Meet my backyard boys


I know these guys pale in comparison to Rick’s giants, but they’re still nice to look at. 

I now have three bucks coming to my place on a regular basis. One is a two year old 6-point; another one is an 8-point three year old and finally my old pal Garfield who’s also a three-year old. 

As you will see in the photos, Garfield experienced some real difficulty with his symmetrics this year. One side of his rack is a typical 4 point but the other side has gone all wonky. I can only assume he sustained some sort of injury during early antler growth.

Rick, any thoughts?

You may recall this buck from last year, as the one who had part of his main beam broken off in a fight. From what I know, that breakage last fall would have no effect on this year’s growth, although it is ironic. 

The weird antler growth has had no effect on Garfield’s attitude; he is still most dominant of the three bucks. 

Still no sign of my ‘Granddaddy’ – I have not seen him since February actually, but he tends to hide most of the summer anyway. 





I have been able to follow this buck, I call Garfield, the past three years with help from his distinctive white legs patch, front and back, and a shoulder scar which is also a give-away.





Meet Savage Joe’s buck – he and McDan suspect this is the same deer Savage missed out on last fall walking to his stand.


Here’s a sideview of the ‘Savage buck’ which appears to be a nice clean 5X5. I wonder who (if anyone) will get to see this bad boy during the season?


Here’s a nice shot of mom and the little one stopping by McDan’s Bushnell Trophy cam for a lick.

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  1. I really like the quality of your trail camera Jeff. Nice pictures!!

    I would suspect an injury either to the antler itself or an injury to one of his legs.

    Often when a front leg is injured the antler on the off side is wonky. With a back leg injury the antler on that side is affected.

    1. Thanks Rick, I just love those little cameras!

      Regarding my buck with the wonky antler, along with his shoulder injury I did suspect he might have a hind leg issue. I have yet to see him in ‘real time’, only have him on the camera. The other two bucks I see at dusk and the other at dawn.

      I will attach the images which, I think, shows an injured hind leg. I thought I was seeing things at first and now I dont know.


  2. To: Jeff Morrison,
    Wondering what type of feed you give the deer.
    I live in Nova Scotia, the only thing I can purchase
    is apples and corn. The deer do not seem that
    interested in corn – love the apples.
    Great photo’s.
    Clary MacDonald

    1. Hi Clary, I’ve been using a pelletized feed from our local feed company here in Ottawa – Ritchie’s Feed & Seed.

      It is a pelletized blend formulated specifically for whitetails, with a good balance of carbohydrates and protein. I can look up the percentages if you like?

      Over the years, I have used everything from cracked corn, to alfalfa, to clover and so on. From what I have seen, this pellet mixture is the best. It seems to be very easy for the deer to digest and doesn’t cause any problems during the winter as a ‘supplemental’ source of food.

      I stress the fact that any feed I introduce is a small supplemental food source – since the animals are free to browse and enjoy their natural diet as well.

      Clary, you may want to check with your local Co-op or any nearby livestock feed stores and ask them about it. My guess is a lot of these places now produce feed specifically for deer.

      Thanks for stopping by from beautiful Nova Scotia? What area are you from, I have relatives down there?


  3. what’s it called Jeff, I think I’m going to camp tomorrow night to set up my camera
    I usually stop at the TSP in Arnprior and buy deer feed, it has some kind of molasses in it

    1. Iggy, are you thinking of Acorn Rage? I use the molded block that actually screws into the tree…not sure TSP would have it though, I know the place in Richmond does.

      Unless you’re thinking of something else? Its not Comere Deer is it?


  4. I don’t remember the name, it’s around 10 bucks and it looks like corn soaked in molasses, smells real sweet

  5. clary … if you can get corn cheap, toss some molasses in with it … seems to work well

    1. Hey imacdon, where you been hiding?

      Never tried it but Im sure it would work…you?


  6. The deer seem to like it. It can be purchased at any feed store.
    We did not do very good on the tags this year, only one out of six? Same as last year.
    Seeing lots of does and fawns, just like last year.

  7. I’m heading up to camp right after work this afternoon. I’ll buy some of that deer feed stuff and put it out along with my trail cam. I sure hope the deer flies have died off a bit, they were wicked last time I was up.
    I’ll let you know the name of the stuff but corn and molasses seems like a cheap alternative, I may just try it.
    I’ve got two SD cards so I can exchange one each time I go up.

