Cross Border Turkeys


These inquisitive wild turkeys created quite a stir this week at the Canada Border Services Port of Entry (POE) in Cascade.

The Cascade POE is located in Southern British Columbia, and of course the images immediately bring a couple of questions to mind:

1)    What are these gobblers looking at inside the POE office?

2)   Are these actually American turkeys already checked through customs, or are they Canadian gobblers wanting to do some ‘cross-border’ shopping?

Thanks to Serge for sending-in the photos and for providing the theory that the big Tom is in full strut, not because there’s a pretty CBSA employee inside, but because he sees his reflection in the window.



9 thoughts on “Cross Border Turkeys”

  1. I think they were maybe waiting for a friend who had to pay taxes on his feed bought in the USA…LOL

  2. Border control “Too many feathers”, please pull aside while we make an inspection.

    Yep! They were certainly looking at their reflections in the glass window/door.

    1. A buddy of mine (who’s too scared to comment and shall remain nameless) so I’ll just call him ‘Frank’.

      Well anyway, Matt..I mean ‘Frank’, thinks perhaps these turkey’s(Walt & Jessie) were into drugs and probably running crystal meth across the border for their boss…’Gus’ know, just like in the TV show Breaking Bad..


  3. i’ve seen these guys before! they are anti-hunting protesters and i’ll bet that they are coming back from spending donation money vacationing in the south.

    1. McDan, I think you’re onto something…

      I always wondered what happened to all of PETA’s donation money….what a bunch of turkeys!


    1. I dont know GPG, the brew they have over there is pretty darn good…and only 50 cents a can too!


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