Long gun Registry Eve of Destruction


On the day the Long gun Registry goes to a vote, it seems the good guys really have the cards stacked against them now.

The Ottawa SUN reported this morning that the Liberal Party’s women’s caucus, Status of Women critics and women’s shelter groups’ movement are now pushing to keep the Registry.


And everyone knows once you get powerful groups like these working against you, you’re in big trouble.
What still baffles me with all this is how people continue to support something with such little proven merit.

The womens’ groups say that, without the registry, many people — particularly women — will die.

But will they really?

As one informed reader of this Blog McDan put so perfectly:

“It’s hard to believe people can describe how little gun registry actually does, but they’re willing to pay millions for it!”

I’m as confused as you are McDan, and I predict after this big vote is over, the majority of Canadians will be as dumbfounded as we are.


41 thoughts on “Long gun Registry Eve of Destruction”

  1. I think deep down we all knew the bill would get voted down. There are too many politicians and support groups looking to take advantage of the exposure a story like this provides. It’s sad but true.

  2. support groups to take advantage of the story …… you got that right … have you heard anything from the ofah on this …yes maybe one or two lines from a interview but no full page ads or even a prime time commercial… so where does our money go .. if there was one thing for them to blow the bank on, it was this project…. ….

  3. Is it just me, or do others notice a trend in the MP’s of the Libs, Bloc and NDP? It appears that all the so called “Men” in these parties have had their cojones shrunk. They can’t seem to “grow a pair” to vote down this stupid, wasteful, ineffective boondoggle, while Candice Hoeppner is demonstrating much more Courage, Integrity, Cojones, Determination and Honesty in bringing sanity to the fore….
    Keep at it Candice….

    BOYS of the Official Opposition and Unofficial Oppostion….”GROW A PAIR” at least the size of Mme. Hoeppner’s, and side with your constituent’s wishes.

  4. $2 Billion wasted. G & M. Editorial brings up the ACTUAL ANNUAL costs, but does not come right out and say SCRAP IT! the Wusses.
    “Elsewhere in the report the RCMP puts the annual net cost of the Canadian Firearms Program for 2010-11 at $66.4-million”.
    If the Libs/Blocs/NDippers had a pair half the size of Candice Hoeppner, they’d vote iwth integrity for the wishes of their Constituents, and not worry about being punished by Iggy E. by having to go skinny dipping with Bare Azz Bob Rae….ughhhhhhhhhh! GAG….

  5. OK This will be like like watching the Super Bowl….Who’s going to win?

    Who’s going to watch it LIVE on CPAC?…..at 6pm EST………….me ( I need to get a life) LOL


    September 22, 2010

    The House of Commons will be packed late this afternoon as MPs vote on the future of Bill C-391, the private member’s legislation that would dismantle Canada’s long-gun registry. The final tally is expected to be close, with many rural New Democrats now planning to vote against the bill introduce by Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner. In the event of a tie, House Speaker Peter Milliken would be forced to break the deadlock. Watch live on CPAC and CPAC.ca at 6pm ET / 3pm PT (approximate time).

  6. and Peter Milliken is a LIEbeal, can you whip a speaker, not that it would matter, there is no way he’d vote against. I hope Harper has a trick up his sleeve, like someone crossing the floor so they can vote the way Canadians want them to vote.

  7. Just cracked a Guinness and Setling in on the couch watching TV to see the vote Live…

    It’s almost as good as the Canada Vs US hockey game last February during the Vancouver Games.

    stay tuned!

  8. the registry remains …indeed a waste of taxpayers funds….the lost $$$ certainly could have been used to much better use.

    the registry will remain but I am sure will be a hot topic in the next federal election!

  9. So now what, the gun registry stays. The NDP and Liberals now need to explain to their constituents why they voted to keep it when it was made very very clear that most Canadians thought it was a colossal waste of taxpayers money. They’ll also have to explain why they told taxpayers it only cost 4 million dollars a year, when in fact they knew it cost between 60 and 100 million a year and has never saved a life.
    It’s too bad that the Haper conservatives didn’t take this serious enough to make it a non confidence vote, like they promised, and instead made it a private members bill. Very few private members bills ever get passed but a non confidence vote would have either removed the gun registry or given us an election with a built in referendum. In a way I think Harper let the gun owners down by not making this a make or break issue. However this could also be the final straw to call the election and let true Canadians decide instead of the Toronto Elite.

