New Game Seal causes confusion



Hunters have been left scratching their heads recently after receiving the new 2012 Deer Seals.


(Photo of replacement seal and license should you accidently void your first one)

The new format – which includes a removable plastic deer tag – may take some time(& extra $$) to get used to. Be careful not to remove it as there is a $10 fee to have it replaced.


There is also some discussion about the MNR’s new cost-savings measure of outsourcing the tag allocation to the United States.


Give us your thoughts!



The MNR have just provided me with this info. to help explain the new tag design:




86 thoughts on “New Game Seal causes confusion”

    1. Trapper, Rob, Hunting mom: I am looking into this ‘outsourcing’ issue with the Ministry to see if we can get some concrete answers. Also need to find out about the sticker glitch that Trapper noticed.


  1. Apparently they hired an american company to produce them.

    The fact that the deer tags and the moose tags are the same colour this year it just a matter of time before someone gets charged for not having the right tag with them.

    On another note; what about the fact that my antlerless deer tag and my moose tag did not come equipped with a smaller sticker to put on my outdoors card. So if after a successful party hunt I place my tag on a deer or moose how do I prove that I am a licenced hunter ? Is this an oversight or intentional ?

  2. No bears 🙁
    stopped hitting about a week ago and never came back, tried beaver, donuts, even a fabled, sure thing, can’t miss honey burn……NOTHING
    and that’s on all the baits

    1. That’s too bad Iggs, any explanation as to why the bears all disappeared like that? Seems odd for a bear just to abandon a food source that way.


  3. Trapper, if you look at your deer/moose tag, there is a seperation point between the date, time portion of your tag.
    The top portion is what you need to keep with you if you use your seal on an animal. I had the same thought when i looked at mine too. It looks like deer tags are really down in our area, but drew a bull tag for the rifle season.

  4. Same coloured tags, changing rules and regs without proper explanation, move the pea around under the cups, see how many people you can confuse, gives the CO’s that much more to try to catch people on. You watch, this fall the ticket books will be full

  5. QUOTE JAYE NEWTON “Trapper, if you look at your deer/moose tag, there is a seperation point between the date, time portion of your tag.The top portion is what you need to keep with you if you use your seal on an animal. I had the same thought when i looked at mine too. It looks like deer tags are really down in our area, but drew a bull tag for the rifle season. “END QUOTE

    Jaye, if you’re referring to the extra pieces of plastic that were above and beside the tag I hope you’re wrong because I threw that out 🙁

    If you’re referring to the serrations on the right side of the tag itself these are merely there to make the seal single use only and tamper proof

    On another note, is it pathetic that we (myself included) have successfuly railroaded this “Child injured by cougar” additon of the blog ? I hope the lad is ok…

  6. Ig; the bears must all be in town eating bird seed, dog food, shitty diapers and bbq grease. 🙂

    Kinda throws a wrench into the increased population -vs- spring bear hunt theory don’t it

  7. Jaye you are correct. I just called the MNR and was informed that the extra plastic above your tag is in fact your deer licence. For those of you like me who threw it away there’s a $10.00 fee for a new one…Now I’m heading to sort out my garbage 🙁

  8. Darn, that’s where my bbq grease is going….! Speaking of railroading the tag conversation, that railroaded the bear conversation, which took the cougar attack discussion off the rails, anyone else have an over abundance of chipmunks? My count is half a dozen now, starting to stack em like firewood. The last two have been in a bare trap, no bait whatsoever. Did they cancel the spring chipmunk hunt or something?

    yup it’s written right there in very small font.”this licence tag must be accompanied by your valid Outdoors card. Detach and retain with your Outdoors card AFTER (INCAPS) sealing the animal as this is your licence tag.”

    I posted this issue (no small tag to stick on the back of my outdoor card when I received my moose tag) on Adrian’s site but had not noticed the small font and no members had noticed it.