    More about the deer feed. Last year we had the coons all over it, five in one video, yet the older guys in camp claimed they hadn’t seen a coon up there in 50 years. WRONG.
    We also had a bear a moose and plenty of fishers. I’d ideally like to get a food that big game, like moose deer and bear like but the varmints aren’t too keen on. I’m not talking about lead chessy LOL

    1. Well Iggy, as soon as you find something that coons WONT eat, I’d love to hear about it!

      Racoons are my nemesis as I’ve wasted piles of deer food and hundreds of photos on the varmints over the years! It doesn’t seem to matter what I put out – carrots, apples and a variety of deer feed…coons will eat anything.

      Plus that, I cant find a way to keep them out of my feeder. Thought metal stove pipes along the feeder posts would work, but they seem to climb anything too! I have to say, though, there are far less raccoons up north at my deer camp.

      Good luck weeding out the coons Iggs, they just seem to come with the territory.


  8. jeff/ig yup tsc sells stuff on the rolling acres brand … its gone up (corn prices went up) to about $14 for the 55lbs … its usually easier to make your own … i use a plastic garbage can and just dump the mol on top … let it sit for a week and should mix pretty easy

    as for the coons, try a 220 connibear … 100% effective =)

    1. Rob, would you suggest using cracked corn or whole corn? Also, how much molasses would you need for an entire garbage can full? Do you stir it afterwards?

      Sounds like my pelletized deer feed is still cheaper..$20 for a 90 pound bag!


  9. i use a couple of those big cartons … i only put 1 carton in at a time, with half a can full of corn … let it do its thing … roll the can around then do the same with the rest of the can … its a bit of a process but I get the corn for next to nothing (seed and labour =)) so it works out … can do something like 150lbs in a can for the cost of the two molasses

    i’ve done whole and cracked, and they eat it up all the same … a 5 gal pale at the main site (where my turkeys have yet to find it too much) lasts 2-3 days

  10. forgot to ask … how does your pellets handle rain? tried some from rooneys a few years back that basically melted when wet

    1. Well Rob, you have touched upon the one drawback on my pellets. They do not handle rain or moisture very well and must be dispensed in a covered feeder.

      The only time I would ever place some on the ground is during mid-winter on hard packed snow, and when there’s no precipitation in the forecast.

      I’m like the corn better in that regard but for concerns over their winter diet, when I did use corn years ago, it was always cracked corn as its easier to digest.


  11. I hear ya on the 220 connibear, trust me, I’ve had my issues with coons right here in the city, but I’d hate to catch a deer by accident so I’ll just leave the coons to enjoy it too, once I start getting deer to the feed I’ll switch to whole corn, less birds get at it then

    1. I have considered trapping them, trust me, but with too many family pets in the area I decided against it. Plus, as you say Iggs what if you caught a deer in it.


  12. I’m intrigued but how would they keep coons out?

    I also tried pellets on the advise of a buddy and they turned to mush, so it’s back to the corn and molasses

  13. Nope, those are for the 220’s … haven’t put together my new 160 boxes yet

    Same idea tho, bait is on the mesh end, trap is on the open end, effective and relatively safe. I set back 5″ inside for the 220’s.

  14. ig … they don’t keep the coons out, they are built to be the final resting spot of coons. Then a quick spray with raid, a brushing outside, skinned and tossed on the stretcher and you are good as gold for the next one =)

  15. i buy a rack stacker product which is corn, oats, mollases which is prettty much exactly like dairy ration allright. i only put out a coffee can full at a couple of areas per week and they love it. also put out salt blocks out starting in the spring.windfall apples are starting and will be mouving them in starting next week.

    1. McDan, I have seen Rackstacker prods at Ritchie’s before. Tried a flavoured (acorn) salt lick of theirs one time which just kind of disintegrated, but I’m sure not all their prods are bad.

      By the way, I just posted three images taken from McDan’s trail cam…apparently this is the same buck Savage Joe missed out on last year (Poor bugger)


  16. Well I went up to camp, put out the trail can and the 90 pound bag of Rolling Acres Deer Food. Man does it stink of sweet. The bush in is really growing, I was up a month ago for a weekend and you wouldn’t even know it was the same place. Kind of got a little turned around in the bush, I knew the direction but it sure looked strange. The deer flies are almost gone, the fellow that lives up around there says he’s never seen a year like it for deer flies. I walked about half a km into the bush with that bag over my shoulder, wouldn’t want to do that very often, both creeks I cross were dry which is surprising considering the recent rain and some of the maples are already turning red and yellow, just the tips but you know what that means
    Anyway I’m all set up again and looking forward to the videos of deer, moose, bear and critters.

