Father arrested after child draws gun picture



The Toronto SUN recently reported on a case in the Kitchener School system where a child’s drawing in class actually had her father arrested.

Check it out and then see if you are as bewildered as I am.


Ont. dad arrested after daughter draws picture of gun

Police arrested a Kitchener, Ont., father outside his daughter’s school because the four-year-old drew a picture of him holding a gun.

 Jessie Sansone told the Record newspaper that he was in shock when he was arrested Wednesday and taken to a police station for questioning over the drawing. He was also strip-searched.

 “This is completely insane. My daughter drew a gun on a piece of paper at school,” he said.

 Officials told the newspaper the move was necessary to ensure there were no guns accessible by children in the family’s home. They also said comments by Sansone’s daughter, Neaveh, that the man holding the gun in the picture was her dad and “he uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters,” was concerning.

 Police also searched Sansone’s home while he was in custody. His wife and three children were taken to the police station, and the children were interviewed by Family and Children’s Services.

 Sansone’s wife, Stephanie Squires, told the newspaper no one told them why her husband had been arrested.

 “He had absolutely no idea what this was even about. I just kept telling them, ‘You’re making a mistake.'”

 Several hours later, Sansone was released without charges.


Here’s the latest on this story:

KITCHENER, ONT. – The Sansone family is not getting any apologies after they were put through hell by school officials, social workers and police last week.

And, the smoking gun — a child’s drawing that triggered the whole thing — will never be seen.

“I am really sorry that the family is as upset as they are, but we followed proper standards and procedures,” said Alison Scott, executive director of Family and Child Services for the Waterloo Region.

She told QMI Agency if the same situation happened again tomorrow, her organization would do the exact same thing over again.

“I do not see any need for our agency to apologize for fulfilling our mandated responsibility,” Scott said.

The drawing that startled the teacher, who started the domino effect, has vanished.

Scott told QMI Agency it was drawn on a white board and had been erased. She doesn’t know if anyone other than the teacher ever saw it. She also doesn’t know if anyone took an image of it.

Jessie Sansone, a 26-year-old father of four, was arrested at his children’s school, strip searched and held by police, told he was being charged with illegal possession of a firearm. Three of his children were taken by Family and Child Services to be questioned and his pregnant wife, Stephanie, was hauled down to the police station after their four-year-old daughter drew a picture of her dad holding a gun.

Police searched their house and neighbours said cops were going through the house all afternoon.

Eventually, police let Sansone go, saying all they found was a transparent plastic toy that shoots little plastic balls. The toy gun costs $16 at Canadian Tire.

Scott said it wasn’t just the picture, but the resulting conversation with the junior kindergarten teacher that caused the state workers to go into red alert – but she won’t say what was said.

“If there is a drawing where there is some information relayed through that drawing that children may have access to what is described as a gun, and that access may be unsupervised and these children may be concerned because the gun was pointed at them and they didn’t feel safe, that would concern anyone,” said Scott, speaking theoretically.

The social workers still have an “open investigation” on the family, despite police dropping all charges and launching a review of their own conduct.

The walls of the modest Sansone home are covered with family photos, certificates of achievement and framed scripture. The soft spoken young couple now have a lawyer and wanted to share with QMI Agency they are humbled and encouraged by all of the messages and posts supporting them.

Sansone said earlier that he had felt humiliated and isolated sitting in a cell, not knowing where his children were, or why he was being charged with anything, but getting messages from Tahsis B.C. to Truro, N.S., is balm for the soul.

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  1. wow .. i am not rich but would give 20 bucks towards his lawsuit, our whole world is completely crazy. i see this every day i attend university, it scares the crap out of me

  2. Makes total sense that one would take a statement from a 4 year old including monsters as gospel to derive reason for an arrest/search/CAS interview etc. And people wonder why I want to home school my kids.

    I bet they would explode if they knew that my (now 4) yr old daughters both shot my 22lr on their third birthday while under my immediate control. Oh no, they had access to a gun!

  3. well trapper, this story was originally run in the kitchener record. this story almost made me puke, with what these so-called protectors of the peace did. and you are right rob, if they saw some of the drawings i made in grade school, the old man would still be in jail. haha. if you are brought up fishing and hunting, how can a kid not draw a pic of a gun or a fishing rod. are the police going to bust into my house when a fishing rod looks like a gun.