    I had called the MNR info line to enquire and the CSO did not even know or at least did not even advise me of this top portion of the tag.

    thanks Jaye

  10. Hope there is nothing too stinky in the garbage Trapper. The other thing to make my fall, is that my daughter drew her first deer tag and i didn’t. Guess i need to go to the carp gun show and look for a new gun for her..

  11. Trap, ya they warned me about the no sticker thing when I went and got my turkey tag this year (which now is attached with a removable and unremarkable zip tie). apparently folks were having issues with the stickers coming off the card.

    at the end of the day, they have a phone, and they have your outdoors card, so why you need yet another thing to bring with you to prove you can hunt what you are hunting, I am not sure? And why the seal isn’t enough is beyond me.

    I had suggested they go to the seals the banks use for money bags, they are colour coded and include a serial, can have one for each animal, they are water proof, impossible to remove without damage (tamper resistant), but apparently they just spent a ton of money on this new system.

    1. Think I should just post a general hunters chat post from time to time…for anyone to comment on whatevever is on their mind. Doesn’t really matter too much what the Blog topic is, so long as it gets people talking.

      Its sort of like the best parties..they’r always the one’s that happen unexpectedly.

      P.S. Btw, Rick sent me a link to a story about another recent cougar attack on a child in the US

  12. Seeing everyone else is off topic…. The wife and I spent the last two weeks at our cabin and friday past at 3 a.m. got woken by a noise, and went out to screen porch (wich is just off bedroom) to figure out what was going on. It was dungeon dark and no breeze at all, and heard a deer running by the cabin bleetin out in panic and on the run. What seemed like forever (30 seconds) heard a crash in the cedars and heards its last “noises”. it was freaking creepy i tell you. I sat there for a long time with the hair on the back of my standing on end. Next morning had a look around and didn’t need Mantracker to find sign. They rant about 20 yards across the front of cabin and up the laneway about 300 yards and veered off into cedars about 20 feet wich was the end of the line. Huge lone wolf by the looks of it ! I have watched nature shows lots before but that was sureal!!

    P.S.. Hope i got all my capitals all right, as well as spelling and punctuations!

  13. Jeff,

    I sent you a photo of the tag…..Now I gotta go spend another $40.00 for 4 new licences. 🙁
    Man do I feel dumb…..hopefully I diverted at least one other fellow hunter from making the same mistake.

    1. Thanks Trap, you’ll notice I completed changed the Post to accomodate our tag discussion. Right now the new game seal seems to be the topic of the week….

      Anyone else remove that plastic tab by accident? I am looking for comments from the MNR on the new game seals.


  14. Trapper if that is your tag in the photo all the parts you need are still there. Notice just below the fine print there should be a perforated line. The seal is below the perferations and the tag part you keep as proof of tag is above.

    Check it out! The part with your mailing address can be thrown out.

    1. Rick, I have a feel Trapper’s tag photo is of his ‘replacement tag’…think he went out and replaced all the ones he had.

      Trapper, you still there?


  15. I hate to admit it but I threw away the top portion of my First turkey tag in the spring. I figured out
    I needed it on the second. Might have been an idea if the licenses where a different color or came with
    some instructions. I wonder what % of the license fee is going to the US?

    1. Oh man, talk about confusing!

      In QC the tags have remained the same over the past 50 years, for all intents and purposes. There is a little perforated line where the tag is to be torn-off and affixed to your animal, and it has always been that way. The little hole found on that side of the tag reminds you where to attach it.
      And everyone in the province knows that if your license becomes separated while your hunting, technically it is no longer valid.


  16. So that yellow plastic ‘Moose License Receipt’ we got when we purchased is just that? A fancy receipt that will take a thousand years to decompose in landfill? It does seem to make it a more complicated but is anyone surprised? Take something that is somewhat simple but works and the government will feel the need to change it in under the guise of ‘saving money’, but when all is said and done it’s costs way more in administration. I assume administration comes out of a different budget and also boosts the governments job creation numbers. I mean how much cheaper can it be to have them processed out of the US? If their dollar gets back to 1.30 it won’t be long going to China because we apparently can’t print on sticky things here in Canada.

