Ontario Antlerless Validation Tag Allocation


Further to my Outdoors Column in yesterday’s Ottawa SUN, I would like to make some important clarification to the deer seal information provided.

Thanks to some guidance from Mary Dillon – Management Biologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Kemptville, I realize that I may have given some erroneous advice with regards to deer tag allocation this year.

I appologize for any confusion(or exictement) this may have caused.

The table below describes the 2012 Antlerless Validation Tag allocation and the Additional Deer Seal allocation, by WMU.  There are, actually, only two WMUs (66b and 69b) in Kemptville District with Additional Deer Seals available for purchase.


2012 Antlerless Allocation *

2012 Additional Deer Seals *



2000 (1500)

0 (0)



600 (600)

0 (0)



2100 (1350)

0 (0)



215 (450)

0 (0)



2600 (2500)

0 (0)



800 (650)

0 (0)




30 (30)



700 (1000)

0 (0)



350 (300)

100 (100)


12 thoughts on “Ontario Antlerless Validation Tag Allocation”

  1. Funny….in 2008, I missed out on the extra tags (there were 6 that year I believe), then the big winter storms hit and now nada. Hopefully the populations will come back – not to the level of needed 6 extra tags, but 1 or 2 would be a nice healthy population.

  2. keebler, that year the bow hunters(2 brothers, one son) took 9 deer around my place with the extra tags. That was after the gun hunters ran the bush ragged for two weeks and took their 8. Not sure how many both groups wounded either. Those were crazy times for deer and likely a good reason coyote populations are up.

  3. hi jeff just to let you know the coyote population where i hunt has been reduced significantly this i can only hope will help deer hunting this year as they force the deer out of their beddings areas.I have observed a healthy increase in deer numbers especially larger does than normal for this time of year that always changes in the fall however the lakers are bitting like crazy on the big rideau we have seen with the sonar and by eye that the bait fish pop is way up and most of the best fishing is before 6:30 am don’t know if you fish this area much but it has been producing good sized fish

    1. Hey mike…I’d be interested in hearing more about how “the coyote population where i hunt has been reduced significantly”

      Have you played a role in this reduction..or is it just something you’ve noticed?

      Tks for the laker update also!


  4. Hi Jeff,
    I enjoy your blog very much, thanks for the hard work.

    I am new in the Ottawa area. I used to hunt small game such as rabbits and game birds where I was living before and I would like to hunt coyotes so to encourage the growth population of cottontails and hares. It seems the last time I was out discovering the Larose forest area last winter all I could see was coyote trails.

    My fellow hunters I would like to know, where is a good spot to hunt coyotes in the area?
    Also since I am at it, where is a good place to find small game (rabbit/hare) in the area short of knowing a farmer who would let you hunt his land?

  5. Chessy niether is crown land.

    66B isthe old tree nersery near Kemptville that isbowhunting only andonly open for a week.

    69B is south of the 401 and is all private land with limited access.

  6. Sam, winchester through lanark is flush with coyotes, get knocking on some doors and you WILL find farmers with coyote problems. Treat them (the land owners) with respect and you will have grounds for life.

  7. just to keep you up to speed i have been going out at night to observe deer movement and i am surprised on how much smaller deer i am seeing with does especially when they are still spotted maybe they have given birth later in the season i have seen signs of the deer eating the corn in an area where i have now built an awesome blind but wonder if the dry season will play a part in what they will forrage on. bucks yet to see three of the massive bucks that were nocturnal last year i will try and get them on camera for you this season can any of your friend recc a really good motion camera some are pricy does this really mean that they are that good

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