  4. I hope there are negative repercussions toward the police, school and child services like there was several years ago when a similar situation occurred with the gentleman shooting groundhogs near a school.

    But I am not holding my breath!

  5. Jeff, I’m not sure what this article has to do with the “Outdoor’s Guy” agenda, and predict that it will turn into nothing more than a cop bashing smear campagne.

    Before everyone jumps on the band wagon and starts bashing the cops I encourage ya’ll to learn the whole story not just what you read in the papers. It’s stories like these that sell papers, nothing more.

    1. Trapper, this has nothing to do with cop bashing..it is an isolated case of a school wayyy over reacting..Im sure once the police were notified, they had no choice but to bring the man in for questioning..the bigger concern is why would the police be notified? Only the school in question can answer that.

      It does relate, I think, as firearms are very newsworthy right now..and this case shows some people’s perception of guns as automatically bad.

      Trust me, Id love to find out more on this story, but for now this seems to be all we have to go on.


  6. Kids these days see so much shooting on prime time TV that there was absolutely no justification to persecute a perfectly innocent individual based on that information. Could you imagine a similar reaction for a kid drawing a speeding car, a marijuana leaf, or a knight with a shining sword???? No, it had to be a gun to elicit that nonsense.

    I trust they will sue and I hope they get a bundle. Shame on the school board and principal. Absolute shame.

  7. I’ve never wished more that I was lawyer! I would take this case pro bono in a heartbeat to royally screw them over.

    Shame on that teacher and principle for over-reacting and bringing the police / CSA into the situation. Absolutely ridiculous!

    My wife works her tail off, she comes home and maybe twice a week has a glass of wine with dinner.

    Last year, my son drew a picture of her holding a wine bottle – can you imagine how bad I would snap if CSA came knocking my door down thinking she was an alcoholic!

    I sincerely hope this blows up nuclear style in the face of that teacher, principle, CSA and the police.

    What a class A idiotic move! The school year isn’t over yet either – i would be making snide comments every opportunity I get. Heck, for the end of year gifts, I’d get that teacher a nice huge cake.

    Shaped like a pistol with the lettering ‘bang!’


  8. No, i have a real problem with cops saying the strip search was needed. come on. Trapper, i have members of my family that are cops, and they say this was waaayyy over board. so if you are a cop, do not take this out of context. The whole damn thing is very scary.

  9. Cop bashing you bet. Question this guy, (Yes). Visit this guys house and do a security check (Yes). Question his family (Yes). Take him down to the cop shop for a strip search (Absolutely not) This is a tactic used by the cops to belittle and humiliate an individual into cooperating or coercing a confection much the same as the military water boarding prisoners. It’s absolutely criminal if they get away with this behavior. I hope he sues and goes for the throat.

  10. STOP THE PRESSES !………if they had checked the gun registry they would have known he had no guns ?

    So the need to tramatize his childen and trample on a law abiding citizen was avoidable… but the School and the Police decided individual rights did not apply if the “public safety” sledge hammer to kill a flea policy is inititated.

    I’m a big supporter of ethical policing when its “ethical” ? The tactics applied here unfortunately reinforce the “storm trooper” image that the Black Bloc and Left leaning groups drool over in the media

  11. I am becoming increasingly disappointed with our police. From the Russell Williams case to the epidemic of police brutality cases here in Ottawa, my confidence is waning. This does not help.

    Hunting Mom

  12. paul, I have to ask, at what point do you take a sentence including bad guys, monsters and gasp, a gun, and say “this is worth a look”? My kids regularly talk about robots and zombies and what not, does that mean they are hiding in the basement and we should take a look? The kid is 4, they have wild imaginations, and because she looks at her dad as a hero that kills bad guys and monsters, does not, in any ways shape or form mean that he does so.

  13. Serious this is. No tangable proof of any sort results in Father being arrested, Stripped down and searched, mother lied too, and children scared to death, all over one picture. I don’t understand how so many authorities got whipped up into a frenzy where they basically throw out all Charter rights in this case.

    I have to think that this society is going down ther drain with basic human rights in favour of lawmakers and politicians hellbent on taking away individuals rights and freedoms.

    It seems to me that everyday decisions are being taken away from parents. How children are educated. How schools are banning children from palying with balls on school grounds. How teachers are so anti conservative that they use their positions to slant kids to their way of thinking. How parents are subjugated to a teachers way of thinking or their child suffers.

