Ontarios first elk hunt in a century


Has anyone heard news about Ontario’s first Elk hunt in over 100 years? 

No, well me neither and its starting to bug me!

I know there has been tag allocation arranged for a select number of specially drawn tags, but I have yet to hear the results nor have I received any press material from the MNR on the subject. 

The open season is said to be one week long running from September 19 – 25 and more information regarding the background of the elk hunt an management strategy can be found here:


I officially invite anyone with information on the elk hunt to please stop by and enlighten us with some details.  


23 thoughts on “Ontarios first elk hunt in a century”

  1. the only news I saw were the details from the book. Other than that, squat.
    I almost applied, but decided not to for a variety of reasons.
    Next year – quite possibly.

    I know the farmers up near Iron Bridge aren’t too happy with their crops being eaten by the elk.

    And that area will probably be next to open in a few years I would imagine. I see them all the time when I’m moose hunting and I saw some again when I was on vacation as I was right near where we hunt. The males are neat to see with their massive antlers and bugling away. very cool!

  2. check out Adrian Hare’s hunting forum, Ontario Hunting Lodge.
    There is a thread in the big game section about it, guys telling each other if they got a tag or not, asking questions about where in certain areas to go. Interesting, there was talk of four of us applying because our deer camp in in one of those areas and I’ve heard them bugling, but it never came to pass, maybe next year though

    1. Iggy, I’ve been searching through Adrian’s site for the elk chat but couldn’t find it. Too bad about that guy’s GPS, eh?

      If you come across the link and feel like posting here, please feel free! Or send me a pm with the info. would be good too.


  3. I think this is a absolute joke, if there was 700 white tale deer left in Ontario and they were destroying farms land they we would be transfer to other areas for repopulation, if there was 700 turkeys we would do the same, there would never ever be a hunt for these animals they should be transfer to other areas. All this is a cash cow/bull for the MNR and a pat on the back for the OFAH saying they brought another species to hunt in Ontario, yes its true there is to many bulls and some of the cows are not being bread due to fighting bulls, once again transfer them. I am all for hunting love every extra moment the MNR gives me in the woods, BUT NOT THIS TIME.

    1. Chessy, do you think culling 70 elk from these areas of central ON will make that much of a difference if the population has taken-off the way they’ve described?


  4. Jeff there were 70 tags available. 210 lucky hunters will get the chance to be involved with this first modern day elk hunt.

    There are 210 because people could apply in groups of up to four for one tag per group.

    The tags comprise of bull, cow or calf tags in designated Management Units. I had the breakdown in how many of each but can not find it at the moment.

  5. Chessy, you raise a good pt. Our tag system should be like Alberta’s in the sense that you apply for the right to buy a tag and if you’re successful, then you pay – you don’t pay up front. I don’t know if the elk system is the same way or not. I can’t remember.

  6. hate to say Keebler, but it’s not going to happen, the government sees a way to get free money out of us, they never go back

    “Income tax is a war measures act to be done away with at the end of the war”

    I’m holding my breath, if your looking for me, just ask for Blueboy

  7. Jeff did you look in the Big Game forums?

    Did you check out the pictures from Buckstopper under the headings of “Heyyy Corman” in the Deer Hunting forums?

    1. You know Rick, had you sent those awesome pics to me first, I would have created an entire Blog post about it, but nooooo, you had to show them off somewhere else.


  8. 70 elk maybe 50% sucess so 35 elk dead…. 35 elk transplanted … what about the other herd that eats the crops… they still there …… no hunt required TRANSFER THEM

  9. well I sent you pics of my walleye and you didn’t do a blog artice, and I spread the word.
    I’ll try to send you the link tonight on Adrian’s site, and look at my pics under “send us your spring pictures”
    on the main page

    If I don’t send them tonight it’ll be Sunday cause I’m off tomorrow morning at 3 AM for salmon fishing on Lake Ontario

    1. Thanks Iggy, and btw I haven’t forgotten about your fishing post. I have it saved in a draft but with only 1 image I could upload so far, I dont have enough to post.

      I’ll have to get you to change the settings on your camera to lower the file size, they’re much too large for nothing.


  10. Rick Poulin says:
    August 18, 2011 at 1:16 pm
    Jeff did you look in the Big Game forums?

    Did you check out the pictures from Buckstopper under the headings of “Heyyy Corman” in the Deer Hunting forums?

    Who is that Buckstopper anyway?


  11. I am part of a lucky group that drew a cow tag in WMU 63A and we are extremely excited about this hunt. Let’s face it, nothing the OMNR does is perfect but I think they still do a great job as I seem to shoot a turkey and a deer every year and continue to catch muskie on my fishing excursions so they hopefully know what they are doing.
    However, I would really like some more property to hunt in WMU 63A if anyone has any info on nuisance elk or could provide any tips, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks kindly!

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