Ontario's Family Fishing Weekend coming up!

 Photo courtesy of Jeff Morrison<br /><br /><br /><br />
Avid winter angler Grant Bailey with a nice walleye pulled through the ice.

Ice-fishing enthusiasts are  heading into one of the busiest weekends of the season, as Ontario residents will be out enjoying the merits of Family Fishing Weekend – a province-wide initiative celebrating the sport of winter angling and without the otherwise mandatory fishing licence.

Eight years ago, the Ontario Government decided that a festive winter fishing weekend would be adopted to mirror National Fishing Week events during the summer. An Ontario Fishing License is not required Feb 13-15

For all those headed out on the hard top this weekend, play safe and have fun!

For more information on this great initiative: http://www.ontariofamilyfishing.com/



14 thoughts on “Ontario's Family Fishing Weekend coming up!”

  1. Ice is not safe this year. We have 8-9 inches on the lake. No trucks at all. Very few ice shacks. The lake was open along the shoreline last week.

    1. Tks Chessy and imacdon…and duly noted!

      I assume and hope winter anglers realize we do not have the same ice conditions this Feb..as we did last year. I know around here in areas of the Ottawa River with some current..there was solid 2 feet of ice last year.

      This week I still saw open water at mouth of Lievre river on east end!


  2. Thanks for the reminder Jeff.

    Yes not much safe ice around here. be careful everyone

    Weather is going to be crisp for Saturday; forecast for Ottawa Saturday -21 and sunny / Sunday -14 and sunny

    have fun everyone

  3. Well…that was quite the snow dump on Ottawa today 50cm apparently a record. and all this on my Birthday. a day I will remember for a long time. cheers

  4. Hey Jeff, what the heck is with these big box stores from the US. Every time I hear that Bass Pro or Cabela’s is coming to Ottawa I then hear a short time later that it’s cancelled. Sure wish they’d bring one of those stores to this area. Not just for me but any of the large sized guys I hunt with tell me they have to make special trips to the US stores because the stores here don’t carry their size.
    I guess I can always dream…….

    1. Well Iggy, soooo funny you should mention that as it would appear your dream is coming true!!

      Stay tuned for today’s Outdoors Column in the Pembroke Daily Observer..with BIG news on the World’s Foremost Outfitter!!


  5. Iggy, I understand your dilemma on clothing size, having difficulty myself in shopping locally.

    But haven’t you notice the building for Cabela’s going up in Kanata? Patience, and hopefully well stock store for us big guys.

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