  17. I also found it quite confusing when I got my moose seal. Why mess with something that works? Especially when improper use of the piece of paper can lead to fines and charges. How difficult would it have been to print a dashed line where the seal is to be separated?

    1. GPG, again not that QC is the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to these things, but they’ve done the dashed/perforated line tag for 50 years or more, with success as far as I know.


      1. My guess is that if the gov’t has outsourced the mailing of these tags, they may have outsourced the printing and preparation of them as well..or at least decided to use another company this year…


        1. Bit off topic here, but, do any of you guys know of someone selling an Excalibur crossbow? A buddy of mine from back home is looking for a used one in good shape. The model isn’t that important..he wants one that shoots at least 300 fps which is just about every Excalibur model I know.

          He’d prefer to get one with a scope mounted already, but that’s not as important.



  18. The sample above is not my replacement I haven’t made the walk of shame to get new ones yet…This one was sent to me from an inside source at the MNR and has been prepared to demonstrate to other idiots like me that may make the same mistake.

    I will admit my mistake and suck up the fact that my tags this year will cost me an additional $40.00 but at the same time I will be asking someone in the MNR why we were not more clearly notified of this change.

    Does anyone recall being notified of this new system?

  19. The MNR definitely outsourced the issuing and most of the printing. Howeve, when I bought my turkey license, it was on the exact same piece of yellow paper and in fact, both licenses looked the same! lol It was printed at CDN Tire.

    I find these tickets larger too. More folding I suppose to make them fit.

    Johan, I hear you, but I was talking with a guy in the forestry division (from the MNR) and he said there have been massive cuts the last few years and more to come. Unfortunately more downsizing. We all know they need more people and the govt could allocate, but that’s what I was told.


  20. “Trapper says:
    Now I gotta go spend another $40.00 for 4 new licences.
    Man do I feel dumb…..

    Yup the bears went into the city Trap
    The guy that baits them told me it happens sometimes, all of a sudden a new food ripens and the bears just stop, but then come back two weeks later

  21. Trapper said at :
    August 22, 2012 at 3:34 pm
    Does anyone recall being notified of this new system?

    Nil, nada, zilch, zero, zippo, nil, nada and null NOTHING… I even called the day I got my moose tag to ask about the validation little sticker for my outdoor card and the MNR spokes person never even mentioned the top portion…just mentioned that this is no longer the case.
    of course it’s my fault for not reading the small print…

    One question though Trapper. Why did you ripppp the top portion as soon as you received it?

  22. jeff i cannot see why we would outsource our old fashioned printer that has worked for so many years i bet mcguinty the moron had something to do with this the tag looks like a licence plate decal also you need a tie wrap to attach it totally stupid

  23. if you read your tag you are not allowed to separate or peel off the licence as this is your whole licence and tag and can not be separated untill you use your seal . it clearly states on the licence you are not to do so … and the only reason i know is my 15 year old son caught is as i was getting ready to “pull a trapper” and separate them lol . and the reason it was outsoursed is the cost of a computer program to do the new tag system would be in the millions..

    1. so Chessy, do you think “pull a trapper” might make the dictionary..hehe

      The seperated tag issue is only an issue in QC if you get caught…here too I would imagine.


  24. chessy says:
    August 23, 2012 at 9:28 am
    and the reason it was outsoursed is the cost of a computer program to do the new tag system would be in the millions..

    or maybe kickback money is harder to trace in the USA back to Canada

    What a joke, it’s all designed to confuse and make honest errors that bring in more fines

  25. got an e-mail from Mike today, two of the three bair baits were hit last night for the first time in ten days, the third one had a lot of the ground food gone but the bag was intact, one of them had the pole that the bags hang from snapped right off
    a weel late 🙁

    1. Iggy, its a product review..I always close the comments on those..regardless if its a Bushnell trail cam, Magellan GPS or whatever….


