Hunt Camp season is upon us!

I’m heading back up to the hunt camp for the deer season, anyone else going?

This week, I had a nice chat on CHEZ 106 FM with my pals Doc, Woody & Randall, all about hunt camp and what it means to hunters (& guests) They asked me about the most luxurious hunt camp I’d ever visited and, truth be told, I’ve never really been to a super fancy one.

Rustic is just fine with me!

One person’s hunt camp could be as basic as a  4-man tent, while for someone else it might be a summer cottage transformed into a makeshift hunt camp when autumn arrives.

Others might be members of a private hunt club or an organized lodge, while some might even choose to go with an outfitter, rent a chalet or a small cabin. You could convert a fishing or trapping camp into a hunt camp in the fall and you know what, it doesn’t really matter. 

Regardless of what four-walls make-up your hunt camp, tis the season to celebrate the sport we all know and love in your private little domain.  Sharing the experience with friends and hunting companions only serve to enrich the experience. 

The hunt camp experience is something only a true hunter has ever known and will ever really understand. Sorry to all animal rights people, environmentalists and other ‘non-hunters’ out there, you simply cannot relate and this post will mean absolutely nothing to you. 

Yup, it is a time of year when many other things in our busy lives will take a backseat to this special place.  We will dream about it at night and long for that glorious day when we first arrive.

After nearly 40 years of this tradition, I realize the hunt camp experience is over in the blink of an enjoy your time to the fullest and for goodness sake, let it all soak in. You just never know when it could be your last!

This year is a transitional one for us with several new members joining for the first time, and my dad no longer hunting. It will certainly be different but we hope to create a new tradition, to carry-on the old…

Hey, anyone else ready for hunting season…I know I am!


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