Hunting & Fishing in God’s Country

Summer is meant to be enjoyed leisurely with family and friends in an outdoor setting and the Ottawa Valley is the best place I know.

Camping, cottaging and fishing are a few of the activities I enjoy during the summer months. What about you? One day, we could be casting for pike and bass at our trailer in Cobden, and the next I might be scouting the deer woods or doing work on the hunt camp. Holiday season is all about getting back to basics and enjoying things that really matter.

Plan a tour in your beautiful Ottawa Valley this summer, it truly is God’s Country.

Renegade bass opener

This past weekend, pro bass anglers of the Renegade Bass tour ascended on Muskrat Lake in Cobden. As the officially launch of Renegade’s 2018 season, Muskrat was a logical starting place and, by all accounts, it was a great weekend. Located in the town of Cobden, Muskrat has long been a favourite spot of the pro circuit. Renegade Bass Tour’s 150 and under events are restricted to max 150 horsepower and include water weigh-in and a live release boat.

There is a 50 team maximum size with 100 per cent cash payout. For more information on the next event: (»)

Kenauk Nature for trout

For those trout fishing fanatics out there, my favourite home away from home – Kenauk Nature in Montebello, Que., is offering copious trout opportunities this summer.

The newly renovated hatchery produces 25 tons of rainbow, brook and brown trout each year, providing Kenauk with a renewable supply of fish stocks. That translates into about 100,000 adult trout and ensures that each and every lake will offer a unique angling experience.

I’ve fished many of the lakes on the territory over the years and, as an avid trout guy, they are top notch. Ask for my pal and expert trout guide Jamie Pistilli for your enjoyable day on the water. Kenauk Nature is endorsed by the Quebec Outfitters Federation and is one of the oldest private hunting and fishing preserves in North America.

For more info: ( more info on the Quebec Outfitters Federation: (

Observer, end of an era

Someone, please wake me up when July ends! The idea that our beloved Daily Observer (in its current format) will say goodbye forever still makes me so sad. What a state of affairs our modern day newspaper industry has become, with so many cuts of late. We plug away, nevertheless undaunted, and despite media turmoil I encourage and support my daughter as she heads off to Carleton University’s Journalism program this fall, full of vim and vigour.

I must admit that lingering questions do remain. What will our local media situation be like in four years when she graduates? Will any opportunities exist for that fresh batch of eager young reporters? I say yes! As a freelance writer with numerous publications over the past 20 years, I have seen and felt the effects of newspaper shrinkage, with full-time staffers always the hardest hit. My thoughts are with all the fine contributors of this paper who will no longer be here once the dust settles. Seeking new employment is perhaps the most stressful of any of life’s changes, and though I am not a full-time resident of your beautiful valley, I have spent enough time here to feel entrenched. Even this adopted son feels the pain, and I wish each and every one of you happy trails. The faithful readers who’ve followed this publication day in, day out for decades will also feel a void.

Time will tell if my Outdoors Guy column finds another temporary home here amidst the remaining scribes. If I should be so fortunate to stay, I embrace the challenge of sharing more stories and news about hunting and fishing with all you fine folks and, if not well, the pleasure was all mine. Please keep in touch:

Yours in the Great Outdoors, Jeff Morrison

2 thoughts on “Hunting & Fishing in God’s Country”

  1. Hey Jeff
    Too bad about the Observer closing down. Another outdoor writers outlet on the way out
    On a happier note, the knee is finally responding. Played by first round of golf in it seems like forever, last week. We got in on the moose cow lottery at Bryson Lake Lodge and we WON!!!!!! So we have a couple of bull tags and a cow tag. For meat hunters that’s like heaven.
    Off to the Dumoine next week for some blue walleye. Should be a nice trip.

    1. Hey Doug, thanks for the note!

      Things are looking up with regards to the Pembroke Observer. My Outdoors Guy column will survive in the new Pembroke paper, thank goodness!
      I am one of the fortunate few who will continue under the new Weekly Format, my column will run monthly as usual. I do feel badly for those
      who’ve lost a fulltime income but the Outdoors Guy has dodged a bullet…for now at least. Small win for hunters and fishermen you might say.

      Good news about the knee and very exciting news about the cow tag at Bryson! I know that Zone 12 would normally be ‘Bull ONly’ this year but
      I guess Denis being an Outfitter has the ability to throw in a few cow tags. Interesting.and lucky for you guys! You should do well up there.
      I moose hunted once year’s ago on the border of Bryson’s territory. Good spot and really not too far from home!

      Good luck at Dumoine. Hope you catch lots of blues!


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