FISH, HUNT & RIDE MAGAZINE – Fall/Winter Launch finally here!

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Well folks, the long wait is nearly over…..

I am very proud to introduce the inaugural issue of FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine available in newsstands, sports stores and various assorted outlets throughout Eastern ON, Northern ON and Western QC, later this week!

I’d like to take this opportunity of thanking our faithful publisher Mr. Dave Brown, who had the brilliant foresight to expand on success he already enjoyed with Ottawa Outdoors Magazine these past 15 years. If not for Dave’s forward thinking and the idea of ‘completing the outdoor picture’ FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine would never have come to fruition.

I would also like to officially thank my Editorial staff – the best damn team of columnists I could have assembled under one magazine cover:  

Amanda Lynn Meyhew, Grant Hopkins, Doug Phillips, Brian Houle, Grant Bailey, Sheila Ascroft, Don Wilcox, Ed Hand, Jordan Durocher and last but certainly not least everyone’s favourite uncle, the Motor City Madman himself,  Mr. Ted Nugent!

Without this incredible team of highly-skilled and accomplished writers, hunters, guitar players, anglers, cyclists, scientists, trappers, talk show hosts, ATV’er, conservationists, journalists and Spirit Bloodbrothers, NONE of FHR would ever have been possible!

Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!

We look forward to hearing from you (the reader) with ideas and suggestions on future issues. Check out our website: and look for us(& like us) on Facebook!

Yours in the Outdoors,

Jeff Morrison

Editor-in-Chief – FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine



24 thoughts on “FISH, HUNT & RIDE MAGAZINE – Fall/Winter Launch finally here!”

  1. Congrats Jeff and team. The cover looks amazing. Can’t wait to pick up a copy. hopefully have an extra copy for my son who recently purchased a Honda 4 wheeler. WOuld love to add a copy to his Christmas sock.
    Please let us know where we can get a copy in East Ottawa (Orleans / Cumberland).
    PS we were still fishing on the Ottawa RIver Yes in a boat for the last two Sundays and we caught over 150 pickerel ( catch and release) Crazy fishing times all in about 38 feet of water. .

    1. Hey Alain..good stuff and if you’re at Petrie often go see Yves in the Oziles bait shop..he should be getting some when they’re out. And hey, they’re you can put a copy in everyone’s stocking!

      Congrats to your son on the new ATV!


  2. great news jeff I will promote this to all my hunting and fishing buddies , I look forward to some good reading

    1. Hey mike, that would be awesome!!

      As I was telling CHEZ’s Doc & Woody this am..there really is a demand for MORE hunting & Fishing coverage in this region(& riding as well)

      Maybe I should get Dave to hire you for sales/marketing!


  3. hey I would love to promote more hunting and fishing with the youth, I have undertaken some of my friends teen age guys and introduced them to deer and migratory bird hunting some have taken the courses needed to obtain hunting licences and can’t wait to be on their own, the first thing is hunting ethics which I strongly encourage and the respect for each and every animal that you take down.It is a heritage that has been passed down from my father and there’s , most importantly is to have fun and then of course get the fever, have a great day Jeff and call me anytime

  4. Hey Jeff, Just dropped by Oziles bait shop at Petrie and your new mag is not there yet. Any forecast on when it will be released. The anticipation is killing me 😉
    I take this moment to wish you a great Christmas. all the best to you and your family at the FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine.

    1. Hold tight Alain.. it should be there by Monday or Tuesday . We were a bit late to the printer last week but it will be coming… watch the grocery stores as well!


  5. good morning jeff I observed my piebald doe for over an hour sunday around 3 pm she came out with 3 other does and fed in the same field no camera again , but on a weirder note I was goose hunting near the Mississippi river and while my 2 other buddies were in a field I left for home and said I will try and go around the bridge and try to get out and spook the geese up for them. I stood down by the rivers edge and yelled and they just swam over to the other side, but wait I went closer to the edge and leaned over while looking at the water and bent to grab a branch to throw at them and shit I grabbed the leg of a doe that was laying right there , she jumped and scarred the #$$% out of me the doe ran out in front of a car and the woman put her window down and could not believe what she had seen, she asked if I was ok and said my pants were not full but wow this doe must have been at the lcbo she stayed put until I was right on top of her.This is why I hunt you never know what you will see

  6. Hey Jeff, Just dropped by Oziles on my way home from work and they haven’t received your new mag yet. 🙁 I did explain to him that its running late from the printer in the event he has other readers looking for it over the holidays.
    on a luckier note, I did however pick up the winter edition of Bounder for my sons Christmas sock. 🙂 ( at Oziles)
    My son ( and I ) will just have to wait for the release of the newest mag in Ottawa
    Again I take this opportunity to wish you a great Christmas. all the best to you and your family at the FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine.

  7. Hello Jeff and Happy New Year.

    Just wondering if you have heard anything on the status of distribution in Ottawa East

    Checked the local grocery stores and no luck seeing your mag. Haven’t checked Oziles recently. no reason to go. no good ice conditions yet 🙁

    1. Hey Alain, the Orleans distribution sites listed in our website ( been stocked but are now out. Our dist. team will be restocking these locations soon.

      In the meantime, Oziles(Petrie) does have copies available, as well as Food Basics on Innes Road – I was just there this am and there are about 20 copies left.
      Ironically, our Ottawa and west-end locations seem to be more fully stocked.

      We’ll be expanding our distribution network in coming days..thanks for your patience!


  8. Picked up a couple of copies at the Food Basics on Innes Road. Thanks for letting me know Jeff.

    BTW there is still a small stack on the rack if anyone else wants a copy.

    1. For anyone else out looking for Fish, Hunt & Ride….I just heard the supply at SAIL has been restocked and copies are available there again!


      1. For those people in Orleans looking for copies of FHR magazine..I noticed a nice stack currently available at Metro on Innes road.


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