Gun Registry only needs Royal Assent


Last week, the Ottawa SUN reported on the status in the final stages of the Gun Registry with only Royal Assent left to go.

Things are looking good but keep your fingers crossed just in case!


OTTAWA – The 17-year fight to scrap the long-gun registry reached its conclusion Wednesday.

Armed with a majority, senators voted 50 to 27 to pass the law that would eradicate the registry. There were no abstentions.

It was the bill’s final trip through the halls of power on Parliament Hill before it can get royal assent — the official sanction by the governor general.

Manitoba Tory MP Candice Hoeppner – who has been leading the government’s charge to kill the registry – said Wednesday in the House of Commons, “We are all counting the hours until … law-abiding Canadians will no longer have to register their long guns.”

The registry is hated in much of rural Canada, but not everyone is cheering its end.

On Tuesday, Quebec announced it was seeking an injunction to stop the Conservative government from destroying the gun registry data. The province is planning on setting up its own version of the registry.

The Tory government promised to destroy all the data once the bill receives royal assent.

Bill C-19 passed in the House last February. Two northern Ontario NDP MPs, John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer, voted with the government.



22 thoughts on “Gun Registry only needs Royal Assent”

  1. Quebec, hahahahahahahahaha
    what a bunch of clowns
    the information the federal government has about me is between me and them, not to be given to anyone else
    especially the Quebec government

    1. Dont worry Iggs, sounds like the info will have a match put to it soon…unless, of course, someone infiltrates the database in the meantime and copies over some info. According to what LeGrand once said, it sounds like they(QC) may have already been squirreling away some personal info. for a rainy day.


  2. those cards are out of date.. i bought 4 guns for myself 🙂 and lent them to buddies that only had POL now that the registry is over i have given them the guns…. this was going on all the time… out of date just like some of the government officials

  3. well they got some kind of “stay” last week in the court to prevent them from destroying the information until the final decision is made

  4. Any idea when the Royal Assent might happen? I have been waiting to buy my firearms until this registry is abolished, so as to never have been on that list. If I purchase a firearm now, will I be added to the list? All the Spring Gun Shows are quickly coming and going!

    1. Alain d, I cant figure this’s what the Judge on QC superior court said:

      Justice Marc-André Blanchard of Quebec’s Superior Court accepted the province’s argument that it would suffer irreparable harm without an order from the court.


  5. I guess he means that without support this would allow Ottawa to destroy all of the data. If it wrks and the data is kept for Quebec residents who registered their long guns would be kept in the Quebec database. It would suck to be a resident of Quebec… hey after all they want recognition that Quebec as a distinct society! They sure will be with the registry!

  6. quebec can do their own registry . they just want to get free information free without having to pay for anything typical of quebec always wanting handouts for free. i will be picking up some nice rifles in a few weeks that a farmer will be donating to me as well some really nice shotguns that i will be handing down to my friends son this will help him start the hunting process with a positive feeling instead of a negative

  7. So does this mean I can now possess a rifle and/or shotgun and not be subject to the long-gun registry? I can purchase a firearm (with my valid PAL) and not have to register it?

  8. New update from Quebec

    Does anyone know if it is official other residents outside Quebec no longer need to register their long guns.

    Is it 100% finalised?

    1. Alain, is that the date they’re using? I hadn’t even realized..but I guess there’s still some ink to be done up upper chambres?

      Does it seriously exclude residents of QC?? As far as I know, that court case you mentioned is still a long time from being heard.


  9. A buddy at the office here tried to renew his gun registration last week. The RCMP told him it was no longer necessary, the program has been canceled.

    1. OK GPG, I’d take that as a very good sign that the long gun registry has finally taken its last breath!

      The weird thing is, it hasnt even sunk-in yet..I suppose that will take some time.


  10. The date was given to me by a gun shop here in Ottawa. He quoted me that date and excluded the Quebec residents. most likely because of the injuction.

    I was also suprised as I didn’t see a huge announcement from the Harperites to celebrate the occasion.

    GPG that is good news, If the RCMP are saying it is cancelled; they must of got this from higher up in the gov’t. It’s Over…
    now….who wants to purchase a couple of my grandfather’s older guns? I won’t say if they are registered or not! ;o)

  11. I was just kidding jeff! I was just saying that it was ok now to sell, giveaway or trade guns without the hassle.!

  12. Ya! That one hurt… It’s going to be a difficult one on Thursday… As we are now the only Canadian team in the playoffs….sure would be nice to win against the NYR! Pressure is all on NY!
    Go SENS GO!

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