Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen's Show – Trivia for FREE Tickets!


Thanks to all who participated, the contest is over for this year. Congratulations to Herman Baguss, Ron Barber & Yvonne Hiscoe!


Come Celebrate the Ottawa Boat and Sportsmen’s Show – 40th Anniversay – and win Free tickets!!

The Ottawa Boat and Sportsmen’s Show has been an Ottawa tradition for the past four decades and this year, the show will be celebrating this milestone in true outdoor fashion! Opening February 19 and running to the 22nd, the Ottawa Boat and Sportsmen’s Show will turn the EY Centre (formerly the Ernst Young Centre) into a boating and outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

What about the Free tickets, you say?

A set of two SHOW passes will be given-away each week(courtesy of Erin McKay, Associate Account Manager with PUNCH Canada Inc) for the next three weeks, to those who correctly answer my Sportsmen’s Show Trivia questions!

Read on..

Showgoers can reminisce about good ‘ole times’ with a walk down memory lane, featuring vintage boats and photos captured over the Show’s 40 year history. And of course, choose your dream boat, off-road recreational vehicles, and water sports gear from the largest selection of exhibitors in the Ottawa region.

This year’s show is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. 

Check-out some of the highlights:

Fishing Tips with Pro “Big” Jim McLaughlin:  Never miss a bite again. Get top fishing tips from the legendary fishing pro Big Jim and friends, who will offer sessions on how to improve your angling skills. Afterwards, put his tips to practice as you try your luck at The Minto Jackpot Casting Challenge, where everyone is a winner.

Get WILD with Birds of Prey: Get up close and personal with live Falcons, American Kestrel, Owls & Hawks and have your picture taken with a magnificent Peregrine Falcon. This year the Canadian Peregrine Foundation (CPF) is giving visitors a rare and unique opportunity to have their photo taken with a falcon for a donation which will benefit the restoration and recovery of endangered and threatened birds.

Learn to fish with the Ministry of Natural Resources: This year Canadian Sportsfishing will feature a fishing stimulator giving children and adults the chance to get in on the thrill and feeling of catching a fish.

Exclusive Ice Fishing Seminar: Learn how to master the art of ice fishing through an engaging session with our fishing experts. Gain insightful knowledge on bait, gear, climate and timing and learn how to catch your next meal in the dead of winter!

Tips from Blind Fisherman Pro: Can you feel the bite? Learn from Lawrence Gunther(Euteneier), North America’s only completely Blind Fishing Pro honed his skills fishing commercially for Cod off Canada’s East Coast and now competes in tournaments throughout Canada.


Thursday, February 19, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Friday, February 20, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.  Saturday, February 21, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday, February 22, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


EY Centre (formerly the Ernst Young Centre.) 4899 Uplands Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 2N6


Adults: $15.00  Seniors: $10.00 Juniors: $10.00 (Ages 10 to 15)  Children: FREE when accompanied by an adult (under 10 years) Family Pass: $35.00 (two adults and two juniors)   Four-Day Super Pass any admission valid for all four show days   (Cash & Debit only Box Office)   Save $3 online when you buy advanced tickets before Feb 12, 2015

For complete show information visit:


TRIVIA QUESTION #1: (For a set of FREE tickets to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show)


About 10 years ago, my old pal Big Jim McLaughlin and I ran a contest on CHEZ 106 FM’s Doc & Woody Show, in promotion of the annual Sportsmen’s Show. Some years we battled over outdoor trivia, and another time Eric the Intern dressed-up as a giant fish and we cast lures at him! (ahh, good times!)

What was this contest called? Was it a) The Outdoor Showdown b) The Jim & Jeff Show c) Duelling Sportsmen or d) One more way to abuse Eric


TRIVIA QUESTION #2: (For another  set of FREE tickets to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show)

What was the name of the venue that hosted The Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show more years than anywhere else? Was it a) The Corel Centre/ Scotiabank/ CTC b) Big Jim’s Backyard c) Lansdowne Park or d) The Nepean Sportsplex

First person to email the correct answer to wins a set of passes to this year’s show.


TRIVIA QUESTION #3: (For the FINAL set of FREE tickets to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show)

What is the name of that larger than life, Canadian Fishing Hall of Famer who will be appearing at this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show?

Is it a) Hacksaw Jim Duggan b) Big John Stud c) Big Jim McLaughlin d) Big Al Bundy

First person to email the correct answer to wins the FINAL set of passes to this year’s show!

WOW, I even made it on the SHOW’s Promo page:






7 thoughts on “Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen's Show – Trivia for FREE Tickets!”

  1. Great incentive to attend, but the wife and I had already booked a month ago our train tickets and a downtown Montreal stay for the Montreal event at Place Bonaventure on the same dates.

    Goodluck whoever.

    1. Ahhh LG..I have such fond memories of going to that Montreal Show with my Dad!!

      Have fun and don’t spend too much $$ on Flyfishing gear..hehe


  2. I’ve been going to the “Sportsman’s Show” for decades, every single year.
    For me, it’s been getting increasingly disappointing, last year was the worst.
    The show should be called “The Ottawa Boat With Maybe a Tiny Bit of Sportsman Show.” While I can understand that some rich folks might be interested in $130k wakeboard boats (don’t ask me who) I’m regularly disappointed at how few hunting and fishing related booths there are. Sure there are some fishing boats and ATVs but what about the plethora of outfitters and hunting/fishing equipment suppliers that used to be at the show?
    Maybe I’m a bit biased, my old Springbok serves me well – as a matter of fact, I have yet to see a new boat that I would trade even steven for it, so I’m not too interested in the “Boat” aspect.
    I’d sure like to see more “Sportsman” stuff….
    Anyway, just like going fishing in rotten conditions, or hunting in the howling wind, I’ll be going anyway even if only to get a small taste of what I’m hoping for…

  3. Ah yes The Ottawa Boat Jacuzzi Camping Dock Deck SlapChop Vacuum Large Non Fishing Boat Financial Planning Painting Cottage Hot tub Show
    With all due respect I’ll wait fot the Carp show. 🙂

    1. Congratulations to Herman Baguss – winner of the first 2 FREE passes to the show!

      Another trivia question coming-up tomorrow!


      1. Thanks to everyone who is participating!!

        Congratulations to Ron Barber – winner of the second set of FREE passes to the show!

        The third and final question is coming-up this friday!!


        1. My Sportsmen’s SHOW Trivia Contest is now over.Thanks to everyone who participated!!

          Congratulations to Herman Baguss, Ron Barber & Yvonne Hiscoe!

          They all receive a set of FREE Passes to this year’s Show.

          Hope to see you there!!


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