End Long Gun Registry once and for all!

Just when you thought the long gun registry was all but on the way out, it looks like citizens will need to chip-in to help place the final nail in the Registry’s coffin!


Please read the below letter from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:


Dear Supporter:

When you told them to, they did. In November, opposition leaders let their MPs vote freely on Private Members Bill C-391 to end the long gun registry. Twelve NDP MPs and eight Liberals joined with Conservative MPs to pass the bill on second reading. But the process to make the bill law is far from over, and now a new twist means we need to speak up again.

Because Parliament was prorogued, the committee of MPs that must examine the bill has been dissolved. With your help, this can work to our advantage. Formerly, the Public Safety and National Security Committee was stacked with opposition MPs opposed to Bill C-391. But when Parliament resumes in March, party leaders can appoint new MPs to committees.

Our goal is to have the committee made up of a majority of MPs that support the bill so it can be passed back to Parliament for final reading in a timely and unfettered manner.

There are twelve seats on the committee, the Conservatives will appoint six; the Liberals, three; the NDP, one; and the Bloc Quebecois, two. If any opposition party appoints a single MP who supports C-391, the balance will tip towards the bill’s quick passage.

This is where you come in. CTF Federal Director Kevin Gaudet has written Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton asking that they each appoint one MP who is in favor of C-391. We need you to do the same.

Email Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff at Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca and NDP Leader Jack Layton at LaytoJ@parl.gc.ca. Encourage each to appoint to the Public Safety and National Security Committee one MP who supports Bill C-391. More contact info is available here.

Pass on this e-mail along to others and regularly check our “End the Long Gun Registry” campaign page for updates.

–Kevin, Lee, Troy, and the rest of the CTF team

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3 thoughts on “End Long Gun Registry once and for all!”

    1. Great video LeGrand…it really makes you wonder doesn’t it?

      To have such a low crime rate with everyone armed like that.


  1. Yes makes you wonder.

    Wonder if they practice shooting in their cheese (get it with all the holes in it).

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