Incredible big buck images


Thanks to Rick for sharing these incredible images of two bucks feeding in a west-end field earlier this week!


This is the smaller of the two bucks. Rick says he has lots of small points on his left side.



Here’s the big guy – a 5X4+1. Too bad his left didn’t match his awesome right side!



Rick grabbed these fantastic images off his high-magnification video camera.

These pictures just go to show the awesome gene pool we have here in the Ottawa valley!

Thanks to Rick for being in the right place at the right time.


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  1. I’m guessing these were taken at Rick’s usual spot. I know there’s a bunch of very impressive deer there every year. This year looks to be the same!!! Why can’t I find any pictures like this on my trail cams at the hunt camp?

  2. this has to be the same big guy I filmed last year. I think I met Rick one day along that stretch.
    I’ll be there this weekend early (I hope). would be nice to get this buck up close with my camera 🙂

  3. Iggy I have no problem telling people where they are. They are on the Agriculture Canada property bounded by Greenbank, Fallowfield, Cedarview and West Hunt Club Rd.

    This is a heavily patrolled high fenced property lined with no tresspasing signs. They can not be hunted.

    Several people have tried to enter the property to look for sheds. They were quickly caught and given warnings by way of registered letters. If they get caught again they will be charged and not just with tresspasing.

    Keebler I drive a blue Ford Ranger with a blue cap. Stop and say hi if you see me.

    1. OK Rick, I wasn’t going to include the location, but I suppose everyone knows about it anyway and they’re protected there after all.

      Keebler, have you compared the photos/footage you took last fall to this big 5X4? Would be neat of it was the same one.

      Rick thinks the ‘Dream Buck’ may also be alive but he only caught a quick glimpse from a distance.


    2. Rick, you didn’t receive one of said letters, did you?

      Drag that you can’t even look for sheds there..I should check with my sister for permission as she works in that Agriculture building.


  4. I hear I’m getting a lot of big buck pictures on my game cam, of course I haven’t been up to see any so I’m sure my old man is taking all the fame for the big guys at my tree stand.
    If you guys are interested just as mcdan I’m sure he will tell you all about them

    1. savage joe, if you get access to those trail cam images, please send them along.

      Word on the street is you tought McDan everything he knows, is that true?

      Speaking of whom, where’s he been hiding anyway, we haven’t heard from the guy in awhile?


  5. I tried to teach mcdan, but he stills shoots a winchester, I did all I could. I’m not quite sure where he’s been hiding, he’s probably out there celebrating both sons having moved out. Ill tell him to log on

    1. Hey Savage can’t hold the Winchester thing against him. I shot an old Model 94 the first 8 years of my hunting career and took several nice deer in that time. (Course I wouldn’t touch it now if you paid me..hehe..kidding)

      I guess with the boys now out of the house, he’ll have no one to fetch him stuff anymore..hehe


  6. No Jeff I did not get one of those letters ( Mikey did) but I do know where there is a couple of holes in the fence. LOL

    1. I can just see the headlines when you and Keebler get arrested…hehe..dont worry, I’ll make sure the SUN goes easy on you at least.


      1. Btw, I have a BIG announcement coming up next week – one which will effect all of us but I can’t say yet what it is.

        What a tease eh


  7. Rick, will do!

    Jeff, big announcement: lemme guess, you won the millions and are going to pay our salaries for 4 months so we hunt every possible animal and produce a documentary on how life should be for us hunters in the fall 🙂 ie. nonstop hunting 🙂

    1. Sorry Keebler, thats not it but you have my word that if I ever win millions I plan to do just that!


  8. wow… mabey you can get the sun to keep your link the same…. that would be great to start off with….. hope your starting a wish list … my first wish …… safe hunting season

    1. chessy, i like that you kept your guess a safe hunting season sounds like a great plan!


  9. Just got back from the camp, mcdan has got some amazing big buck photos to share,
    That big boy he sent in shedded some of the velvelt and man is he impressive.
    On an unrelated note does anyone out there know where to find an older wallhanger firearm?

  10. see jeff i told you about safe … today i drove to my loacal mnr office to get extra deer seal (just in case) i was up there last week and they confirmed with me that there were 35 tags still left, to be there at 830 am as there were lots of people wanting tags… well i drive up there and in line at 810 when the doors open they informed all of us that there are NO tags left in any of the WMU the one guy speaks up and says i called thursday and there were 65 left in my area i say 35 in my area and so on .. she says mistake sorry.. i had to fight with them and get them to issue tags …she said tuff.. i asked for her boss (boss not in give me telephone number ) NAW i dont play phone tag i walk to the mnr office and speak to district manager she is more than willing to give us tags for our areas. but does not know how ( fine with me ) go back out to see the other guys ….THEY HAVE ALL LEFT ???????? if any readers know or are the guys that were in line with me .. post up … tags should be comming your way

    1. chessy, did you ever find out what happened to the remaining 35 tags in your area??

      Did they let them go over the phone or something?

