National Fishing Week is all about the kids

With Canada’s National Fishing Week (NFW) well under way, our lakes and rivers will be inundated this week with anglers bursting with National pride. The goal of NFW is to promote the renewable recreational activity we call sport fishing and to get young people involved. Veteran anglers are encouraged to offer those new to the sport a chance to cast a line and discover the excitement of angling. It is time to pack up the kids, dust off the old rod and reel and make tracks for the nearest honey hole. The best part about is that until this Sunday, July 10, you do not even require a fishing license to participate. For more information on National Fishing Week, check out:

Family time at Orlando’s Discovery Cove

Despite recent setbacks, the City of Orlando remains as one of the world’s top family vacation destinations. We have visited so many times we consider it as a second home and even today with my daughters in their mid-teens, our interest in Orlando vacations has not wavered. For anyone who hasn’t been there and is wondering about things to do, the 2016 Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Award winner is a little slice of heaven known as Discovery Cove.  Having spent the day there back in December; I can tell you this place came by its accolades honestly. Outdoor enthusiasts are in heaven interacting with dolphins, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters with exotic fish all around you, or hand feeding tropical birds in the free-flight aviary. Relaxing with my wife and daughters in the beauty and spender of this paradise was something to behold and to be treated to all-inclusive meals, with equipment provided throughout the day, was an added bonus. We were feeling quite melancholy when our adventure was done but departed with memories to last a lifetime. During your next Orlando-area family vacation, be sure to visit:

Ford Explorer fun

Ford’s 2016 Explorer Platinum I road-tested during a fishing trip to my hunt camp in the Laurentians this spring, made an already great adventure even better and certainly more luxurious. The sophisticated new Explorer Platinum SUV comes with what Ford calls; intelligent four-wheel-drive and sophisticated Terrain Management System, which responds and reacts to road conditions in the blink of an eye. The system monitors such parameters as throttle position, wheel speed and even steering wheel angle making my mountainous off-road adventure a thing of beauty. Many of the roads around camp have been torn-up by recent logging activity yet all the ruts and holes were no match for this ‘Top Shelf’ luxury beast. Thanks to Melissa Wood of National Public Relations for the opportunity of trying out this awesome vehicle. For more info on the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum:

Fish, Hunt & Ride summer issue

Get ready fellow hunting, fishing and riding aficionados, the summer issue of everyone’s favourite new magazine is about to go into circulation. All those wonderful off-the-beaten path locales up the valley and across the river in the Pontiac will soon be stocked full with the latest offering of Fish, Hunt & Ride magazine. Our summer issue celebrates Ontario’s reinstatement of the black spring bear season with hunting adventures penned by several FHR columnists’ including ‘Uncle’ Ted Nugent. Add to that more fishing, riding and hunting coverage than you can shake a stick at and you’ve got Ontario and Quebec’s most comprehensive publication. Please check-out our website for an outlet near you:

Bear awareness this summer

Be aware that black bears are attracted to any food source and in areas where berries and natural forage are not available, they will eat whatever they can get including pet food, compost and even garbage. Bears will also return to food sources they remember from last year so be mindful when spending time in bear country. Although encounters are rare they do occur, so be sure to keep your wits about you this summer. If you have a nuisance animal around your property, report it immediately to the MNRF Pembroke: 613-732-3661.

16 thoughts on “National Fishing Week is all about the kids”

  1. Hello Jeff,

    Heading to our hunt camp the first week of August. Do you think the summer issue of everyone’s favorite new magazine will be available and into circulation? The anticipation is getting to us. 😉
    Hope you are having a great summer in the outdoors.

    1. Hey Alain,

      Thanks for continuing to read Fish, Hunt & Ride! Our summer issue is out in Distribution this week..check out the sites on our website, including SAIL which is usually the first spot to receive copies!


  2. Speaking of fishing and National Fishing Week is all about the kids … Doin’ a father and son Salmon charter this week with my son on Lake Ontario. Can’t wait. weather forecast looks good.
    son is no longer a kid (27 years old ) but he is still my kid.

    1. Hey Chessy, tks for reading us online and HOPEFULLY one day we’ll be available at the corner store right in your town!

      Hope all is well?


    1. Tks Alain for the update, we will likely be replenishing that SAIL stock soon. The Orleans grocery stores will be filled this week as well!


  3. good morning Jeff last week I observed some kids in almonte looking at some guys fishing near my place in Almonte , I asked the kids if they liked fishing but they said their parents didn’t have the money to buy them the stuff to fish. I thought this was weird but really sad, I went home put some line on 2 extra rods I had and went down to the dam section where I live and gave the 2 kids the rods and some tackle and an old fishing box and told their parents that its free and began to show them how to put a worm on a hook , the kids eyes just lit up and I felt the spark that hit me as a young boy when my dad first took me fishing . The look on the little girls face when she caught a sun fish was price less , I showed them how to remove and release the fish.The tears began to flow when the mom and dad could not thank me enough for what I did and all I could say was I had extra old equipment it was no problem giving it away and the kids reaction was hey dad can we go fishing tomorrow !! I will never forget this and hope people can pass along this attitude of giving and showing kids the great outdoors have a great day jeff and fellow readers

  4. yup all it well just dealing with contractors for the new cage for the new only one in canada fish counter, lets just hope it does what it says.. been a busy summer. soon it will be salmon time
    Hope your summer has been great as well

    1. Ok Johan, you must outline this fly-in moose hunt you have planned? Where are you headed and when? Might even pass along some calling tips not that I’m any real expert on it. Sometimes its more about consistency(timing, location) of the call..rather than any special vocal skill. My good buddy has had great success with the bull grunt and never does a cow call. One fall at a QC Outfitter, he called-in 10 bulls for clients. It was some sort of camp record!

      But that was quite far north. Last fall he used the same strategy hunting moose at our deer camp in the Laurentians..and nothing! They hunted the same bull all season and it would NOT come out..despite their best efforts.

      Hope all is well with you?


  5. I heard you don’t have to be particularly great at calling but it helps the better you are. I swear by my grunt tube for deer (one of them, the other cost 3x more and isn’t worth the powder to blow it up). Is there such a thing for moose? Normally I don’t worry about calling at our moose camp, but we are going up the week of 19th of September and we have tags. Some of the less energetic guys are calling it a ‘fishing trip with guns’ but I expect to hunt more than fish as I am seldom in areas where there aren’t hundreds of hunters, and certainly never that early in the season. I am going to take notes and pics while I am there so will let you know how it goes.

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