    I happen to have a neighbor who lives accross the street who has 3 children between the ages of 14-17. I have seen the nonstop activity of drug deals going on, cars parked in from of the house constantly. Selling dope to teenagers, I have seen fights outside the house. Kids screaming at 2 in the morning outside looking to score. The daughter who is 16 has a child, and her yelling at the baby when it’s crying, the mother and father yelling at each other. The garbage piled up outside. Parties going on all summer. Police there on a weekly basis.

    I live in a good neighborhood, my other neighbors – senior citizens who have been picked on by the family, if they simply ask them to quiet themselves. I’ve had a couple of kids running away from the house, away from a fight only to fall into my pool. (Side note – the police questioned me about my fence – I told them I always locked my gate and the kids climbed over it – thank god a sargent showed up and scolded them for even attempting to question me about my fence) The kids are always suspended from school. I’ve called the cops I’ve taken photographs. I’ve had neighbors verify my information. There is more than enough information to shut that down, to stop them from selling dope to kids.But do the cops take that seriously? No, not for a second.

    But all it takes is for a child to draw a picture of a gun? I don’t get it. Tonight after I finish venting (Sorry to all) – I’m drawing a bazooka putting in on their front door, and calling the cops. All my problems should be solved tomorrow morning.

  14. none of this was necessary it was asketch drawing if the police could pull their heads out of their arses they would have investigated this as if he was firstly innocent before saying he was guilty a big over reaction from the school and the police this father should get some type of apology from the police but this won’t happen because the system is f…ed it

  15. Wow That is absolutly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.. With all the fighting and violent television shows,cartoons,movies and video games they make no wonder why kids would draw things like that but to arrest someone for that is so dumb… Start worrying about the drug dealers and not about petty stuff wow

    1. I think before this discussion spins into a ‘Cop bashing session’ (and Trapper says I told ya so) we need to keep this incident in perspective.

      The way I see it..it is very specific and hopefully isolated..beginning with a Kitchener school’s over-reaction to an innocent child’s drawing.
      The way the Police handled it too, I believe is an isolated case and was taken way too far. I would very much like to think that wouldn’t happen here..nor do I think it happens very often.

      That being said, I do feel very badly for this family who must face the teachers and principal at the very school that put them through the ringer. With grade-school aged kids myself I know the difficulties of dealing with some teachers who may use less than desirable teaching
      practises..for parents and their children, there are already enough of the day-to-day challenges to deal with, without having such a deplorable thing happen.


  16. Jeff, the big thing here is that it’s not so much the police who acted improperly, it was the school. The school is who told the police there was a concern about this guy. the police acted upon that concern.

    1. Most certainly Rob, that’s the way I see it too. I really wonder if they’ll pull their child out of the school at this point.

      It’s a real shame once they get rooted like that.


  17. Once again I say that all the responses to this are based on the news story. None of us know the entire story.

    Its things like this why I have no use for newspaper reporters. Let’s bash them, and by default (although he denies being one) Jeff would fall closer to this category than I…..

    1. You wanna bash me because I posted this firearms-related story on my Blog?

      Man, I’m glad I am not a reporter, and I most certainly am not! I’m a hunter, fisherman and conservationist just like you Trapper..and most other people here. Matter of fact, I don’t even have a degree in journalism nor did I ever strive to become a member of the media…it just kind of happened by default. I was suppose to become an MNR biologist, but it never worked out.

      Because I enjoy writing about hunting and fishing, have a couple of outdoors columns, a blog and I contribute to a couple of magazines doesn’t make me a news reporter.

      Sorry, sounding a bit defensive there..I appologize.


  18. Trap,

    Good point, and I do believe that a vast majority of Police do a fine job facing adversity. I believe that a majority of teachers are there for the child’s benefit as well.

    But… If this story is true, there are a lot of people that have to provide answers. Starting with the teacher, then the principal, then the CAS, then the police.

    I can’t believe that the cops would enter the home without some evidence beforehand, I can’t believe the teacher proceeded with calling the CAS without some evidence.

    The father may be lieing, and I get that. But if all this started just because the girl drew a gun, then I have an issue with any event that occured afterwards.

    If this story is true then there has been a great level of overreaction on everyone’s part.

