Moose on loose Bank/Conroy area


Anyone out travelling in the Bank/Conroy area please be on the lookout for a wayward moose(Much like the one above) spotting early this morning!

As most of you know, the Canada moose is one imposing animal and during the winter as they seek refuge, these animals are no less dangerous. Plus that, we all know the dangers of these large animals as they move closer to urban areas.

It can become as unsafe for the animal as it is for us.

Thanks to my buddy ‘Don’ for the heads-up on this he notes, there are some obvious concerns with large mammals :

“Not sure how they (moose) would react to someone out walking a dog, and the dog pisses it off… not to mention that they use roads to travel when snow gets heavy, so they could pose a real threat to drivers”

On the plus side, the drop in snow depth over the past week will be met with great appreciation, I’m sure, by our local ungulate populations. I bet snow has dropped 12″ at least in my area and there’s even a decent crust.

Be careful out there folks and keep an eye out for critters!


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