Hunting for Butterflies at Carleton University


This weekend I took a break from closing the trailer and cleaning-up my properly at home, to go butterfly hunting at Carleton University.

Of course, I left my rifle at home.

Since Carleton University happens to be my old alma mater, I always take advantage of an opportunity to head back to the campus for a visit, although attending school there feels like a lifetime ago.

This past weekend it was the Carleton Biology Butterfly Show put on by butterfly enthusiast Ed Bruggink, with the help of Moth expert Jim Des Rivieres.


Ed – believe it or not – hatches every last butterfly himself from chrysalis, in an adjacent nursery and then releases them in the Nesbitt Building Green house for a brief 10-day period the beautiful creatures remain alive.

I know it may not sound extremely masculine, but I have to admit that seeing hundreds of beautifully-coloured butterfly species from around the world as they flutter around you, is a very special feeling indeed.

I watched several photographers as they steadied for a shot, and the kids who held orange slices out for the butterflies would land on. And if you remained still, they would land on your shoulder, head or any other peaceful resting place they could find.

With two daughters into the outdoors including an 8-year old who is a buddy entomologist, the decision to visit the butterfly show was an easy one, and I look forward to next year’s show already.

My daughter Grace and her new friend:


If you didn’t get to see the show, do yourself a favour and mark it on your calendar for next year. There is no admission, but Ed does accept donations to help pay for crysallis he has shipped from California.

Thanks to Ed and Jim for putting on one of the neatest exhibits I’ve ever seen!

For more information on Jim Des Rivieres’ moth exhibit which runs till January 9th at the Canadian Museum of Nature, check it out online:


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