    If further information comes to the forefront, I’ll be 1. Pleased to know that this was not an overreaction and 2. Demand that the father be charged with slander along with any other charges forthcoming.

    That being said I have been aware of the growing powers granted to our educational system, and there are some teachers who step over the line when it comes to judging how kids are raised. I am the parent, and it’s my responsibility to screw them up, not the Teachers.

    As I progreess with my children, I’ve been very fortunate to have some of the best teachers out there. I have had a few examples from a couple of teachers who try to influence me to change the way I want to raise my kids.

    I do know that when the CAS becomes involved, the police are taking direction from them.

    I guess what really bothers me is that the lines are redrawn everyday by those with percieved power, and once in the system, it can be difficult for individuals to get clear of the hurdles in place, that should not even exist.

  19. Was the gun picture registered?
    I wish this had happened to me, I would sue everyone involved and retire; because that’s what happpens in a world where common sense has dissappeared.

  20. I just watched an interview with the Director of Education of Waterloo region. He claims, in defense of the behavior of the teacher and school in this case, that they “co-parent” the children. I was not aware that teachers were “co-parenting” our children.

    Hunting Mom

  21. Quote Tom “I can’t believe that the cops would enter the home without some evidence beforehand”

    Think about it folks. The cops entered the house with a warrant presumeably. A warrant that was granted by a neutral third party known as a Justice of the Peace. There’s so much more to this story that we do not know and may never know and yet this reporter goes off half cocked and puts it to print. He should be added to the list of people who should by caned for this event….

    Sorry Jeff for putting you in the same category as a “reporter’ but I chose my words carefully:

    QUOTE “Its things like this why I have no use for newspaper reporters. Let’s bash them, and by default (although he denies being one) Jeff would fall closer to this category than I”

    So yes I’m painting you with the same brush Jeff as you’re the closest thing. Kinda sucks don’t it welcome to the club….

  22. no worries people, with Harper and the conservatives pushing for the cops to be able to check into your internet habits without a warrant, whenever they want. Problems like this will never happen again.

  23. the cops had TONS of evidence, they have A DRAWING of a guy with gun. That totally justifies the strip search, booking, warrant, and refusal to communicate with the mans family. This guy is LUCKY he got off with the easy treatment. I’m utterly shocked anybody is upset with the treatment this horrible person got. I mean come on people, this guy could go off his rocker load his imaginary gun with imaginary bullets, go on a rampage and pretend to KILL DOZENS of people before the cops could take this imaginary murder down.

  24. Trapper I have to disagree with you on this one. I for one am glad this story is getting so much attention.

    Either the police and CPA are correct and can justify their actions that the father is a murderous scumbag with a history with the police or not. But we would never know if this was not brought to light.

    Jeff you owe no one an apology. Thanks for bringing this up!

    Sarcasm intended!

  25. We can thank the Chretien Liberals for stories like this.
    By demonizing legitimate firearms enthusiasts they ensured that stories like this won’t go away any time soon.

    Hopefully when the Tories scrap the long gun registry, people will begin to realize that gun ownership is not grounds for automatic incarceration into a Siberian gulag.

  26. Trap, How was the warrent obtained. Police this child drew a picture of a gun. Judge – here’s your warrent. Too many missing pieces. If that’s the evidence, than the threashold of burdon has been greatly reduced.

    1. Tom, honestly, that’s the part in all this I don’t get. I think that may be what Trapper is getting at too. I know one article I read eluded to the fact that this gentleman had a ‘brush with the law’ previously.

      Perhaps they were looking for something specific..you know ‘just cause’ or any reason to search his house on unrelated matters. The whole thing seems excessive unless there’s more at play here than just a child’s drawing.


  27. I hear rumblings that the governement is going to make changes so this never happens again. Rumours are that they are going to push through a law that prohibits kids from drawing pictures at school. I say IT’S ABOUT TIME, they just can’t be trusted with crayons! Or dangerous balls for that matter.
    Anyone who thinks this is being blown out of proportion should wake up and smell the coffee, or at least be humiliated with a strip search. This is a violation of human rights and is based on a fear of guns created within the general population by all of the gun registry BS.
    I agree with Mr Baguss above, but this fear will not go away now that it’s been nurtured and rooted deeply. Mark Lepine’s name was brought up too many times in the registry debates.

