Cabela's – World's Foremost Outfitter, coming in September!

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The Outdoors Guy columnist Jeff Morrison is looking forward to the fall opening of the Cabela's store in Kanata.

The Outdoors Guy Jeff Morrison is looking forward to the fall opening of the Cabela’s store in Kanata.


Those ice-fishing enthusiasts who braved the bitter cold this weekend got to take-part in a special annual event.

Family Fishing Weekend is a province-wide initiative celebrating the sport of winter angling without the otherwise mandatory fishing license. About eight years ago it was decided that a festive winter fishing weekend would be adopted to mirror National Fishing Week events during the summer. And hey, just because Family Fishing Weekend is behind us doesn’t mean ice fishing is done for the year. The recent cold snap and blast of winter weather has likely ensured several more weeks of safe and solid winter angling!

Outdoor Travel & Adventure Show – March 19-20, 2016 (EY Centre, Ottawa)

If you have not already done so, be sure to mark off the weekend of March 19-20 on your calendars for the 5th Annual Outdoor Travel & Adventure Show, being held at the EY Centre. If ever there was a show worth motoring down the Ottawa Valley at high speeds for, it is this one. Organized by the team from two magazines [Ottawa Outdoors (OOM) and Fish, Hunt & Ride (FHR)] the show features tons of outdoor services, gear and apparel exhibitors and outdoor travel accommodations and lodges. Come check out the 40 foot Demo Pool, an Action Theatre featuring a wide variety of adventure videos. And on the Adventure Stage, you’ll hear tips from camping and canoeing experts like Kevin Callan and Becky Mason, as well other fishing experts and many more. And if that isn’t enough to entice you, be sure to stop by the Fish, Hunt & Ride Magazine Booth featuring yours truly and a few of my columnists. My FHR writing team and I will be handing out magazines and chatting with readers about all things fishing, hunting or riding-related. For more information: visit I hope to see you all on March 19!

Cabela’s –World’s Foremost Outfitter, making progress in Ottawa

I was excited this weekend to see noticeable progress being made with the new 275,000 sq ft Taggart development, which includes a Cabela’s ‘anchor’ store, located just across the road from the Tanger Outlets in Kanata. The mammoth new hunting, fishing and camping retail space is slated to open this September, much to the excitement of hordes of local sportsmen. The new Cabela’s is said to include a staggering $1 million worth of taxidermy, and is expected to hire 175 full-time and part-time employees, most of whom will be from Ottawa-area, according a recent press release. If you’re around during store opening this fall, Cabela’s Pro Staffer and Fish, Hunt & Ride columnist Amanda Lynn Mayhew will be on site to usher in the new facility. What an exciting fall it’s going to be for Ottawa sportsmen! For more info on Fish, Hunt & Ride magazine:

Great Outdoors Trivia – Question #2

Alright fellow outdoor trivia buffs, here is question number two in the 2016 Great Outdoors Trivia Contest. The first person to correctly answer all three questions will receive a prize package courtesy of Brecks fishing tackle and Tinks hunting Scents. Question #2: In the January Outdoors Guy column, I advised winters anglers NOT to venture out on the ice with Snowmobile or ATV until there was a solid layer of how much ice?? Was it A) 1 inch of ice B) 3 inches of ice C) 4 inches of ice D) 5 inches of ice or E) No ice is required. Be sure to keep track of your answers and send them to: The third and final question in this year’s contest will be right here in March, in its usual spot the third Thursday of the month. Y’all come back now, ya hear!

Quebec brochure now available

For anyone planning a trip to Quebec this year, the 2016 hunting and fishing brochure is now available. With a full rating system, facilities breakdown and sporting opportunities, the hunting, fishing and lodging brochure is a handy guide for non-resident sportsmen. Contact Tourism Quebec Tourism at: 1 (877) BONJOUR 

21 thoughts on “Cabela's – World's Foremost Outfitter, coming in September!”

  1. Thanks Jeff

    Terrible story in The Sun today about some ice fishermen on Georgian Bay. They went threw the ice on their way back to shore. One of the guys went for help on a snow machine after rescuing a couple of them and the cops charged him with impared driving. This guy intentionaly had been the
    passenger because he had a few drinks but reluctantly jumped on the machine to get help. One of his buddies drowned while the cops followed the letter of the law. This is very disturbing to me.

