Coyotes on the attack


What the heck is going on with coyotes in the US these days? There have been two attacks on children less than 4 days apart!

This problem is not limited to Osgoode as evidently other parts of North America are experiencing the wrath of an exploding coyote population.

Yesterday a coyote attacked a 12-year-old girl around 9:30 in Spring Valley California, one block from the Spring Valley Library and La Presa Middle School the San Diego Sheriff’s office confirmed.  

According to sources the coyote jumped on the girl’s back and she fell back and injured her arm.

Last Friday, a 6-year-old girl was attacked by two coyote’s in her back yard in Rye New York.  She was bitten several times and treated at Greenwich Hospital.

And you will recall that last fall Toronto singer and songwriter Taylor Mitchell was attacked by coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park and later  died of her injuries..

This boy is one of four children attacked by a coyote on the same day in Simi California, a couple of years ago.


 What the hell is going on here? 

Can these coyotes not be stopped?

Surely even the animal right’s people can agree that serious population control is in order !


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  1. I have heard from reliable sources that some staff members at Cape Breton Highlands National Park were actually feeding the coyotes around the time that the woman was killed! This may have made them less wary of humans and could have made them associate people with food.

    1. fishr, if that’s true then I take back all the nice things I’ve said about the beautiful province of Nova Scotia over the years..


  2. can these coyotes not be stopped? I live in the osgoode area.this past winter and spring we’ve had coyotes in the yard in the middle of the day, and i have lost animals to them and fox and racoons etc.. my son witnessed an attack on one of my goats in mid day by one 10 feet from barn door and i had to dispatch said goat when i got home as she was very badly damaged. whenever we lost an animal to predators in the past we’ve always said it was the price of doing business. all our animals are free range and not locked up in barn.(im not earning a living at this its just a hobby) but its been different lately, the coyotes have been howling all around us the last couple see them roaming around mid day. this winter is the first time my son and i have hunted them and i know there is another group around that hunt them regularly. i have an incentive to hunt them but i believe that there is not much to the majority of hunters. and when there is an incentive like the contests that were run in osgoode and west carleton areas they get crapped on in the media. the other problem is the discharge of firearms. were part of the city now although i live in a very rural area we always feel like we’ll get a visit because someone down the road is SCARED.(yes its happened). the control of coyotes is simple but how to get to that point is not.but when they start attacking kids and i’m surprised it has’nt happened here yet i think there is a real problem. it would be nice to have some sort of leadership . have a great canada day all ( 2 WEEKS HOLIDAYS COMING UP)

    1. I feel for you mcdan..geez, I got upset when one of my deer was taken by coyotes last fall! I can’t even imagine living in an area like yours…I too would have great incentive to get back into coyote hunting, trapping and snaring!

      Unfortunately you touched upon one of our greatest hurdles in managing a coyote population out of control, and that is Public Opinion!

      No matter how bad things get, there will always be those who believe that, basically, animals were here first and we should get out of their way.

      For some reason, the animal rights folks and who I call ‘do-gooders’ find a way to twist things around. You’ve heard the comments as I have; “It’s our fault and urban expansion that created this problem”…or “the coyote’s habitat is being destroyed, what choice did they have”.

      Tell that to the parents of the child who had his face ripped apart!

      I only hope contests and hunters like you in Osgoode can put a dent in the coyote population and eventually get things turned around..

      Hey, where are all the coyote experts we heard from here this past winter? I would like to hear your thoughts on the recent coyote attacks in the US..and where we stand locally with this issue?



  3. Jeff I see allot of the problem with coyotes is they are competing with us . like you have said “I got upset when one of MY deer was taken by coyotes last fall, when did the deer become your proporty . Most people hate compatition there for we hate yotes . The have a job to do in the circle of life so we can not be mad at them for taking our deer rabbits ect . what we can get mad about is anti hunters not allowing us to mow ever one of them down that we see . we need population control on them for sure but lets not hate them because they compete with us in the feild . lets hate them for hurting our children.

    1. And by ‘my deer’ I meant those that live in the woods behind my house…which are not hunted by me or anyone else..


  4. It’s true that there as been more and more of the coyote’s roaming near cities and humans but aren’t we the cause of all this?

    New development and Forest being taken down to build restaurants, parking and Mega shopping malls. I think we are kind of omitting that we are maybe partially responsible for coyote’s or other animals roaming around like they were lost.

    I totally understand that we have to step up but some of us don’t help the cause by feeding wild animals. Goose, raccoons, skunks hey even deer’s roams the city and go through garbage dumpsters, it’s a feast for them and they become dependant on us after a while, is that normal behaviour? I don’t believe so…


    Hey just a heads up not sure if you were aware but there seem to be more ticks this year, my dog got bitten badly, never seen that before and as for me I’ve caught some stuck on my pants….do we know if in Ontario they carry the lyme disease….kinda scary.


  5. Would a mama bear or whatever let her baby wonder around in the forest for a coyotee to grab?

    Some parents neglect their kids and let them wonder on the street at 10 years old, way too busy working and taking care of other things then looking after their youngs.

    Seen it many times

  6. The way i see it is we hunters should be just shooting them whenever were out hunting.I know lots of guys who when out hunting other game will let coyotes go right by without leveling them.So far i have got 4 while i am hunting deer and bear.Yes there is a place for them in the wild but not in the numbers there are now.When the deer herd was high there numbers increased but now that the deer numbers are down it will take even longer to bring the coyote numbers down because they can turn to other domestic animals and even garbage in the city.Also humans if the opportunity presents it’s self.They are extremely adaptable and smart so we need to drop them whenever we are given the chance.What joe public doesn’t see joe public doesn’t care about.It’s only when we make a big deal about it that we feel the heat.So just lock and load and take em out.

  7. If that’s the Paul I think it is, call me when you harvest them. Don’t just leave them out as bait for more.

    QUOTE “And by ‘my deer’ I meant those that live in the woods behind my house…which are not hunted by me or anyone else..Outdoorsguy” END QUOTE

    Unless you’ve got them penned up Jeff trust me they’re being hunted.

    If they have adopted a small range that can be attributed to human feeding then shame on those who practice this, that’s what birds are for.

  8. I live in Saint Paul Minnesota saw one last week at midnight strolling down the sidewalk. scared the crap out of me, that son of a buzzard was big as a full grown German Shepard.

  9. We had another case in cb where a coyote had attacked a young boy. I blame the recycable bins. Ever since we had them out at the end of our streets, I have seen foxes, raccoons, rats, and Coyotes come into the town of Sydney. I hope they can trap them and do something about this, or somehow do something about the bins. Ohhh and the muscian who was attacked in the highlands was menstruating (not the parks staffs fault obv. and would be published in the news) when she was attacked. So NS lives long and proud of our beauty. 😀

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