  26. QUOTE Alain D.

    “One question though Trapper. Why did you ripppp the top portion as soon as you received it?” END QUOTE

    The words Hastey, Calky, Impatient, Arrogant, Dumb all come to mind…You know when you get a new ownership for your car and it has all that extra paper surrounding the actual ownership ? Well I assumed that this was the case with this and just peeled it all off and tossed it out. The actual seal is similar in size to the old ones…….Lke I said I feel stupid……..Oh yah, Iggy:…….Cough ! LoL

  27. Trapper says:
    August 23, 2012 at 10:33 am
    old ones…….Lke I said I feel stupid……..Oh yah, Iggy:…….Cough ! LoL

    hahahaha, I haven’t been told that in a while LOL
    jeff.morrison says:
    August 23, 2012 at 11:07 am
    Iggy, its a product review..I always close the comments on those..regardless if its a Bushnell trail cam, Magellan GPS or whatever….

    just pullin your leg
    but I don’t blame you
    if I wrote what I thought you might not get another free ride

  28. Iggy, it must be like fishing “shoulda been here yesterday”!

    Seriously what’s the big deal with these tags? I looked at my moose tag again last night and it does say right on it that “this is your license”. I mean the writing isn’t that small. It’s definately not as simple as a sticker on the back of my OC but but it’s not really that bad. Just keep the whole thing until an animal is down. The fact we are outsourcing it is another story all together. I can buy a tablet device to run tons of programs wirelessly, at super fast speeds, for 100 bucks, can’t tell me any computer system is worth millions if it isn’t snapping pictures on Mars.
    On another note, driving a Ford Truck is just an everyday occurance for those of us who choose premium quality in our truck. On my 4th one and the joy never ends! As far as the blinged out model, you won’t see me on the moose camp trail with berry cane scraping down both sides, in one of those. They are for wax enthusiasts.

    1. johan said “Iggy, it must be like fishing “shoulda been here yesterday”!

      Man, that is so friggin true!


  29. Johan, I was thinking the same about that HD edition truck. I own a 2010 5.4L and I just love it (the last year they made that engine). That 6.2L must be a powerhouse! I’m surprised it has a lower tow rating than mine though. I get 13-14L/100km on the highway too – this at 120km/h. I would hate having the huge 22′ rims on it. I’d be constantly worried about scratching them. The F-150 has best ride in the business in my opinion. Great trucks those F-150s, and there’s a model for everyone, including the posh city-drivers.

    1. GPG, I agree totally..and although I had great fun with the big Harley Edition, the FX4 I tested this spring with smaller ecoboast V6 and longer box is a much better choice for us outdoorsy-types. And without the cap on the back, it was a bit of a pain having to cover all my stuff with a tarp while travelling.


  30. Johan…

    I agree with you that it’s written right on it…. but for the last 10+ number of years we have had a way of doing this… you would think that the MNR could have included a little “NEW THIS YEAR” flyer / publication in the envelope or on their website for old grumpy people like us that don’t take a look at the fine (“or it isn’t that small”) print on our licence.

    Even the reps for the MNR weren’t even aware !

    end of rant

  31. You almost described my truck, with the longer box and truck-cap. Mine is the XTR 4×4. It gets me there and back, with all the comforts I need. Plus, I can sleep in the box when I travel alone! Did I mention I love my truck? haha

  32. Really though, do you need the top part if you have the bottom tag? Considering you are no longer hunting after having tagged one.

  33. Short answer GPG Yes.

    Both pieces make up your licence to hunt. If you use your tag then if you party hunt under the authority of someone elses tag then you’ll need this top part to prove that you are licensed…

  34. QUOTE ALAIN “I agree with you that it’s written right on it…. but for the last 10+ number of years we have had a way of doing this… you would think that the MNR could have included a little “NEW THIS YEAR” flyer / publication in the envelope or on their website for old grumpy people like us that don’t take a look at the fine (“or it isn’t that small”) print on our licence. Even the reps for the MNR weren’t even aware !” END QUOTE

    I agree with Alain 100%…

  35. Some sort of memo with the tags would of been the logical thing to do alright. I wonder if anybody at MNR knew anything about these new tags, and if they didn’t HOW SAD is that. Wow, next thing you know game wardens will be from the states!!!! What our provincial government is doing with this department the last few years is sickening, and it seems to be getting worse and worse.

