Bounder Magazine celebrates 10 years with Winter Issue


Bounder magazine’s latest issue is being distributed as we speak and its a biggie!

What a wonderful story this little magazine has been, from the first time I heard about it on CTV Ottawa little over 10 years ago. My wife and I were watching the local Ottawa news at 11:30 and they mentioned a ‘New Magazine’ coming soon with Publisher, Brian Warren at the helm.

I’m not sure why but I knew instantly it would be a hit! Who doesn’t like to read about the history of the Ottawa valley or microbreweries, or the radio business 40 years ago, or hot cars and hotter bikes, great food, hunting, fishing traveling. Man, it’s like every guy’s dream, honestly!

I am honoured to be apart of this Bounder family and I still wear my Bounder vest proudly(though I could a new one, nudge nudge)

Check out my new Outdoors Guy column, along with numerous other fantastic local writers, like my pals Randall Moore and David Brown:

If you haven’t seen Bounder yet, crawl out from under your rock and find a copy!

Yours in the great outdoors,

Jeff Morrison

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