Happy New Year from Safari Club International


Thanks to Bob Valcov(above) – Director of Safari Club International (SCI) Canada for the great letter he sent, on behalf of all hunters across the country!

Cheers Bob and keep up the great work!



January 7, 2013


Hug a Hunter


To Jeff Morrison – Outdoors Guy


As we go forward into this new year, it is time to recognize and show appreciation for everything Canadian hunters do to promote wildlife conservation across our great country. It is time to hug a hunter. I borrow the term from an ad campaign in Colorado.


Hunters have been and continue to be willing to pay the price in terms of volunteer time and in hard cash to protect wildlife and its habitat while others either pay lots of politically-correct lip service or, even worse, simply take the outdoors for granted.


Hunters do more for conservation than any other group. In fact, hunter-founded conservation organizations are principally responsible for bringing back North American wildlife that was almost extinct a century ago.  Modern hunters in North America have never caused a wildlife species to become extinct, endangered, or even threatened.  The truth is, every game species that is hunted has increased in number. Hunters most probably saved deer, elk, bear and waterfowl from extinction.


Payments for hunting and fishing licenses are the main method of financing the management and protection of wildlife and their habitats. Hunting and fishing are essential tools in wildlife management to maintain healthy and diverse populations of wildlife. Hunting and fishing develop a sense of personal accountability for Canada’s natural resources within individuals.


Hunter-based conservation organizations contribute millions to conservation projects. Last year, SCI Foundation alone granted $400,000 to North American wildlife projects; more than $4 million over the last ten years.  One of these worthy projects, for example, is the Newfoundland Caribou Strategy. Over five years, the SCI Foundation has granted $250,000 to investigate the decline of woodland caribou in Newfoundland & Labrador; in other words, to establish the sound scientific evidence upon which intelligent future management decisions can be based.


It would be a serious mistake to discount the huge contribution made by Canadian hunters to the conservation of our wildlife and its habitat. So give a hunter a hug and thank them for their support of nature.





Bob Valcov.

Director: Safari Club International-Canada.

Suite 200, 440 Laurier Ave. W./Ave. Laurier O.,Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1R 7X6; Tel: 613-683-LYNX (5969); www.SCI-Canada.ca

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Safari Club International”

    1. Trapper, my guess is that trapping(in the eyes of SCI) is seen as part and parcel of hunting. Same principles, same concept but different tools. I’m sure Mr Valcov and the SCI are certainly pro fur-industry, their mandate has them representing hunters and conservationists as a whole.

      When I think of hunting, I feel trapping is a part of it..dont worry Trapper, I’ll give you a hug if noone else does!


  1. Don’t matter Trapper with another 600 000 new natives on the horizon there tag limits of 50 elk a year unlimited deer and over 100 moose will be raised and there will be nothing left (cant shoot more as it would possible hurt the wildlife reproduction) so why even bother

  2. chessy, It’s their ‘inherent right’ to live off the land like their noble ancestors; and will be as long as the cheques keep coming! I would suspect most of these new blonde hair, blue eyed natives are more interested in incentives and tax breaks than in hunting but I could be wrong.

  3. Trapper and Jeff…. what happens at the hunt camp stays at the hunt camp… please no man love especially after hunting for a week or so …. can a simple hand shake (don’t put your mind in the gutter guys) not do

  4. Thanks Jeff….

    My letter to Bob Valcov, Director: Safari Club International-Canada

    Dear Bob,

    I recently read your letter sent to Jeff Morrison – Outdoors Guy (Ottawa Sun). (See below)
    As a hunter I thank you for your and SCI’s efforts.
    As a trapper however, I am disappointed that your praise for conservation was not extended to this group.

    Sincerely yours,

    His Diplomatic reply:

    Mr. XXX

    You make a good point. I will bear it in mind in the future. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    Bob Valcov.

  5. Trapper, why would you end your letter with three kisses XXX
    didn’t you read what chessy said about man love LOL

  6. hope you had a good time .. i wont be able to read the article till kids get home .. i have already used up my monthly allowance for the sun articles …. on 4 computers…. now i have 2 more and a playbook and a ipod touch to use now after christmas.. why did i use the my sun usage on .. the native issue of them trying to STEAL my hunting and fishing

    1. yeah chess, where do we stand with that whole issue I feel so out of touch. Nice to be south of the border on vacation but not sure I’d wanna live there fulltime.


  7. well we are planed on loosing 177000 acers and if you own cottage on these properties you will either leave or negotiate a price for staying there with the FN (first nations)

    and that does not include the 300 million in cash … thats all i am going to say cause if i say any more i would be considered a racist
    the map is just for the algonquin land claim
    one prime example of this is nippising lake .. they have reduced the limit of walleye to 2 and the commercial netting is still the same capacity , why because it is run by the FN

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