  10. Honestly,did we think that we would win given the bleeding heart leftwing majority. But now i would like to spread some of the blame around. Why did the tories think they could win on sheer emotion from rural folks. Why did they not for the last 2-3 years keep an accurate fact sheet on all the murders or weapon offences involving firearms. How many were registered,and what type.How many were stolen and used in a crime. Were they smuggled in or legally bought. Was it used byJoe blow or was it gang related. How many times was the registry actually used by police to apprehend a violent crimminal. How many of these gun owners were charged with careless storage of a firearm after the police entered there homes. The comparison of how many gun to knife crimes there have been And how many guns have actually been taken away in domestic disputes.And most of all how many actual gun related crimes were commited. All this kind of imfo could have been compiled to paint a picture but was not. So it leads me to wander wether they new it would not pass so it can be used as ammunition for the next election. Now that Iggie has that shit eating grin on his face,i hope all you guys have serial numbers on your hunting knives cause thats next

  11. HEY ALAIN do you watch movies over and over again ….. any body with a brain would have know how it was going to turn out…. and it just proves that not every one can get a pal or pol because there is alot of dumb people out there … and i will start with the first 153

  12. chessy,

    Ya I know I need to get a life….what was I doing watching CPAC today….What was I thinking? %$@*

    I think i’ll go watch another episode of Breaking Bad! Now that is entertainment! LOL!

  13. …… im watching the leafs right now and that is like watching a re run as well….. lol i guess all hunters are that way…. i guess thats why we get run over by bleeding hearts

  14. I don’t even know what to say at this point…think I need to be alone….beleive it or not, I was asked to be on a CBC talk show this evening “Connect with Mark Kelly” out of Toronto – to discuss my stance on the gun registry and I said no…Im not even sure why to be honest as normally I’m all over these things…guess I just knew in my gut what was going to transpire with the vote this evening and it would have been pointless..

    Hey, maybe if we just put our heads in the sand all this will soon be over..is it hunting season yet?


  15. Miss- Information is the biggest problem with this registry affair. the womens group saying that it saves womens lives is total baloney. They are refering to PAL licences. I just had to renew mine today and your wife and ex wives have to sign this application. They actualy have a say in this process. THE GUN REGISTRY DOES NOT DO THIS, fac’s did’ pal’s do. It’s very frustrating how little people know squat about this gun registry but have bull headed opinions. lets keep up the fight especialy at the polls next election.

  16. @ mcdan, worse, he’s a Senachoker fan hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    @mcdan, these womens groups are full of men hating lesbians, they won’t let the facts get in their way

  17. mcdan, remember how you felt watching the Senachokers not show up when they went to the final and didn’t show up?
    Alain wanted that feeling again and got it tonight watching CPAC LOL

  18. jeff is your mother sick .. dad sick .. kids sick….. what were you thinking .. it is voices like your that are trained in making words sound right. we need people like you to take our words and make them sound better . unlike other organizations that do nothing but back yard deals it is bloggers and web based raido that is making a differnce in how we hear and read things. this is possible why toronto is going with a mayor like rob ford.. years ago it would be the sun against the star in who is the one to vote for now you have every blogger and web based media makeing a stand . belive it or not it is your time to shine for all of us who can not voice our thought correctly . We need you to do what ever you can … in the mean time i thank you for all you do for us. …

    1. Chessy, I don’t honestly know what to say about turning down my offer to be on CBC television last night…I was just getting a bad vibe about the whole thing, so I bailed…a little voice telling me it was a bad idea. I realize I do hold some responsibility to speak out on our behalf but this Registry argument has been argued six ways to Sunday; with so many political levels of crap, it’s not funny. It’s like a rotten onion that just gets more rancid as you peel back the layers!

      I hate that kind of thing..besides, the show aired right around the time the vote came through and it felt a bit like a set-up to me….and really the fight is way out of mine or anyone else’s hands. I guess anytime I see something associated with Toronto..it scares me…besides that, without going into too much detail, this issue is a bit of a conflict of interest for me.

      Now, had this been an interview in support of trapping or our hunting heritage, it would have been a much different story!!