  36. Yeah, maybe a New this year flyer would have been in order along with making the internal staff and the retail outlets aware of the changes. The purchase of the license was different this year so that was the first indicator. Be assured that when everyone gets used to this system they will change it again. Our Provincial Government has messed up far more than just this but I am sure they will find a way to blame Mike Harris.

      1. Btw, I am waiting for a response from the MNR (Head office) regarding this whole tag confusion this year.

        I am hoping they get back to me with some clarification/explanation in a timely manner…and I will, of course, be passing that info. along as soon as it becomes available..

        Here’s the letter I sent:

        Good Morning:

        There has been a lot of discussion and concern on my Ottawa SUN – Outdoors Guy Blog of late regarding the MNR big-game seals this year, and the new format being used.

        It would appear that many hunters in Ontario are confused by these new tags and I wondered if, perhaps, someone in your department could respond with some clarification.

        There is, as you will read, also some genuine concern over the tag allocation process and the fact that it now appears to be outsourced; with tags evidently being issued from the United States.

        If it would possible to address some of these concerns, I know my readers would greatly appreciate it. The public is aware of the budget cutbacks experienced by your department, but there remains a real sense of frustration out there. A quick note (or press-release) of explanation would surely go a long way towards mending some fences..

        Here’s my Blog Post in question:

        Best regards,

        Jeff Morrison – The Outdoors Guy

        The Ottawa SUN
        Outdoor Sportsman
        Bounder Magazine
        Outdoor Canada
        CHEZ 106 FM

  37. LOL i’ve been called a lot of things but never “squared” or “cubed”
    Another thing we should be asking ourselves is were is our money from fishing, hunting licences and outdoor cards going?

  38. i can’t see why we as canadians have to go to the usa to get our tags done this is really stupid i bet mcdumbass has something to do with this

  39. QUOTE
    Hunting mom says:
    August 26, 2012 at 7:45 am
    It would only be common courtesy and respect for the taxpayer to notify license recipients of new

    as if
    we are a cash cow, nothing more
    and you’ll like the rules and shut up

    1. Iggy, the Valley Gun & Hunting Show is on this weekend…and is featured as the top story in this Thursday’s Outdoors column.


  40. I would expect that if an explanation bulletin would have been issued it would have negated any cost savings they would have expected to realize with this new tag issuing system.

    What I would like to see is the so-called savings they expected by changing the issuing system verse the old.

    I would expect the biggest revenue they are looking forward to is the new fines they will be able to issue when the tag is mishandled. More so because of the top section which was garbage and tossed in the past when a game seal seal was used

  41. So Mrs Trapper volunteered to get the new licences (I guess she didn’t want to risk having my hunting privileges suspended….). Total cost for 4 licences (2xdeer and 2xmoose) = $21.00. (so that’s $5.25 each)

    Must say that was rather painless….

  42. Jeff, nice letter but you have a better chance of instigating world peace. The Gov has to take more from the rural population so they can continue to fund promises made to their fan base in the GTA. The same morons who believe banning bullets would stop gang violence.

    Ken, I don’t believe they had fines in mind when they did this. They didn’t think of an explanation bulletin because they just don’t look that far ahead so don’t give them too much credit for devising a revenue generation strategy. Besides, they laid off all of the COs quite a while back.

  43. with the new licences come change. we should have all realized this when it changed. I am just as guilty as the next as i almost took my tag apart as well, but it is right there is black and white or should i say black and chartruse?? the tag/licence tells us exactally what to do and it is our own falt (mine included ) if we do something stupid with our tag lol if they had sent a letter with it explaining the new system how many of us would read it, i know i would not getting your tag in the mail is like being a kid at christmas rip open the paper and get to the toy store the tag away in your hunting gear and dream of hunting…. the salmon are in the river big time at the ganaraska river…

  44. Wait till you see the replacement tags. They are different again and come complete with a tie wrap to use to fasten it to the animal…….Pics to follow.

