Local hunter bags goliath sized buck

Last year we heard from Barry Scollan with a magnificent buck he harvested, and this year it’s all about his brother, Art!

Art Scollan took what will surely be one of the heaviest grain fed whitetails this region will produce this fall. Art’s 248 pound trophy is what one might describe as one big fat buck!

Rick Poulin is currently scoring the antlers.  
Here’s Art’s story as written by the man himself:

Friday Nov. 11th, 2011 proved to be the best morning of the hunt with a good frost.  Shortly after 9am a nice doe with her tongue out came running down a corn stubble field and into a swamp.  Just then, about 100 yards behind her was a large buck with his horns shining in the sun. He was right on her tail!


The buck would stop with his head down on the ground, and then he would start running on her trail.  The closer the buck got to the end of the field, the faster he started to move.  I put the scope of my 270 on him and fired.  The buck stumbled and disappeared in the tall grass near the swamp.  



My step son Rick was at a stand near by and we radioed each other.  After waiting for a spell we started looking for him.  The buck as buried down head first in a ditch in the tall grass.  Radio contacts were made with fellow hunters, my brother Barry and Jamie, who all helped get the buck out.  


The buck was a 12 pointer and field dressed 248 whopping pounds! It is the heaviest deer anyone in our gang has ever seen.  The buck was full of fat.  We took a five gallon pail of fat off of him.  It was a great hunt!

Art Scollan




This photo below (Taken by Rick P) shows the serious injury discovered when Art’s buck was skinned-out) Caution…a bit graphic!

40 thoughts on “Local hunter bags goliath sized buck”

  1. here we go, the know it alls step in LOL
    was that weight dressed?
    and doesn’t Rick have wait 90 days to score the rack?
    I know I know LOL

    1. Maple, do you know of an actual formula for calculating live weight in deer? I know we always said dressed weight
      was approx. 3/4 of the total live weight…but that’s a pretty loose estimate.


  2. I have not scored the rack yet but it will hit the 150 mark easily. There is a 60 day drying period before they can be officially measured for FROW. They can be green scored at any time.

    An interesting feature when I skinned out the bucks head was that he had broken his skull just above the eye sockets. I guess when he hit the ditch he was dead and the force of him hitting the wall of the ditch with so much weight behind it he broke his skull clean across the forehead. I have pictures but they are very graphic.

    1. That’s ok Rick, we can handle graphic..send them along and I’ll post them.

      Is it possible that perhaps the buck sustained this injury from a fight..or would it be too severe?


    1. Hey Alain, sorry about that, I rescued your post from the spam folder..anytime someone includes an Internet link that happens…ironically, you included a link to tomorrow’s outdoors column…not sure why thats running already but who’s complaining.

      Regarding the trivia, you’re suppose to keep the answer written down and send all five to me at the end of the contest…no biggie..you just dont wanna give everyone the answers, the need to work for it..


    1. That’s incredible Rick..hey, maybe Art punched him in the head to make sure he was down.

      Pic is posted about btw…and as you noted, it is a tad graphic.


    1. Johan, I guess one variable this chart does not address is variations in the deer’s length? I suppose even if it gave you a ballpark figure, though, it would be useful.


  3. this to for ontario deer…

    “Large or small, a deer loses an average of 23 per cent of its body weight when field dressed, and about another 17- to 25 per cent when hide, head, and lower legs are removed. This butcher-ready weight is a higher percentage of whole body weight for larger animals. For instance, an 80-pound field-dressed fawn fully dresses (butcher ready) at 52 per cent; a 125-pound yearling at 57 per cent; and a field-dressed deer over 160 pounds at about 60 per cent.”

  4. Alain, Art did hold off on the doe.Our gang had 2 doe tags. I took a nice doe on the Wednesday before his buck on Friday and we were hoping to save the other doe tag for the Black Powder Season

    1. Barry, do you think its possible Art’s buck hit the ground so hard it broke his skull…as you see in Rick’s photo?

      I still find that incredible…of course, there was a lotttt of weight behind it!


  5. Jeff, It’s hard to say but it looks that way.The buck was on the run when Art shot it. He had
    bulldozed down into the ditch bank when they found him.He sure had to hit hard to do that
    kind of damage.


    1. BBlack, I don’t think anyone will be teasing Art for awhile..I know I wouldn’t stand in front of his 270 anyway!


  6. It’s my understanding that length does not matter, or it’s proportional with the girth measurements. Even the old guys who taped hogs only taped them around that particular spot although I never saw him do it.
    That is why it would be interesting to have someone tape it, them weigh it intact, then field dressed, then on the hook and compare. I would bet the tape is pretty damn close but the horns are always a variable. Besides the deer always gets bigger the more times the story gets told, and the more time that passes from when it was shot.

    1. That’s right Johan…the true accurate weight of a deer, moose, fish is something like speed limit signs on Quebec highways…they are merely a suggestion..hehe


  7. I have seen this deer, and Art the day it was shot………..Congratulations Art once again !
    Iggy, There are hundreds of calibres in different makes and models of firearms out there.
    Art’s 270 seems to me working fine……….Why don’t you run in front of it in a deer suit at 300 yards ?
    All you do is cut down the real hunters, and take away from their satisfaction ! You should be ashamed of yourself !
    What have you ever harvested ? Maybe you should be bringing out the pink paint for yourself !
    You have a very big, inexperienced mouth laddie !

  8. Iggy,
    im a new hunter, bought the 30/06 remington, just cause i was told by a super hunter family that was the dependable, bang for the buck gun, if Art got that with a 270, i want a 270 now and that buck come pokin out around me. Got my first one, first year, on the quebec side this year, from ottawa, and it was a large fork horn with the ugliest rack on the planet, made a plaque, took my picture, and mounted them ugly horns with pride!!!!! CONGRATS ART UP URS IGGY! Hate is only given to thoughs you envy!

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