  28. I think we should all be vigilant when it comes to the information we get from the media. There are hundreds and hundreds of examples of biased and sloppy reporting that mislead the viewer/reader. Perhaps we will learn more about this story that will make the actions of the authorities warranted, but I doubt it. It seems to me that it is another example of the government overstepping its authority. It brings to mind another case of the individual who is on trial for defending his home from his Molotov cocktail throwing neighbours with his legally acquired firearm. It also reminds me of the case of the individuals who, in defending their property, smashed the windshield of the thieves’ car and were charged by police for doing so. These are examples of assaults on our freedoms and they need to be brought to the public’s attention.

    Hunting Mom

  29. People I think you’re missing my point here.

    If this guy is in fact a scum bag then he deserves what he got. But we will never know the whole story and yet the reporter gets to report this ‘half story’ for millions to read which causes nothing more than an opportunity to bash the cops.

    I understand Jeff’s position to include it in the “outdoors guy” blog considerring that its a firearms issue and many of us are firearm enthusiasts however he ought to have been able to predict that this would turn into nothing more than a cop bashing.

    QUOTE TOM “How was the warrent obtained. Police this child drew a picture of a gun. Judge – here’s your warrent. Too many missing pieces.” END QUOTE

    Exactly my point Tom “TOO MANY MISSING PIECES” and yet the slime ball reporter gets it into print.

  30. QUOTE HUNTING MOM “I think we should all be vigilant when it comes to the information we get from the media. There are hundreds and hundreds of examples of biased and sloppy reporting that mislead the viewer/reader. Perhaps we will learn more about this story that will make the actions of the authorities warranted, but I doubt it. It seems to me that it is another example of the government overstepping its authority. It brings to mind another case of the individual who is on trial for defending his home from his Molotov cocktail throwing neighbours with his legally acquired firearm. It also reminds me of the case of the individuals who, in defending their property, smashed the windshield of the thieves’ car and were charged by police for doing so. These are examples of assaults on our freedoms and they need to be brought to the public’s attention.”

    I agree with most of this Mom..with exception of the one line that reads: “it is another example of the government overstepping its authority”

    Getting a warrant is not as easy as has been suggested here. Again I say we will never hear the entire story so it’s only purpose is to sell papers because people love to bash the cops.

    Hunting Mom

  31. Trapper
    I watched an interview with the Waterloo police chief last night. He referred to it as a “consent search”. To me, that implies that there was no warrant.

    Hunting Mom

  32. QUOTE HUNTING MOM: “I watched an interview with the Waterloo police chief last night. He referred to it as a “consent search”. To me, that implies that there was no warrant.”

    Even better. A consent search is scrutenized even more than a judicially authorized one. And by someone who understands their jeapardy first hand that being the father in this case.

    1. Ok, I just posted (above) the latest on this story. Now I’m beginning to see who the real shite disturbers are in this case – Family and Child Services – who claim they actually plan to keep an ‘open investigation’ on Mr Sansone, despite the Police dropping all charges and launching a review into their own conduct.

      I don’t get it? These people are supposed to be watching out for our children? What is their mandate anyway, can someone explain this to me?

      Oh yes, and now the drawing in question is gone forever!


  33. This organization like many others have to( justify there jobs ). Same holds true with the media.Have you never heard the saying ( don’t let the truth stand in the way of a good story ). My issue as stated before,and if true was the strip search after going to the cop shop. I would have no problem if the cops arrived at my house to check wether my firearms are secured and to ask me some related questions or ask my family. I may be starting a bad topic but with the registry gone safe storage practices by careless gun owners will also suffer. There was always the possibility that the cops could show up to check under the old bill. Now without really knowing how many a household has this will become difficult. It is to bad the gun ownership issue is so polarized that there can be no compromise for safety.

  34. paul, first: it’s the principle of the thing. If the cop has a reason to search my home, he will, I will never consent to a search of myself or my property. The “if you don’t have anything to hide” argument is too 1984 for me.

    Second, the safe storage provisions are part of the firearms act, and not the registry, being a licenced gun owner is enough. And in fact there have been cases in which despite a degative report from the registry, a public or spousal safety complaint has led to not only a search of a dwelling house, but the removal of unregistered firearms found therein.

