21 thoughts on “Longtime antler feud comes to an end”

  1. Yes, now isn’t that a typically sad story of a trophy animal and human greed. That collector should be proud to have that deer mount hanging on his wall! The thrill of the negotiation, the adrenaline rush when you write the cheque and snap it out from under a family feud. Stories to share with the grandkids for sure.
    I am all for hunting, do it myself, but have we lost sight of why we hunt? For me it’s the tenderness of the back strap, who cares what the horn is like. Damn things only collect dust after the novelty has worn off. Do I get excited when a big buck comes to the grunt? Absolutely, but I prefer a two year old jakelope type buck when its going in my freezer.

    1. Johan said, “Do I get excited when a big buck comes to the grunt? Absolutely, but I prefer a two year old jakelope type buck when its going in my freezer.”

      Friggin classic man…hehe..good job!


  2. Jeff,

    It would be difficult to skin a fur-bearing trout because it’s about as genuine as a jackalope.

  3. All I can say is long after that freezer/table fare has been flushed down the toilet I will be enjoying my antlers on the wall.

    Antlers are one of nature’s great creations. None are the same. Like a beautiful sunset there may be another one tomorrow but no two are identical.

    1. Guys..in this situation I really think it has more to do with money and greed. Honestly, it could have been a $320,000 Stradivarius violin the family was fighting over, instead of a deer head.

      You know that when people die, the vultures swoop-in for any craps…sad thing is, they call it human nature. I guess you’ll never know how you’ll react until it happens to you.


  4. yup when people die greedy people. but to sell something your father said not to sell. deserves all the crap his family gave him. im sure his dad took a hold of his A$$ when he got to where he was going and kicked it straight to haties

  5. better yet whos crazy enough to pay 325 grand for a set of antlers … wow thats like 8000 cases of beer …

    1. Matt, keep in mind the deer head went to a collector in the US..so that’s more like 16,000 cases of beer!


  6. pathetic how a family who probably did not hunt deer or even know the feeling of pride when you come up upon the big kill you have patiently been waiting for i have several huge racks and i will never sell them it is a sense of pride and respest for the animal who’s life was taken to provide food for the winter and to enjoy there is no price for honor or respect of a wild animal this rack should have been kept in canada or even donated to a local wildlife museum

  7. Johan, some hunters have definitely been after the bragging rights for hunting. I’m like you – meat in my freezer is what i’m after and if it’s a buck, then so be it.

    As for this story, sad is what it is. A family torn apart by an heirloom so to speak. My wife’s a financial planner and she sees the worst come out in people after a loved one passes and the will is read or estate is being sorted out. It bewilders her – she’s not sure if it’s pure grief taking over emotions or simple greed, but she doesn’t like it.

    Neat set of antlers though.

  8. “Antlers are one of nature’s great creations. None are the same. Like a beautiful sunset there may be another one tomorrow but no two are identical”
    Very well written, but too bad we have to remove it from the gene pool it in order to enjoy it. I have seen the big racked ones weaving through the woods, quieter than a squirrel and with so much head gear that to me is enjoying one of nature’s great creations. (Alright, I couldn’t get a shot, whatever!)

    Easy for us to sit here and say we wouldn’t but I am not really sure what I would do if I hadn’t kill it personally. As far as the greedy family that could be over anything, just happens to be antlers. Greed is greed.

  9. Somehow a lot of hunters judge how good someone is by the size of the antlers. Even though a lot of times it’s about being in the right place at the right time. I have done lots of guiding. Most hunters that go on guided hunts want a trophy. I once guided for a high fence operation. My only job was to field judge the rack and tell the client how big it was, and how well it would score. Then it was up to them to pull the trigger or not. I did it once, and never did it again. The hunters would pay depending on the score of the rack. The bigger it was, the more it cost. We’re talking between $10,000-$15,000 just based on the rack.

    I’m like “most” other hunters. If a legal animal walks out and I need to fill the freezer, it is in big trouble. Unfortunately there are those out there that try to capitalize on taking a huge animal. Endorsements and commercialization mean lots of money and lots of guys get blinded by dollar signs… Fame and fortune can turn people on their friends and family in a hurry.

  10. I’m in agreement with Mike Jones. The best place for those antlers would be in a wildlife museum, as would the huge rack from the record moose that was shot in the Gaspe region of Quebec recently.

  11. To those who question why anyone would pay such exorbitant amounts for a set of deer antlers – why does any collector pay what they do to obtain what they want?

    Simple answer because they WANT the item and can afford to pay whatever it costs.

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