    1. Sounds good Iggs..just wondering though, what size is your SD card? With the setting on Vid you could chew up a lottttt of space in a short period of time!

      You’ll be up there soon to check on it again??


      P.S. Big announcement coming soon…

  17. oh the Rolling Acres was about 10 bucks at TSC
    and for anyone who wonders about the OFAH card you get that gives you a 15% discount at TSC, forget it, it’s another scam by the OFAH. In very small print it says only certain items, like some clothing. I gave it back to the casheer and said thanks but I’m not carrying around a store card that only gives you 15% off on a “few” store items.
    Thanks but no thanks

  18. 2GB and my second one is 1GB, I think I’ll bring the laptop next week and check it there, if it’s full I’ll delete anything not worth it and just keep the good stuff, I got a lot on it last year and never ran out. My other card is a 1GB so I’ll use that when I know I’m going to be able to check it often, like when we are in camp

  19. hahahahahaha
    I see the people at PETA are starting up thier own porn web site
    it’s in an article in your paper today
    so don’t eat meat but it’s OK to beat it
    sorry if this doesn’t pass the censors

    1. I’m surprised it made it through the censors too actually, PETA is really bad word..hehe


  20. wow congatulatons on the new job …. your welcome my post count secured your new job he heh he

  21. Outdoors Column returns to Ottawa SUN Sports Section
    jeff.morrison – August 24th, 2011

    Ok folks so here it is, the BIG announcement I mentioned last week…hopefully I haven’t built it up too much.

    And no, its not free products for all the readers and I haven’t won the lottery either, if that’s what you’re thinking.

    Starting next Thursday – following a 2.5 year absence – my Outdoors Column will be returning to the Ottawa SUN Sports Section! (in print & online)

    Having the outdoors column back is great news, not only for me, but for every hunter, fishermen & conservationist in Eastern Ontario and Western QC, and not to worry, the Blog isn’t going anywhere!

    Anyone who followed my SUN outdoors column from 2002 – 2009 pretty much knows what to expect. Hey, you will probably even see your name mentioned in there now and again, plus the latest in hunting and fishing news, gossip, reviews, tips and more. For now it will be running every second Thursday.

    You could say getting my SUN outdoors column back is like have one of my children return, after having gone missing for over 2 years, and you wouldn’t be far off.

    I would like to thank SUN Publisher Rick Gibbons, Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Axelrad and Sport’s Editor Tim Baines for the opportunity to return to print on a regular basis.

    It’s great to be back and right before hunting season too – it must be a sign!!


    Tags: Fishing, Hunting, Jeff Morrison, outdoors guy, Outdoorsguy, SUN outdoors column

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    1. Ok sorry guys…not sure what happened there, I just fixed it. That’s weird as I did not intentionally close it for me, I wanted to chat about it!

      Should be good to go now!!


    1. Of course we know P*TA’s P*RN thing has nothing to do with men..or women..its all about exposure (no pun intended) and publicity and they dont seem to care how they get it.

      The more lowbrow the better for them, it seems!


  22. Mcdan had the two gamecams out this week for the big boy, a tasco infared and the bushnell flash, this year should be a good one

    1. Savage joe, I hear you about this year..and Im putting out a couple more cams around my hunt camp next weekend..cant wait!

      What model Bushnell and Tasco are those? Of course, Tasco is Bushnell now..but Ive never seen a Tasco trail cam.


  23. And if I hadn’t have missed my chance last year, he wouldn’t be the mule he is this year…. I planned it that way

  24. im not sure on the model of the bushnell, and for the tasco im also unsure i bought it for around 80$ on sale at sail when it first opened> its one of those mini ones if you look up tasco 5mp infrared trail camera you can find them on their website. ive never used it so im unsure of how well it works,but mcdan let me know today that there was no pictures of that big buck this week just a bear and that doe and fawn

    1. savage joe, you sure can’t be that price on a new-style Trail cam..and obviously its taking pics, so it must be working ok.


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