    Finally, the whole idea that it is only the laws that keep people storing their firearms safely, like we need someone looking over our shoulders to do what is right is down right insulting. Improper storage of firearms has always been a tiny issue, and even with the law in place, stupid people are still stupid. Despite that, it is hardly a widespread issue as to require draconian warrantless search laws to maintain.

    To be quite frank, your position here leads me to believe you lack even the most basic understanding of the firearms act, it’s provisions, firearms care and use, to the point that your suggestion that you are a member of the firearms owning community is an outright lie.

  35. Rob. For your information i am very much a member of the firearm owning community. If you had read carefully i stated that ( I ) did not have a problem with a visit . I also stated that without the information as to how many firearms are in a household ( legally ) it would be hard to enforce the proper storage issue. You may think that every firearm owner is responsible but i do not share that view and have seen first hand.Furthermore it is not such a tiny issue when in a lot of cases stories that are reported in the media center around that problem and stupid people is no excuse for guns readally accessible. when i say ( I ) don’t have a problem with a visit, that would suggest that i do have an understanding of the laws that apply. And where did i suggest or say anything about searching. I did say visit to confirm compliance with the safe storage of said firearms.

  36. Rob if you think i am questioning our right to own or use firearms then your wrong.And in my last line stating about polarization i was refering to the all or nothing view from both sides, pro and anti . Let me ask you. If you as an owner you were told that you would be guaranteed in stone that as long as you used and stored your firearms responsibly that they would never be regulated or confiscated. But that would require a periodic check by the cops to ensure compliance.Would you accept ?. The anti’s on the other hand would have to give up the right to harass you through political or legal means and only pursue the bad guys. Do you think they would accept?

    That sir is what i was getting at by compromise

  37. this is a gun issue, this is CAS children;s aid Society making money, and now they want to keep a open file on this family. Where is the mainstream media on this? the best coverage of this story has been the Sun News Network. I wish the rest of the media would get this story correct. They all seem to be focused on this guy being arrested in Toronto years ago. WTH does that have to do with what has happened to him and his family. And why is the CAS (children’s aid not getting any attention or getting heat? They were major hitters in all this. There has to be something done to ensure this does not happen again.

  38. The Sansone case has raised issues that make my blood boil:

    1. Behaviour of teachers and children’s aid officials: In my previous rant, I pointed out the warped thinking of these people who claim that their job is to “co-parent” our children. This is absolutely not their job. They are public servants, hired to serve the taxpayers (the ones who pay their salaries). Teachers are supposed to be teaching our children how to read and write, not indoctrinating them in left wing ideology. Children’s aid officials are supposed to be identifying real cases of neglect and abuse, not injecting themselves into the lives of families presuming that they know better how to raise our children.
    2. Behaviour of the police: I know Trapper feels that we are “bashing” the police, but I disagree. Again, the police are public servants, hired to protect the taxpayers. They are entrusted with significant powers over all of us and we must hold them accountable. Most of the time, they do an admirable job of protecting us and sometimes they die performing their duties. However, I am getting the distinct impression – not just from this case but others as well — that the police want to take away our rights and abilities to defend ourselves; they want us to be helpless victims.

  39. The social workers still have an “open investigation” on the family, despite police dropping all charges and launching a review of their own conduct. This means that poor family are now under CAS’s microscope.

  40. people let this be a template of what to expect from our FAMILY (lmao) and children services. it would be so refreshing tto see these over zealous under educated over powered loafs. Get thiers .however i imagine the lawyers and govt officials will do little .and the parents being so happy to have thier lives back will be told to hush and do just that. Nazi germany is alive and well . to the teacher who began all this. i hope she feels very proud and content with all she has done. wow so angry i cant type

  41. There are 3 epic failures here & all made by over paid, under worked brain dead unionized labor.

    It isnt their fault, they were all sleeping. Not one was alert enough to ask the right questions now, were they.
    Shooting “Monsters” what kind of monster? the kind that mob rob stores by the dozen? the kind thet perpetrate the most violent crimes but the media is afraid to report it?

    Maybe the police could have asked the father a few questions about ownership of fire arms before arresting him, then searching his home without a warrant, then tricking the father into signing it or threatening not to release him nor his children from custody. Literally black mailing him into signing the documents, like NAZI’s did.

    Our government & all levels of government workers have gone power hungry. Just wait until these NAZI’s pass Bill C-30, we will affectively loose most of our civil rights.

    Heil Hitler!

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