Outdoors Guy – Ice Bucket Challenge Video with spin-offs

I completed my Ice Bucket Challenge over the weekend and may have attracted a few deer as well…

I challenged Doc from CHEZ 106 FM’s Doc & Woody Show, Ed Hand of 1310 NEWS Talk to the Hand, and Anthony Dixon, Managing Editor of the Pembroke Daily Observer!!

Here’s my video:



Here is CHEZ 106 FM’s Doc doing his Ice Bucket Challenge (at my request):



Also, be sure to check out Randall Moore of CHEZ 106’s IBC:



Here is Eric the Intern’s challenge if you haven’t seen it yet(Not for the faint of heart):



Anthony Dixon, Managing Editor of  the Pembroke Daily Observer, completed his challenge (At my request) on beautiful Round Lake:



Stay tuned for Woody’s challenge and Ed Hand of 1310 NEWS just around the corner!!




10 thoughts on “Outdoors Guy – Ice Bucket Challenge Video with spin-offs”

  1. Tink’s 69? Really? That sure is a different twist on the old ice bucket challenge… Hopefully you managed to get that stench off of you before it soaked in. That stuff is awful…

  2. lol congratulations … but it really is no big deal… I usually get covered in that crap every time I use it …. thanks for taking one for the team

    1. tks Chess..no deer showed up at the feeder afterwards tho…think I must have yelled too loud!


  3. you are lucky you yelled loud .. not as loud if big buck was to show up with all the tinks on ya he might have made you his new play toy. You should have kept another bucket of cold water just incase one showed up

  4. Yup, you took this one to a new level! LOL
    At least your hunting clothes are ready for the season 😉
    Well done on supporting a good cause.

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