me more aware to expect the unexpected. Could have been a bear, moose, deer or BIGFOOT ? I’ll never know, phew.

  8. bush24: Too bad you didn’t have your Nightvision binoculars at the time!

    I can see how that would be a little disheartening to say the least..


  9. Well Iggy, its funny you should ask…I was jussssttt about to create another Post on the subject, since my Weird
    Facts about Fishing book arrived on the Publisher’s desk just yesterday…


  10. Call me a believer. I can’t say I have ever experienced a heart-attack inducing episode like bush24, but I figure with all the evidence, and the eye witness sightings, there must be something. I just can’t understand why people would make this stuff up. Some say they do it for the 15 minutes of fame, but imagine the ridicule from friends and family that follows. It’s just not worth it. Another point to consider are the reports coming from around the world of similar animals, and the long history of these reports. All these people for so many years (from a time when we did not have the interconnection that we do now with the internet), from around the world, cannot have all dreamed up this hoax.

    1. GPG, that is exactly right and one of the main reasons why the evidence is so compelling! They didn’t have the technology back into the early 1900’s to fake this sort of thing..and evidence does date back that far.

      Take the Patterson film from 1967 – video evidence of a beast that remains unexplained today. At first, they thought it must be a man in a ape suit..and even had a fellow come forward declaring that he was the one who wore the suit, only to find out later he was, indeed, lying about it.

      There is such intricacy with the Patterson Bigfoot that could NEVER have been replicated in 1967..close up shots of the beast plainly show the presence of mammary glands..that particular Bigfoot was female, and something a hoaxer at the time would never think to try reproducing..

      Close up footage of the Bigfoot’s quadricep muscle also clearly shows muscle damage or tearing. Scientists speculate that Bigfoot had an old herniated muscle injury which had healed up. This detail is not something a hoaxer could have reproduced or even thought up in 1967. And the muscle injury clearly moves when Bigfoot walks, shooting down each and every Man in an ape suit theory!

      Check it out:


  11. Just watch the Sasquatch meet science at the end they call it an elaborate hoax over decades if not centuries.

    The meds I am on are obviously good one lol

  12. You can add UFO and ELVIS sitings to this conversation – as they would fit right in. If you haven’t figured it out yet, ‘Outdoorsguy’ I am a NON believer…that includes Santa Claus, tooth fairies, and yes, even the effervescent bigfoot.

  13. To my fellow SUN Blogger and blatant naysayer Don Ermen, I offer this challenge…

    If you can find any solid evidence to disprove the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video…I will personally dress-up in an ape suit and post a video of myself walking through the woods.

    Yes Don, this is what society has come to…when you don’t believe something then its your job to prove it wrong!

    It shouldn’t be too tough; scientists have only been trying for the past 40 years!


  14. Well, It’s hard to believe or not, but folkore and eyewithnesses seem to abound about various human being shapes in the wild.

    As a matter of fact in the Province of Quebec, there are some legends and reported facts, and possible explanations.

    Take for example the sighting north of Gatineau in the Lac Blue Sea area.

    Kind of hairy, but it could have been one of those European woman that did not like to shave.


  15. I do believe in bigfoot because when I was about 7 or 8 we were coming back from vacation in northern Ontario back then we didn’t need to wear a seat belt so I was leaning against the back of the front seat and ape looking creature crossed the road infront of us so fast on all four and back in the bush.i asked my mom what that was she replied I do not know.but today 50 some years later ive heard so many stories that I put 2 and 2 together and that’s what we saw.i remember like it was was a big foot.

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