  45. RE: Replacement tag. why a tie wrap? does the replacement seal not come with a peel back such as the orginal one where you fold it in half and and it sticks together.
    what’s the tie wrap for?

  46. Alain, the tywrap is for attaching the seal too the animal. There are two perforated holes in the tag and you pass the tywrap through the tag and onto the animal. It is just like the turkey tags i used this year. Major pain in the a@#. Heading out to the gun show this weekend. Looking for a 20 gauge for my daughter. Anybody have a Mossberg by any chance that they use? I have been a Remington man for years, but the 870 express is not what it used to be. Any input would be helpful. Thanks

    1. jaye/trapper: I have an old wingmaster 20 guage I’ve had for years and it’s incredible…my oldman has the matching shotgun in 12 guage.

      Sorry though..not for sale.


  47. that will also be the seal for you people that did not apply for anterless deer as well (for the guy that walks into a store and bys one before the season starts

  48. thanks Chessy and Jaye…

    To be clear; if you applied and received it in the mail you will get the type that has the sticky back
    For all others (replacement or “walk-in”) you get the one with the tie wrap.

    What about for the bear licence? is it with a tie wrap also?

  49. Quote JAYE “the 870 express is not what it used to be.” END QUOTE

    The express is exactly that. An Express. A cheaper model of the Wingmaster. You won’t be disappointed if you stick with the Remington Wingmaster.

  50. OK, so how do we find out if it is an antlerless tag? Both the tags I have have a #12 in the right hand corner (like the one in the picture) but no where does it say if it is for antlered only, antlerless, or antlered or antlerless. So, how do I find out? A friend of mine has a number 14 in his right hand corner on and a 12 on the other (not sure if it was additional or controlled tag). Anyone have any idea the answer to this one???

  51. pretty sure the “12” represents the year 2012.

    If you had a doe tag it would be written as shown in the picture above… If blank; you MUST only harvest a buck.

    puzzled why your friend would have the “14” instead of “12” on the right hand side…

    1. OK Folks, here is the response I received from the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding Tag allocation and their new outsourcing policy:

      Q(Outdoors Guy): There is genuine concern over the tag allocation process and the fact that it now appears to be outsourced; with tags evidently being issued from the United States”

      A(MNR): “Although your readers will receive big game draw tags mailed from Tennessee, I want to assure you that the Moose Draw and Anterless Deer Draw are administered, controlled and allocated by MNR staff in Ontario.

      MNR has contracted with Active Outdoors to print and mail the tags but the tag allocation process remains in MNR’s Peterborough location and remains unchanged.

      But want to assure you the Ministry’s Outdoor Card Centre, which has provided assistance to anglers, hunters and issuers since 1996 is still located in Peterborough and staffed by Ontario public servants

      Jolanta Kowalski
      Sr. Media Relations Officer
      Ministry of Natural Resources

  52. What was wrong with the old validation sticker and tag system?
    What really cheeses me off is when people, and that goes for not only the government, change things for the worse or for no significant improvement.
    Usually with the government it shows someone in the works trying to justify their job….

  53. The MNR website tells me that both my son and I where successful in the antlerless draw but neither of us have received our seals as of Sept. 8,2012. I know they have the right address because I received my new outdoors card about 2 weeks ago (purchased same time as entering the draw). I have friends that got their seals a month ago. Any suggestions? At any rate I have never had this problem before and I’m not impressed with the “improvements”.

  54. what happened to buy canadian and canadian jobs. what about the mom and pop stores where we bought tags before and supported our local people. the Peterborough office ran out of tags for the mailed in apps and the said you come in and we will hand indorse your buck tag. what about the person from Thunderbay. they said you have to come here for the indorsement

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