    1. Come on boys what is this, a hockey Blog now? Besides, we all know the lafs got lucky!

      Alain, I’m with you..Breaking Bad is real entertainment…just ordered Season 3 on DVD..hey, perhaps we should all start selling Crystal Meth..you know, raise a pile of money to help fight this thing.


  19. Jeff I think you did the right thing turning down CBC’s offer. Last week in Manitoba one of the few TV stations we could get was CBC news. The anti Conservative bias was unreal. The Liberals got so much more air time I could not believe it.

    I took a chance and did provide an interview to local CTV news. I led off the late night segment of the local Ottawa station. I was pleasantly surprised to see my comments were not edited negatively. All the comments last night were anti gun registration. Good for CTV!

    Trudeau Jr. got slammed for bringing up the division of urban and rural supporters of getting rid of the registry. He slunk away with his tail between his legs when all the protesters informed him they were urban voters and he was the one causing the division.

    1. Good for you Rick..I’m glad you gave it to them and it’s nice to see the CTV taking such a risky stance also.

      I’m sure everyone noticed the Ottawa SUN stating clearly yesterday they are in support of trashing the Registry…I’m not sure if they speak for all of SUN Media, but it was nice to hear.

      So Iggy, what do think the ‘other’ paper in town is saying…I’ll be damned if I go look.


  20. I think your kind of right Jeff, in yesterdays Ottawa Sun there was a small article how the CBC has gotten itself into some trouble by being caught intentionally misleading their viewers about the gun registry. I’d really like you to post that article here, I’m sure you could get the article sent to you. It was Wednesdays paper.
    however, experts like yourself need to speak up, go on and face them, be prepared and battle. They won’t ask up everyday people, so we could on support from people like you and groups like the OFAH. Everyone who says I always bash the OFAH, what do you say now.
    THANKS FOR NOTHING sounds about right

    1. Iggy, I had read that article yesterday as well..and I’ll admit it did contribute to my fear of the situation:

      Trust me Iggy, I am prepared to battle and I have in the past on several occasions…but I have also learned when to pick my battles.

      Yes, I agree, we could have used some large orgs like OFAH speaking out on this in a timely manner..as we saw yesterday, it wouldn’t have taken much to defeat it.

      Here is that article:

      CBC gun registry report ripped
      By ALTHIA RAJ, Parliamentary Bureau

      OTTAWA — The Conservative Party is alleging the CBC purposefully misled viewers by airing a report that, it said, suggests the National Rifle Association was helping them abolish the long-gun registry.

      Jenni Byrne, the party’s head of political operations, wrote CBC Ombudsman Vince Carlin last week over what she said was concern by the public broadcaster’s “blatant agenda-driven reporting.”

      “During its nightly newscast, the CBC reported that the National Rifle Association (NRA), a U.S. third party advocacy group, is behind efforts by some Canadian lawmakers to abolish the long-gun registry…Yet shockingly, the CBC does not provide any evidence to connect the Government of Canada, the Conservative party and any U.S. advocacy group,” Byrne wrote. “Conspiracy theory journalism with a clear political agenda is not an appropriate practice for Canada’s national broadcaster.”

      Byrne’s alleges the CBC was also in cahoots with the Liberals because some of its MPs came out flying with similar accusations after the broadcast.

      Carlin said he received 11 complaints about the item.

      The public broadcaster responded but one complainant was not satisfied by CBC’s answer, Carlin said, so he will investigate.

      “I’ll probably do this fairly quickly just because we are in the political season,” he said.

      The Conservatives sent info-alert e-mails to party faithful after the broadcast aired saying “CBC’s claim is offensive and its motivation is obvious.”

      CBC spokesman Jeff Keay said the broadcaster was reviewing a complaint from the Conservative Party of Canada and would respond “to that letter in due course.”


  21. The “Other Paper” supported the dismantling of the gun registry…I think
    But I’ll tell you who really threw a loop to it’s readers. The Globe and Mail, yes the most LIEberal newspaper in Canada, run by the LIEberals themselves, yesterday said it was a total waste of money and time and said in clear English it should be dismantled. They also went on to explain that the LIEberals were lieing (surprise surprise) saying that it was costing 4 million a year when in fact it was costing between 60-100 million a year, not to mention the two BILLION it cost to start it up.

