Outdoors Guy Cookbooks coming early 2013

Anyone who’s been following the Outdoors Guy Blog has, no doubt, heard about my cookbook project, and finally I now have some more news. (good and bad)

The three cookbooks I wrote with a ‘wild’ slant last year were due out this spring; however, changes with my Publisher – Lone Pine – and their recent acquisition of another publishing firm – Company’s Company – has caused further delay in their release.

The good news in all this is that the Publisher has committed to a significant format upgrade for the series. Instead of simple paperbacks, each cookbook will measure 8″ X 10″ and feature state of the art Concealed Wiro binding and full colour photos throughout.

Here’s what the Canadian Wild Fish Cookbook and the Canadian Outdoor Cookbook will look like. (The cover for the Canadian Wild Game Cookbook has not yet been completed.)


Besides a pile of great wild game, fish and outdoor recipes, each book will feature a bunch of great hunting, fishing and camping stories, tips and hints for cooking the best that nature has to offer.

Hey, some of you guys even made it in!

For more information on these books and more, check out the Chapters/Indigo site: 








18 thoughts on “Outdoors Guy Cookbooks coming early 2013”

    1. You know what Rob, I honestly can’t recall. I do remember it being on the list..I’ll have to see the next time I chat with the editor.


  1. let us know when and where we can buy them
    Off to the hunt camp tomorrow to check things out
    looks like the ice went out on our cottage lake on the Quebec side
    just past Wakefield

    1. Iggy, you better mark that ‘ice-out date’ on your calendar because Im sure you wont see anything that early for many years!


  2. Outdoors guy:

    Thanks for the update. I am really looking forward to getting your cookbooks. .

    Hunting mom

    1. Thanks Hunting mom, I’m a little disappointed in how long they’re taking, but its out of my control. Just part of the business I suppose.


  3. Rob you are published every day when you post here….. hopefuly the world will not end in 2012 so we can buy this book in 2013 …

    1. chessy, I’m crossing my fingers on the world not ending before then…and especially not before hunting season..hehe


  4. Johan you ever see a porcupine burn??? sorry folks we had one in brothers back yard and it was sick. we called the proper channels and asked what to do. we were going to dig a hole and buried it and told no burn it … the quills are full of oil and burn fast and hot. once burned we buried it as they did not want something digging it up and eating it

  5. Oh it’s real easy to skin, just turn it on it’s back, split the skin like a deer and peel away. Comes off real easy.

  6. hopefuly out for BBQ season? up at the cabin this weekend, havent been up for a couple and back yard full of turkey droppings. what goes on when were not there! lol

  7. I would love to buy a couple maybe. even get some out in the local bookstores but you’ll have to call me 1st. Today is the 1st day of spring bear hunting (do you remember that sport?) I would like 2 blacks & a Grizz please. I will send some pics.

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