Mystery of Utah Goat-Man solved or is it?


The mysterious man seen last week dressed in a goat suit among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of Utah, has been identified as a hunter in a goat costume.

Those crazy hunters!!

When a passerby observed a strange-looking  goat back on July 15 in the mountains 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, officials said they wanted to speak with the ‘person’ to explain the dangers of such a stunt with hunting season approaching.

The Utah authorities starting getting anonymous phone calls to ‘leave the goat-man alone’ and things got even stranger.

But alas, the mystery has been solved as it turned out to be a California man preparing himself for the Canadian mountain goat season.


Should we even let this nut bar into the country?? I think that’s a baaaadddd idea!

The 57-year-old  hunter from Southern California explained to authorities that he was merely trying-out a goat suit in preparation for a hunt he has planned in Canada next year.

Ok, so Goat-Man has been solved, but are we any the wiser?

A goat costume to hunt mountain goats during the mountain goat season??

Ok, now I’ve heard everything!!


13 thoughts on “Mystery of Utah Goat-Man solved or is it?”

  1. no surprise hes from california. was there not an anti-smoking commercial a few years ago that used this sort of thing as a gag?

  2. hey hunt antelope with decoys out in front too, so not all that much different. This guy better hope no one else on the mountain has a tag, cause from the picture he looks like he’d probably be the slowest fattest goat on the hill, When shot he would probably roll down the hill the furthest so less carry

    1. Iggy, I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t be the first time someone shot this guy….hehe…less carry, I like that

      To be honest, I don’t even know that some Province’s would allow you to dress-up like a game animal during that game animal’s hunting season??


  3. Looks like I’m off to a bear hunt in the Sudbury area in mid August to get the hunting season off to a start, then moose in Sept and deer in Nov. man what am I going to do in Oct

  4. I have my Moose costume ready for September!! I chose a cow costume this year… oh wait.. maybe that’s a worse idea! hahaha
    This guy is not the sharpest broadhead in the quiver!.

  5. Hey Jeff coming from the mountians I’m on this hunters side. He could do without the goat hat. I always have better luck getting close when decked out in whites. Goat and Sheep are not harmed by anything white (except the great white hunter) It also helps to approach them from above. Predators come from down below. Good luck fall bear hunting, I’ve already tried up my moose.

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