Meet the Greely Fishing Club


Long-time Outdoors Guy follower and contributor Pierre Menard has just started a new Club called the Greely Fishing Club and he’s hoping to generate some interest. 

Menard’s new organization will be free and he invites the local community to join and have their stories and pictures put up on his new website:  

Pierre is hoping to make the Club a family affair and invites everyone to get involved in his favourite pastime in one way or another.


3 thoughts on “Meet the Greely Fishing Club”

  1. Good on ya to provide support and exposure to a grass-roots effort like this. I’ve added this link to my favourites. PS: if the link doesn’t work at first like it did for me, it will work if you copy-paste it to your address bar.

    1. Thanks GPG, and trust me Pierre has been a big supporter of mine for years, it was the least I could do.

      I noticed the link problem too and will mention it to him.


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