Cornwall wormy shutdown a head scratcher


Ok, here is the head scratcher of the week!! 

Kristopher Cadieux,  his brother Clayton and sister Kirstina (shown in the photo above) run a small worm selling business from the front of the Cornwall home where they live.

One of the oldest and most noble trades a young person can engage in, if you ask me. I sold worms as a boy, my friends back home did it, heck, even Mrs. Outdoors Guy and her sister sold worms to make money when they were kids!

Developing and fostering a solid work ethic is extremely important for today’s youth. Would our Citys rather have their youth lounging around in the Parks smoking pot and drinking beer?

According to their parents, the Cadieux kids make perhaps $600 per summer selling worms, and the money is split between them.

Cornwall, the province’s new CITY THAT FUN FORGOT evidently took offence to the Cadieux’ wiggly business and served the family with a bylaw infraction, for a sign posted outside their house advertising the worms for sale.

Cornwall Bylaw instructed the family (based on a complaint from someone in the community)  to take down the sign and stop selling worms outside their home.

According to the family, another worm seller in Cornwall was also targeted and forced to shut down. In a recent development, Cornwall bylaw has decided to allow the worm sales to continue so long as signage is removed.

“Now we need to bring the customers in our house, which is not really that safe … and we are not allowed the signs,” said Mrs. Cadieux

The Cadieux family could appeal the byway and participate in a lengthy appeal process, but it is unclear whether they will explore this more cumbersome option.

The kid’s mother put it well in her comment that;  “We just want it where kids are able to have a lemonade stand, sell worms, It’s kids, they should be allowed to be kids.”

The sad part is, I can see the exact same thing happening here in the Nation’s Capital!




12 thoughts on “Cornwall wormy shutdown a head scratcher”

  1. what a load of crap the bylaw should stick to the real morons and leave these kids alone i had a huge box filled with old newspapers and moss and of course a huge amount of worms that we sold in kanata when we were kids. We used that money to buy all my friends popsicles when the dickey dee guy came around and of course had money for the ottawa ex.i find there thinking rather small on this situation . jeff maybe they should send some worms to bylaw or put a nice little container under there car seats

  2. Sad ain’t it ? My suggestion to the kids is to re-word their sign. Simply put the word WORMS on the sign. Or better yet. FREE WORMS, when a customer comes in they are then instructed that they are billed a consultant and administration fee for the picking and packaging.

    1. Very sad Trapper…and your idea makes sense. Only thing is, the City of Cornwall seems to have greater issue with the signage in front of their house, than actual selling of worms.

      Guess all the garage sale signs will need to come now also!

      Latest news is a local lawyer has offered to represent the family in a case against the City..out of kindest of his heart no doubt hehe. Either way, the appeal process will not be enjoyable I’m sure.


  3. how about election signs then ? Someone should start a sign campaign and put a “WORMS” sign on everyone’s front lawn. What’s the city to do then ?

  4. On the other side of the coin (and I admit it’s a bit contradictory), kids need to experience defeat and I hope that this lawyer’s efforts don’t tarnish that lesson by teaching them that Capitalism can be obtained with wealth and resources, which reinforces the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality of today’s generation.

    1. Trapper, I do understand the idea of defeat being a reality of life..i.e. ‘You Cant Fight City Hall’ but in the case, it seems pretty crazy.


    1. HA..good one Iggs!

      Yes Johan, the ‘someone complained’ component is big here in Ottawa as well, in fact, I was told by a Bylaw officer that often they will ONLY respond to complaints from residents. For example, if a neighbour has neglected their property..or has junk lying around, a complaint would be the only way Bylaw would address it.

      Of course, if you were to complain to Bylaw about a neighbour’s illegal pit-bull that is aggressive..don’t waste your time complaining! We already know they will not enforce the pitbull has been shown, but don’t get me going.


  5. Someone complained; that’s the real issue here. How pathetic a life are you living when kids selling worms causes you anxiety. This nonsense always stems from some bitter, lonely, miserable, person who has to complain about everything in their life. Kudos for the kids for getting off their I-thingy’s long enough to operate a money making venture. They should be congratulated and celebrated, not squashed.
    Election signs; great comparison considering those will be littering the countryside soon.

  6. Johan, you’re right. Some miserable boob makes a complaint and the kids have grief.
    Trapper, most of the election signs actually translate to “Worm”…. 🙂

    1. Just back from holidays…and I see, as predicted, the Protestors were out in full-force for the Shrine Circus..guess the Kijiji ad(& my blog post) really rallied the troops.


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