Fishing on Atlantic Queen ll in Rye, New Hampshire


A Port-side view of the Atlantic Queen ll docked at Rye Harbour, New Hampshire.

This summer, my family and I had the good fortune of spending the day aboard this marvelous vessel in search of New England torpedoes – otherwise known as the mighty mackerel!


With the prospect of going after the coveted Boston Bluefish, I had brought my muskie rods along  just in case, but as it turned out this would be a mackerel-only voyage and heavy equipment wasn’t required.

Oh well, next year for Blues perhaps…


A nice view of Rye Harbour. You may have heard of Rye, New Hampshire if you watch the TV show Wicked Tuna. The new season features a tuna boat out of Rye called the Pin Wheel featuring youg gun Captain Tyler McLaughlin.

Rye NH is just a short distance up the coast from Gloucester, Mass where the show is filmed out of.


A nice shot of the famous lighthouse which sits on the Isle of Shoals –  a rock outcrop approximately 6 miles off the coast, and a spot I have fished around several times over the years. Isle of Shoals is very picturesque location that many tourists cruise out to and photograph.

Keep your eyes open when you’re there as you might even spot a seal. We saw several throughout the day! Apparently the warmer water off this coast this year has brought out more seals than ever before, and in turn more sharks!

The torpedo action started…they may not be especially large, but what these fish lack in size they make up for in muscle! 


Terrific day to be out on the Atlantic Ocean!



My daughter Grace with a good-sized mackerel, one of 8 she pulled-in that morning, and more than double my catch for the day.


 A nice bucketful of colourful macks!


An inside look at Captain Brad’s wheelhouse. Shussh, don’t tell anyone!

I felt privileged to be allowed inside to take a few photographs. Brad and the Atlantic Queen ll staff were more than accommodating to my family and I this summer.

A quick peak at Captain Brad’s electronics. Please disregard those ‘numbers’ folks – fans of  Wicked Tuna also understand how secretive captains are about that sort of thing. 


A great big thanks to Tony Carnes, the rest of the staff and crew of the Atlantic Queen ll, and to Captain Brad Cook for an incredible day out on the water! Oh, did I mention they also do whale watching?

If you’ve never done a fishing charter off the New England Coast, be sure to stop-by Rye Harbour and check out the Atlantic Queen ll, otherwise known as the Big Blue Boat.

I have been out on more than a dozen fishing charters in New England over the years, and the Atlantic Queen was, by-far, the best operation I’ve seen yet. Sure, we didn’t get any Bluefish, but that’s all in the timing, we had more makerel action than you can shake a stick at!  For Bluesfish , I will just plan to vacation a bit later in August next time…

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15 thoughts on “Fishing on Atlantic Queen ll in Rye, New Hampshire”

    1. Tks Hunting mom, it’s a terrific place to vacation!

      We have vacationed along the New England coast for past 18 years, off and on. Between the deep-sea fishing, soft-shelled lobster (best in the world) and the scenery you just can’t go wrong. Even stayed at a beach house this year about 200 yards from lovely Liv Tyler’s(Steven Tyler’s daughter) monstrous house. (Mrs. Outdoors Guy had to keep an eye on me…)

      The smell of the ocean brings me back every time! And you can actually swim in the water there now…cool yes, but nothing compared to what it was a decade ago. The ocean is warmer of late and I don’t believe they really know why – hence the influx of seals..and sharks.

      I recommend everyone watch the show Wicked you an idea of what things are like there from a Commercial fishing aspect..of course they build the drama but you can expect that from Reality TV. Mrs. Outdoors Guy and I are hooked on the Show..get it, ‘hooked’.


  1. Wicked Tuna. Sounds like a great show. I’m going to watch it.

    We just got back from a grouse hunting weekend at the cottage. My son managed to get two – which is more than we got all last year! Maybe things are turning around….

  2. Seems like a great vacation Jeff. Nice report. Good catches. Personnally never tried fishing out in the ocean.

    Will be heading down NH also this November, but in North Conway. Will try to fish the wicked browns while the wife fishes for bargains in the wicked outlets.

