Granddaddy Buck Before and After

Meet my backyard buddy, I call him Granddaddy – for obvious reasons.  It has been 7 weeks now since he first started coming to my feeder and the old boy has undergone some serious changes in that time.

It  is truly amazing to see how a big mature whitetail buck can
metamorphosize in a matter of weeks. Below you will
see how my Granddaddy appeared in late November/early Dec as a magnificant 220+ pound, 10-point giant with a huge rut-swollen neck!





Now here we are six weeks later, the same buck without his incredible 10-point crown, swollen neck and easily 20 pounds
lighter – and sporting a rather sheepish grin.




Needless to say, Ol Granddad has been feeding regularly since he
dropped those big antlers – no doubt hoping to rebuild a failing body after a fall of breeding and fighting! (Hopefully it was worth it!)

I live in West Carleton-Stittsville area if anybody’s wondering, and Granddaddy is safe and sound on posted land!



11 thoughts on “Granddaddy Buck Before and After”

  1. That is a beautiful buck jeff.I am glad to see there are still some bruisers still around.Hopefully he makes the winter in good shape.

  2. Thanks Paul, he was back in tonight and I see him browsing all over the place, so Im glad he seems to be taking good care of himself..

    Of course access this winter is wonderful with the little bit of snow we have, the deer are still travelling all over. Unlike last winter and especially the one before when we saw more than 3 feet on the ground by late January.

    Its great to share photos of beauty with folks who are interested, tks for the note.


  3. Love it! Hope you will continue to provide updates. I’ve nothing against hunting but I’m glad he’s on safe territory.

  4. Yes Lynn, me too and I’m a hunter!

    It’s funny you know, I see these backyard deer more as pets and would never think of hunting them.

    Most hunters, contrary to popular belief, are animal lovers…Animal Rights people, however, would have you believe otherwise.

    Thanks for the note and for reading


  5. Bill, my daughter and I are going after Granddaddy’s sheds first thing tomorrow am – one
    very small window of opportunity before Springtime, with a dumping of new snow coming Sunday.

    I’ll keep you posted!


  6. Hi Jeff,
    I live in West Carleton too and also have a feeder in my yard. Lots of does and fawns and one monster buck similar to yours. He still has his horns though. Last year I had the same buck and another nearly the same size. Last year I got the horns from one as they actually fell right in my feeder on Xmas day!!!! Nice present for me I guess. This year only one of the bucks is back, guess the other one didn`t make it through the summer. I am an avid hunter and fisherman as well, but like you they are safe around my “`sanctuary“ at home.

  7. Troy, you are one lucky individual to have sheds fall on your lap like that. I have never been so lucky. One time back home I spent two solid weeks looking for a big buck’s sheds and only ever found one side.

    I spent about 6 hours of searching this weekend for Granddaddy’s but to no avail. He was at the feeder again last night, wish he’d just leave me a map with the ‘drop location’ marked on it. It would make things much easier.

    Thanks for the note Troy and keep an eye on your big buck, if word gets out about his location it could be bad news.


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