  22. hey iggy … dont go on one site i went there and said where was the ofah on this no advertisment no nothing .. and i was told to be quiet and if this person ever seen me he would split my fing head open …. i guess the ofah has some seriouse followers ….. (i think this person was more upset with my rant on the ofah before )

  23. Hi Guys

    As you are aware I am a person that has a negative out look on the ofah, with that said I have gotten into many discussions about the ofah and their work.
    The other night I posed a question on a hunting forum and got raked over the coals by an individual about my opinion of the ofah, and how they did nothing to succeed in the registry being defeated. That person then posted my exact question on what I assume is the oodmag website. This is his question/my question (Maybe OFAH could have used our millions of membership dollars to run an ad campaign to show the general public what a waste the long gun registry really is? posting articles on the OFAH website does nothing to gather attention from the general public.

    Those in support of the registry ran some great ads (TV, radio and newspaper) Those who oppose, ran nothing

    This is their response in bold letters and the small lettering is mine if I could put my reply up on their website if I was allowed on there website. (I have been banned from there website because I don’t tow the line)

    In support of Bill C-391, we have issued several media releases on the Canad…ian newswire that generated significant media attention. We have appeared on more than a dozen television and radio shows including national programs, and been extensively quoted in print.

    I am a avid reader of all media yes I seen some one line quotes but nothing in a article that would have stood out to most people and defiantly nothing that I seen that would have hit people that did not know anything about the registry. Also when did it cost anything to appear on a news show or put thing on the newswire?

    We’ve written letters to the editor, published articles in our Ontario OUT OF DOORS members’ section, as well as provided comments in the main section.

    WOW your putting articles in a magazine you own transferring money from my members dues to people on the ofah payroll to keep them in a job. Putting this money out on this is a complete waste of money people that get the OOD mag already know the issue and hate the registry.

    We’ve done email blasts, and used the website and Facebook to increase our reach. We initiated a national petition to scrap the long gun, and brought in our affiliates from across Canada (www.scrapthelonggunregistry.com)

    Email blasts, really are a joke (I am a computer science major) When setting up email blast marketing campaign, you should strive to not only driving customers to your web site, but you also should lead your customers to a purchase or strong call to action on your web site. It’s a challenge in most cases to get someone to even read and open the email blast marketing piece that you send them, facebook once again free and useless people joining your facebook are already on your side.

    We’ve met with politicians and other key stakeholders on all sides of this Issue.

    I never heard what the out come of those meeting they were not published. They never emailed me or any one that I know of saying they had negative meeting with this MP or that MP and for us to call and tell them how we feel against the registry. Again this is all free to meet with these people.

    In addition to our efforts on the long gun registry issue, the O.F.A.H. runs several conservation programs and supports many others, runs youth and other outreach initiatives, operates a hunting and fishing heritage centre to educate and celebrate the importance of our outdoor heritage, and advocates for the rights of anglers and hunters on a wide variety of other issues.

    All of these programs are moneymakers or break even. Once again hiring people to do these things to line their pockets with your money. The heritage site, which advocates the right of anglers was, donated money and they are now charging for money so people can hear about the rights of anglers and hunters.

    Why do they charge when most of what they do for us is free? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MAKING MONEY, BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE BLOWN THE BANK ON THIS ISSUE.

    The ofah has to participate and spend money OUTSIDE these common walls of security and stop passing money from one pocket to another.

  24. As is my right in a democratic organization such as the OFAH, I recently had a difference of opinion and challenged the OFAH policy concerning what they did in the gun restistry ..Well the OFAH banned me from there facebook page over the above post on there suport of the gun registry . No wonder their views are so messed up if you suggest something in writing on a face book page or at a meeting or in writing you get banned or worse off told that you are not welcome …

    1. Chessy, in my experience, most organizations don’t much like the outspoken members.you know the types who challenge stuff and actually care about the way things are done..

      The sad thing is, those ‘cheerleader’ types are the ones they go for. I find the work place is a lot like that too. Those low-maintenance employees who dont suck-up but just do their job, never get recognized…whereas the ‘cheerleader’ types win all the awards and get all the recognition… it’s all pretty phoney!


    oops sorry about the caps
    you can say whatever you want as long as it’s not a lie, you just can’t say it on their sites
    I agree the OFAH is a sham, they are not there to help hunters, they are there to line the OFAH’s coffers
    with cold hard cash

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