Get your Bass in gear


(Photo courtesy of Corey Hackett) 

Local anglers will be out in hoards this weekend for the coveted bass opener. Guys and gals will be in search of lunkers like this beauty pulled from the Ottawa River by Corey Hackett two years ago. 

And if you don’t think there’s something special about Micropterus – be they salmoides or dolomieu – just ask one of the local bass fishing organizations. 

Ottawa is slowly becoming a largemouth & smallmouth bass fishing hub, thanks to groups like Renegade Bass, Bass Anglers of Ottawa and Petawawa Bassmasters. 
Hey, if Bob Izumi and his son are willing to drive all the way from Oshawa to fish for bass up here, there must be something to it.

Regardless where you end-up heading this weekend, keep your line tight and your body inside the boat!


11 thoughts on “Get your Bass in gear”

  1. my lake is full of Smallmouth Bass
    only problem is the fishing license for non
    residents in Quebec this year is 65 bucks


    1. Come on Iggy….loosen-up the wallet a little!

      You dont think a summer worth of fishing is worth $65?


  2. Ontario charges $46(plus tax) for a Quebecer to fish there..and Quebec charges $62(Tax incl) for an Ontario
    resident to fish on the QC-side for the season…

    So, thats a little over $10 difference between the two for a season fishing license…where you’ll really notice a difference, though, is when it comes to non-resident hunting licenses!


  3. no, Ontario does not charge me 46 dollars for a fishing license, for a resident it is cheap, and to me, by charging non- residents way way more is ripping them off, and telling them they are not wanted or welcome, and that goes for both provinces. When I go someplace to fish, I spend lots of money, it’s not cheap going to places like Ten Mile Lodge, but if it discourages people, it’s less tourist money for the outfitter, and the outfitter is the one doing the work and earning his keep, not the government, they are just sucking money for nothing.

    1. Iggy, I was comparing what it would cost a non-resident looking both ways..ON to QC and QC to ON..obviously residents do not pay all that much for lincensing in their home is, as you say, the lodges and outfitters who charge more..but usually you get what you pay for.

      The more money you spend (usually) the better the accomodations and services offered. If you’re lucky the fishing and hunting is better as well..

      You know how it goes for us avid hunters and fisherman…it might hurt us a little to fork out the dough, but the calling to get out there is stronger so we pay what it costs!


  4. Chessy, Im pretty sure in Ontario, if you hold a valid Handicaped Persons do not pay anything for
    a fishing license..that sticker is your license.

    I dont think that applies to Quebec, but Im not sure.


  5. At many ZEC’s (controlled exploitation zones) in Quebec they charge Ontario residents double what they charge Quebecers. It seems that they always have their hands on your wallet in Quebec. You have to pay for your permits. Then you have to pay extra to fish or hunt at outfitters, provincial parks, wildlife reserves, and ZEC’s.

  6. and that’s one of the reasons when we go to Ten mile Lodge on Lac Dumoine we no longer go in LaVerendre Park. Ten Mils is right up against the park but we stay out because not only do you have to buy a Quebec license you have to buy a park license as well at about 18 bucks a day….RIP
    Imagine trying to charge each individual fisherman a special license in Algonquin Park. It’s just another tax disguised as something else. Shhhhh don’t anyone tell Dalton McSqueezeme

  7. I know the ZEC where we fish every year I pay $4 more per day than my father, which isnt too bad really. I have been to others, though, that are much higher.

    I guess its the sort of thing that could get to you if you let it…


    P.S. See Iggy, QC charges a lot less for a non-resident ‘Outfitters fishing license’ than the regular non-resident fishing linense. I think the one you buy is only like $20, compared to $62 for the regular non-resident license. I guess its to encourage out-of-province people to use QC Outfitters.

    Im not sure how ON works that, does anyone know?


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