  2. Can’t wait until September. We last visited Cabela’s out west in Tualatin, OR. USA and it was a shopping experience.

    Great news for Ottawa & Eastern Ontario outdoors men and woman.

    Good for competition to help keep the prices lower.

    Hope the little smaller stores don’t hurt too much.

    Thanks for the info Jeff.

  3. Funny weather. Thought I would have the buckets out in February this years.
    Don’t think it will run before St. Patty’s day. Could be cause for celebration.

  4. I was at the Cabela’s store in East Hartford, Connecticut and the place was incredible. It was an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. I’m really looking forward to the new outlet opening here, though I wonder if it will be as large and will have the same selection of gear as the stores in the U.S.A.

  5. fishr, the store would be smaller for sure, and as available equipment, well they supply general stuff and also specialize (more choices) as per area served.

    Ocean is close to East Hartford, Connecticut and city’s river goes all the way to Atlantic Ocean, so there’s the type of consumer products you will surely won’t see in the Kanata’s store.

    1. Regarding the new Cabela’s store size, I had misquoted in my initial article claiming the store would boast 275,000 sq ft of retail space which, after I thought about it was ridiculous since that’s more than 7 acres!! I took a photo the other weekend of the Taggart construction sign with Cabela’s written on top and indicating 275,000 sq feet. Upon further investigation of some blue prints I dug up, it would appear the new store will run approx. 70,000 sq feet and act as the Anchor Store in Taggart’s new 275,000 of retain space!

      So far though..the only construction you can see at that location is the Cabela’s store, but apparently Princess Auto will be part of it as well.

      I would LIKE to think a ton of new products will be available at the store, similar to what is offered in many of the Cabela’s throughout the US, but it may not come to fruition. I suppose it depends on the manufacturers Cabela’s offers and implications of selling their prod here in Canada.

      Man, I used to order a ton of prods from the Cabela’s catalogue back in the day, still cant believe there’s one coming to our City!!

      Can you say…WOOHOO!!


  6. yes we use to go down ever year at labour day weekend and get kids back to school stuff as the kids in the usa were already back in school and everything was discounted even more. my wife talks about that store all the time when we first started going down it was basically in a farmers field there was nothing around we had to go to ann arbour to get a motel every year now i can walk across the road and go from hotel to store to a variety of restaurants… inside they have daily specials of food from ostrich to walleye . i tell everyone to save money from going to sportsman show in toronto and spend the money on gas and go to cabelas in dundee if you think about it if you take a family of 4 your 100 bucks for entry and parking, your better off going to dundee
    have not been in a few years .. kids are now out of school lol

    1. Sounds like fun Chessy! We still travel into the states for shopping etc, even with the weak dollar. There are just so many products etc that you cannot find up here..and that Cabela’s is a prime example. I’m hoping our new one up here will offer most of what the US stores are selling.

      Fingers crossed…


  7. Iggy and trapper …. see the charges dropped… its the polices job to enforce the rules. it the court system to judge if needed to be

  8. Hola from the lobby of Memories Caribe in Cayo Coco Cuba
    Good cigars and cold cervasa

  9. Iggy says:

    March 1, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    Hola from the lobby of Memories Caribe in Cayo Coco Cuba
    Good cigars and cold cervasa
    No need to rub-it-in. Enjoy.

  10. Back home to a winter storm and off again for the second time this winrer at our deer camp for a spekle trout fishing trip.
    My wife says I’m starting to get this retirement thing

  11. Retired on top of that!

    Damm Iggy, you’re really rubbing-it in.

    I’ve got slightly more than 4 years to retirement.

    Good fishing.

  12. Trust me The Large, it’s taken me a bit of time to get accustomed to it. Winter was the worst so I went out and got a part time plowing gig. Now I boot around in a tractor, make funny tractor noises and make some spare change. Spring summer and fall won’t be difficult though.

  13. I hope it’s better than the one in Barrie. So far, Canadian versions of big US stores (Cabelas, Bass Pro) are not even comparable. 🙁


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