      This really sounds weird…almost like when ‘ticket scalpers’ swoop in to buy-up all the concert tickets and then resell them for a profit.



  11. Savage Jason at Gunco at 190 Colonade has a lot of good used fireams and is very reasonable. He is also the best gunsmith around.

    1. Rick, Im glad to hear Jason is still going…man, that guy knows his firearms! Havent seen him in a couple of years but he has done nice work for me in the past.


    1. sj, by ‘wallhanger’ firearm, are you looking for something decorative which doesn’t necessarily work well, or something you can actually hunt with??


  12. No never found out … so far to my calculations talking to the other hunters there was over 150 tags in 4 wmu that vanished . i am only telling part of the story .. as she was very ignorant to me as i to her after her first comment . she said it was a error… i can see one or two tags but 35 in my area alone ..and 65 in another … to many for error .. some one made a big boo boo

  13. sorry last week the tags were not sold…. i think they stopped selling them aug 2 and there was x amount of tags left. when i checked last week there was 35 in 72A left.. so from aug 2 to 16th they could not figure out what was left… they came back on sale on today.. the 22 at 830

  14. I’m really just looking for something decorative, like I’d really love an old 32 special, but anything I just moved not too long ago and realized I don’t have a lot of stuff to decorate the walls around here.

  15. Well this past weekend I bought the gun of my dreams, a 300 Ultra Mag with a 2.5X10 Leupold scope
    now I’m ready for moose

  16. iggy … i thought you did not have a few thousand dollars lying around… at least thats what you to Jeff and Iast week on this board…lol congrats on the purchase remember break that baby in right .. shoot once clean shoot once clean and so on for at leas 20 rounds…. and never ever use a steel rod to clean get yourself a good dewey fiberglass rod… its worth the money

  17. dewey fiberglass rod????
    why, help me out here???
    it comes from the Remington Custom Shop
    I also need a case, something soft but waterproof for the canoe
    I already have a hard case for travelling but I might buy a newer one
    any ideas would be appreciated

    1. Yes Chessy, you will need to explain the fiberglass rod theory for there some risk of the alumimum rods damaging the rifling?

      Iggy, I have a nice Remington case..a soft one but still has a lot a padding. I bring it out in the canoe all the time..oh yes, and its waterproof too.


  18. Jeff from what i have been told..from my friend the guns smith just followed his advice but once again i googled it today


    The only rods that should be used in your Handguns and Rifles should be constructed either of stainless steel or have nylon coating. The main problem with the economy aluminum rods is that they will get scratched. This scratch will start to pick up grit and grime, which will then turn the cleaning rod into an abrasive stick. Stainless Steel is too hard to scratch like that and it is easier to clean off after cleaning a gun. The nylon rods are soft and will not scratch the bore, the dirt build up on the rod is easily wiped off.

    My personal preference is to use the Stainless Steel rods for everything but .22 and .17 caliber. On those two calibers I use the coated rods. I do this because a .22 rod is very close to a .22 bore so some rod/barrel contact occurs. The soft nylon will not harm the bore there.

    I use a single piece brass rod for shotgun cleaning. It is sturdier than the aluminum rods, although shotgun rod material is not as important as it is for rifled arms.

    Stay away from segmented rods. They are okay to have in a kit for travel and such, but for every day cleaning they can be harmful. The rods will flex at the joints and possibly break.

    With the rods it is important to have muzzle and chamber guides. On arms that must be cleaned from the muzzle, use a muzzle guide. It is a cone-shaped affair that goes into the muzzle and guides the rod past the crowning. The chamber guide goes into the chamber and guides the rod past the chamber and into the throat. It also keeps solvents from getting into the action. These two items are vital pieces of equipment.


    Most folks use the plastic or brass loops that hold patches. These loops hold the patch and will clean the bore in a random, haphazard manner. The patch will not contact the bore uniformly and it will take many trips down the bore to clean it.

    The brass jag is a slightly under caliber sized brass tool that is ridged to hold a patch. The patch is placed over the jag and inserted in the bore. As the patch over the jag is almost exactly the size of the bore it contacts every land and groove so it will quickly and efficently remove fouling and grime. Shooters who go over to the brass jag find that they do not nead to use the bore brushes nearly as much.

    As the reader can see, the fitted jag reduces the number of trips a patch must take down the bore and it reduces the amount of time scrubbing with a bore brush. This will help extend the life of your arm.

    There is a fitted jag for shotguns, called the Dan Allen Jag. It is a nylon tool that contracts to go through shotgun chokes. This is a must-have for all shotgun shooters as you will be able to clean a shotgun and keep it clean faster and easier.

    There are three materials commonly used in bore brushes; bronze, stainless steel, and nylon. Each brush has its use, and…

  19. if your anal, follow above, if your a normal guy that shoots a few times a year and aren’t quite as picky, please use other method
    Thanks Chessy
    I’m in the second category

    1. During the season, our guys use the chord ‘pull-throughs’ with the little wire brush on the end..the cleaning gets done between the woven chord and the brass brush.