    I noticed there is an ORVIS store in North Conway, among the flyfishing stores. Although I already have all I need, never hurts to see that kind of fishing stuff is available and their prices. Might just come back with a souvenir.

    1. Hey LG, we’ve been to the North Conway outlets and they are good, but do yourself(& Mrs LeGrand) a favour by
      visiting the Kittery Outlets sometime. They are the ultimate, plus you’re on the coast and deep-sea fishing is
      at your disposal. We always do a day in Kittery, Maine while staying in Rye NH or Hampton Beach.

      Plus while your down there you can enjoy some of the world’s best lobster!!

      I would assume the prices at Orvis outlet are much cheaper than you can get up that’ll be fun.

      You going to back to Kenauk this year? I’ll be there in Nov as usual..looking for another one of those monster bucks!


  3. Thanks for the advice on Kittery, Maine’s outlets. Will mention it to the wife. Maybe plan for next year.

    When is lobster season there?

    As for Kenauk, no not this year. Missing the place. Bunch of OFS Club members going.

    Fishing trips limited this year. Other financial obligations. Also, got all geared-up in traditional carp fishing for the wife and I. Only quality products for us, but $$$. Wife and I’s first Carp fishing trip was in Long Sault, ON with guiding service of the Canadian Carp Club (CCC). Wife got hooked up on this style and said, let’s do it again, and again. So went shopping.

    1. Sorry so quiet folks..I’ve been laid up with shingles of all things…all over side of my face. Not a pleasant experience, but better
      now than during the deer season at least..should be healed up by then I hope.

      Damn…and we were just talking about the vaccine too!!

      P.S. Anyone seeing any deer around??

  4. I was up at camp last week and we saw six deer in two days, saw a bunch at my cottage over the weekend as well.
    I put out some deer food and a trail cam at the camp and I went up again yesterday and pulled the SD card and nothing, but most of the food was gone, so I’m having more trouble with this Moultrie Trail Cam. I sent it away last year because all the electronics were messed up, it worked for a while but doesn’t seem to be working any more. I put a new card in and reset it, so we’ll see.
    You know Jeff there is a needle that stops or severely reduces shingles, but if I’m not mistaken, once you get shingles, you have to wait at least a year before you can get the needle. I’m sure your doctor told you already, but what a lot of people don’t know is you have to pay for it yourself. So much for universal medicare

    1. Yes iggs, I was told about that..$250 out of your pocket, although I’d have paid it in a second not
      to go through this..cant imagine someone much older suffering with shingles. It would take a toll on them
      that’s for sure, and I am thankful I have a couple of weeks to recover before deer starts.

      Sounds like a few deer around your area that’s good. Regarding your trailcam, it could be defective or an SD card problem. Even
      my Bushnells do act up on occasion with some cards working better than others. I currently have 4 cams up at deer camp and 3 around the
      house here, so I’m all set to monitor deer movement.


  5. I put a new card in, so we’ll see
    maybe I’ll have to buy a new one, but I really liked the Moultrie until I started having problems with it.
    Bob (on here once in a while) has one as well and has had problems

    1. Though I do product reviews for Bushnell and have used their trailcams exclusively over the years and may seem biased, I honestly haven’t had a
      single problem with them in probably 3 years, and I have cams up all year long. The Bushnell Trophy is a very reliable product and really no
      more expensive than the others. Sure you can buy the color display or HD vid model but the basic models are just as good.

      Both Chessy and sureshot-dave have purchased Bushnell on my recommendation and were very satisfied. Dave had a couple of glitches but said product service
      was very good at replacing a problem unit quickly.


  6. I love my bushenll….. I am buying my buddy one in the usa one for Christmas. he loved mine so much last year he has taken up with the elcheapos and has been disappointed… never looked back after buying mine

    1. Hey look what the cat dragged in! How you doing, Chessy?

      Did you head up to the Park for moose this year???


  7. leaving tomorrow… just got permission to go . one set of spinal injections done.. got one more set for the 29 (not recommended having it done unless needed easier to cut legs off )

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