Ontario beards & spurs on the way!

With only 10 days left until Ontario’s 2015 spring wild turkey season gets under way, its a time that many hunters have been waiting for with baited breath!

Although I’ve been promising myself(& Keebler) that this year would be my year for turkey hunting, it didn’t quite happen, but next year for sure..I did take my turkey seminar almost 25 years ago, so I guess I’m due!

Every morning and evening I am taunted by ‘gobbler talk’ all over the place! I predict some good calling conditions ahead if this spring-like weather continues into late April.

What are your plans for turkey season and where are you headed?

For more on the 2015 wild turkey season, check out my Outdoors Guy column in this week’s Pembroke Daily Observer!

Gobble gobble!!



2 thoughts on “Ontario beards & spurs on the way!”

  1. Just got my first turkey licence. Will give it my best shot next Saturday.
    Good luck to all the Gobler hunters this spring season.

  2. Correction to my last post: not next Saturday but the following Saturday 6 days following the opener. 🙂

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