Long gun registry continues to rear its ugly head


Are you getting tired of all the Long Gun Registry jibber jabber?

I know I am!

Tell the rest of Canada how you feel in the latest poll available on the CTV Website:


I just voted and by the latest standings, 94% of all Canadians surveyed believe the long-gun registry should be abolished, while only 6% believe it should not. 

Do yourself a favour and vote! Tell the rest of Canada how you really feel!!


17 thoughts on “Long gun registry continues to rear its ugly head”

  1. I read a stat saying that the amount of money spent on the long gun registry could have put an MRI unit in EVERY hospital in Canada!!! I just need to find that source again.

    let’s hope they kill this once and for all!

    1. Keebler, that’s pretty sad to think!

      So, have you hauled that Rino out yet?? You dont own Garmin Mapsource Topo Canada, by any chance?

      Actually, with the Rino you probably dont even need it, do you?


  2. I have no problem with registerring long guns. That doesn’t mean I support the program however. The cost to taxpayers is a sin and the claim that this program solves crime is a crock of shit. Is it a safety tool ? Absolutely but it solves nothing. The money wasted on the registry could have been better spent to solve crime……but then again solving most crime isn’t usually the problem it’s the court system that fails so spend this money on jails and put the criminals there for a change instead of in our communities.

  3. long gun registry is a terrible waste of taxpayers money; 20 + hospitals or 200+ schools could have been built across canada for that price. i hope Harper gets rid of this once & for all. HOW MUCH OF THIS DICTATERSHIP SHOULD WE, OR WILL WE TAKE.

  4. Good or bad i think the registry will stay.Does it help the cops when going to a house the has registered guns? Possibly. What about the house that has unregistered guns that the cops don’t know about? Can it be a usefull tool to solve a crime? Yes,if the gun is registered. Joe public is not interested in gang murders,or random shootings,or armed robberies.The womens movement is more concerned with there own husbands or ex’s going awall. And because the liberals are going after the womens votes they would even vote to have butter knives registered.As for the Bloc, they would prefer to take everything away from you than to dare lock a nut case up for good.Ex-the guy who went in and shot up the quebec legislature and killed a couple of people.10yrs in jail and out you go. Why do you think dear Carla went to quebec after she was set free.Because no one would care.

  5. Quite frankly it’s not the registry that is the problem. It is the fact that every time some deranged nutcase shoots up people it gives the government an excuss to now say this particular type of a gun is more lethal than this one so we will ban it and confiscate using the registry to identify owners.And lets not forget that the movement to register and restrict guns has an important ally and that being the animal rights groups, because as it becomes harder to obtain or use a firearm the less likely a new generation of hunters and sport shooters will stay interested.God knows it’s hard enough to motivate the new generation of kids as it is. And is the answer more jails at a billion dollars a year for murders with guns.NO. The answer is courts dealing with crime properly and capital punishment for the perpetrators and if that means the gallows well i guess 35cents a foot for rope is better economicly than $50.000 a year per person.

  6. I agree with you on that one Paul unfortunately a majority of the crimes that see their way into our courts would not hold that harsh a penalty. But it’s the lessor crimes like drug possession and break and enter that eventually lead to the more serious crimes. Locking these little bastards up on the first offence rather than putting them on probation would deter future behaviour. Heck, today they can even avoid probation with a warm and fuzzy diversion program where they sit in a circle with a bunch of tree huggers and talk about what they did……

    1. Well Trapper..it looks like the long gun debate has taken a real ugly turn thanks to the NDP and the arse from down east..how did I know that was going to happen! Most easterners are such good people too!!


  7. with what is happening in toronto with rob ford . it is going to be a eye opener for most mps and mpp the next election will probably suprise allot of people ..

  8. WOW!
    This blog is dead unlike the Gun registry debate…

    Where are all the usual “politicians” that usually have things to say on this blog?

    It’s going to be an interesting vote tomorrow in Parliament

  9. NO it will show up in the next election i hope…..it is starting to show already .. poll shows the NDP have now Dropped from 20% to 14% over just the gun regestry. keep spending and we will keep paying bahhhhh baaaahhhh..(thats my sheep impression)

  10. sounds to me like layton wipped his party but a lot quieter than ignatief. i read an editorial in a local newspaper yesteday.it’s hard to believe people can describe how little gun registry actualy does, but they’re willing to pay millions for it anyhow.

  11. hard to believe but today even the Globe and Mail, the Liberals own newspaper called for the abolition of the gun registry. As far as the womens groups, they are just a bunch of men hating lesbians

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