Maple syrup time is near!

There is nothing quite like the maple syrup time of year, and I have spent more years than I can recall working the sugar bush. Times I will never forget..not easy work, but extremely rewarding and downright tasty!

What a blast it was – running lines, repairing breaks, tapping, watching the evaporator, taking-off the syrup and running the old creaky canner. The whole operation is a hoot right down to the moment when that first batch of syrup comes off…man, it tastes awesome when its warm.

There is a real science involved in any maple syrup operation from understanding the sap’s sugar content at various times of the year, knowing the colour, taste and density of different grades of syrup, to skills like understanding how to build and maintain the perfect fire to keep your evaporator going steady.

Its not as easy as its sounds!

Old school syrup producers have never used modern gauges and I’m sure never worried about it either. They can read more in the webbing off their ladle than a thousand sophisticated gauges could ever that is science in itself.

The final product is a thing of beauty and there is really nothing in the world that compares to the taste of fresh maple syrup, or taffy on snow.

Now get out there and enjoy some pure Canadian goodness!!

The forecast looks good for sap to run over the next few days and lets hope favorable temperatures remain long enough for a great season!


11 thoughts on “Maple syrup time is near!”

  1. Sap ran pretty good yesterday. Some trees ran all night. May have to do a gather tonight.
    Should have enough to boil. Nice to be outside again.

    1. Awesome imacdon..I wondered if you might be out doing your ‘spring thing’. Hope you have a teriric season!

      Btw, I have one of your ‘Gobbler Photos’ slated to accompany my Pembroke Column next week..hope thats ok?


    1. Hey imacdeon, good stuff!

      I guess this ‘re-freeze’ will put a stop to things for awhile?


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