      Wonder if those are bad?


  20. @IGGY you said you waited all your life for this gun and i think you said its your dream gun… so why for the sake of a few bucks would you even take the chance to F the gun up. when the gun doesnt shoot right you will blame the manufacture and scream and shout. all for the sake of a few extra dollars…. my 270 short mag has been treated with kids gloves on the inside and it shoot dimes… the outside it looks like its been through the war…. i guess im anal but at least my anal will shoot straight and when i pay big bucks for a trip and tags… i know where my anal bullet is going .

    1. Chessy wrote “i know where my anal bullet is going.” sorry man, Im not touching that one…hehe

      That is a good point though..why even risk messing up an expensive firearm, which brings me to my next question regarding those chord pull-throughs we use. Have you heard anything bad about them, because I have a rifle I cherish nearly as much as my own children..and would cost several of those 300 mags to replace(sorry Iggs)


  21. I have never used them or heard any pros or cons.. but why would you use one?? at the end of the hunting day being out in the cold,snow wet, if it was your dog you would get it warm and if damp wipe the dog off with a dry warm towel, your gun should not be treated any different . I bet that when you get into camp and put your gun up and dry you get a lens cloth out and clean that expensive scope so its not got water marked in the morning when you go back out in the am ??? why not take your rod out and run a oil patch down or even a dry patch to get the moister out of the barrel.. .. heck i have done it in between hands of playing cards. but thats just me its a tool and should be treated as such…. now i am getting all lovey dovey on you guys …..

    1. Chessy, the pull throughs we use are exactly the same as a cleaning rod..we usually add a bit of oil and sometimes even some solvent to the chord when its pulled through. The only diff is there’s no metal or nylon rod, its a soft chord almost like a thick woven shoelace.

      I’m not sure what you’d do with a wet dog, never hunted with one..hehe


  22. just how much would it cost to replace it Jeff? Curious
    then I’ll tell you what this costs.

    But it’s still just a gun, and I plan on using it, this will not be a museum piece

    Your right Chessy, but all my like I’ve used the wrong cleaning rods, and I’ve never had a gun go squirrely, I guess it could happen though, and if your going to buy a top of the line piece of equipment, you should be prepared to treat it like it is top of the line.

    What about those pull through cords. Any good?

    And one more thing chessy, I’ve had anal bullets when I got Guardia, and it’s nothing to make fun of

    1. Iggy, to be honest I have never had my German Mauser sporting rifle appraised…from what I’ve seen and based on its rarity from doing some research online..and watching episodes of auction hunters and storage wars..hehe..I’d put it in the 5K – 10K range. Our gun guy Jason will tell you it has ‘devalued’ some since I mounted a scope on it, (that was after he tried to buy it off me) but I didnt care.

      I have actually never found another one identical to mine in 30-06 calibre, that’s how rare it is!

      Of course I still wouldnt sell it for 10K even if you asked nicely.

      Regarding the ‘pull-throughs’ we just love them and find they do an excellent job!


  23. speaking of cleaning … what you guys using to clean your guns….dont know if i can say it here but will, cause i always do lol . there is a product called wipe out and it is amazing for cleaning all the copper and junk out of your gun… it is a foam cleaner, i dont care what copper cleaner you use .. use a whole bottle of it and and then use one squirt of wipe out and you will still drag copper out …

  24. going to savage joe’s comments a while back. just so everybody knows the truth it is my game cam, i did more than my share building said tree stand and if he wasnt so ____ whipped he’d get his butt up to camp and help out once in a while ! also said winchester is a brand new model 70 ,my first ever brand new gun wich i havent had time to sight in yet. could never seem to afford a brand new gun before now.

  25. Seems like mcdan has more that his share of EXCUSES, and we will see the savage impact when “timmy” is on my wall

    1. Timmy??

      OK SJ, not that I’m being judgemental, but that’s kind of a wussy nickname for a big buck isn’t it? Compared to say Whitebeard, Blackie or Old Mossy Horn?


    1. yeah Iggy, its different I suppose as mine is more of a collector’s item you might an extremely rare ‘pre-war’ model made in a NA calibre..I did some more research this am, and its value seems to be more likely 5K-6K but of course to yours would be to you..its really priceless.

      Ok, here is that announcement for those who couldnt wait any longer..hehe


  26. @savage joe… it depends on the gun… i have chokes that say 2and bb steel full choke. and other tat say mod…. if just a normal gun use mod choke and nothing bigger than bb… i find number 2 works well…. remember speed kills

  27. @chessy thank you for the advice,I appreciate it

    @jeff, I always use lame people names for big deer, so that the other hunters don’t catch onto me and mcdans big guys.

  28. Saw Rick’s big boys on the way to work this morning. That’s my backyard. It’s better than a big screen,
    One of the reason’s we bought the house 25 years ago. Always look forward to watching them in the rut.

    1. imacdon, you’re lucky to have that so close to home…guess it kinda makes up for all the traffic coming into town.


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