Outdoors Guy Cookbooks featured by Canadian Press


Ok, I’m not saying I hit the big time or anything, but I am quite pleased with my interview last week with Susan Greer of the Canadian Press.

Susan contacted me to discuss the June 1st release of my Canadian Fishing Cookbook and Canadian Outdoor Cookbook, but specifically focused on the fishing one.

The whole experience was a tad intimidating since I don’t really consider myself a fabulous cook, but I am happy to not have made a fool of myself!

What can I say…I love brain food!

The article appeared this week in about 15 publications across the country….






12 thoughts on “Outdoors Guy Cookbooks featured by Canadian Press”

  1. Jeff, congratulations on the release of your books. I am going to pick up the Fishing Cookbook. Will it be on sale at Chapters/Indigo?

    1. Thanks Barry, Yes I’d say they should be available for ordering in a couple of weeks. I can get you a (signed) copy before then too, if you like…


  2. I bought two last week and they came with a free edition of that days Ottawa Sun

    Great books, I’ve been reading through both

  3. Great cook books Jeff!! I think I’ll just throw all my others out and just use these.

    PS. What’s that Ms. Greer said about the biggest trout you never saw but your dad did? Just curious.

    1. Tks Maple, glad you are enjoying them!

      What’s a fishing cookbook without a big fish story, right?

      On my third trip to Quebec’s mighty 150 mile long Lake Mistassini in 1979, I lost the biggest brook trout I ‘never’ saw. That year I actually landed my biggest ever brookie at 6.5 pounds, and my dad caught a behemoth 1 full pound heavier than mine! It was a year for big fish I guess…

      Anyhow, while casting a windblown shoreline one day I hooked into a brook trout that my father will never forget! It didn’t feel that big at first as it headed straight to the boat when hooked, then the fish darted under the boat, my Dad tried to hoist the old Merc 500 up out of the way, and caught a glimpse of it swimming past the stern of the boat. After having already caught his 7.5 pound brookie, my Dad can honestly say this fish made his look small!! He claims without a word of a lie, the trout was 3 feet long and thick as hell!! (Mistassini has produced 10-pound plus brook trout in the past.)

      Anyhow, it wasn’t meant to be I guess as my line wrapped around the lower unit and the fish was gone…forever.I’m sort of glad I never saw it in the end.


  4. Reminds me of the wallie I hooked this winter through the ice; I fought that beast for 45 minutes at least. Without a word of a lie when I finally got it up to the 10″ hole all I could see was it’s eye….
    Ask me about some of the spring lakers we have seen in Lake Lavielle in Algonquin park.

  5. Hi I’m very interested in these books if could i get a link to order them online?

    1. Chris, I’m not sure if they are available online yet, but you should find them at local bookstores now..retail price is around $20, I think.

      I do have a handful left if you’re interested. I could fix you up with a signed copy if you like. Send me a pm: theoutdoorsguy@rogers.com


  6. Saw your column in the Sun today Jeff
    blind anglers eh, not making fun of them, I’m sure they love it but it must be a little dangerous for the other people in the boat

    1. Yeah Iggs, you would think so..but this event has been running for years and years and I’ve never heard of an incident. They pair-up the sight impaired anglers with pros and other volunteers in each boat.


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