Outdoors Guy joins Bounder Magazine


Ok folks, I want you to be honest, have you ever said to yourself: I wish I could get more Outdoors Guy, because I just can’t get enough? (I know wife says it all the time) 

Have you ever thought our region could use even more of that special ‘grass roots’ hunting and fishing coverage? 

How about more of that special brand of ‘conservation to socially conscious’? 

I know this city could use expanded hunting and fishing updates and local conservation news, that’s a defenite!

And it would be great to have that in print too, would it not?

Well, thanks to Brian Warren of the new men’s magazine Bounder, that dream has become a reality! 

I will be joining some great local talent featured in Bounder such as Randall Moore of CHEZ 106 FM, Delmer and Cecil, Mark Papusak of Y101 and even the duct tape king himself Red Green! 

It will be a great honour and pleasure to bring my Outdoors Guy column to this fine up-and-coming local publication. The first issue, I’m told, has been flying off news-stands and things really look promising. 

Bounder magazine covers, but is not limited to, subjects of interest to men in the Ottawa-area: hunting, fishing, fast cars, health, travel, adventure and so on.

But don’t get me wrong, Bounder will also be a publication of interest to the ladies as well.

Oh, and don’t worry about the Outdoors Guy Blog, it won’t be going anywhere. I am actually hoping to bring even more readers to my Ottawa SUN Blog with the new column!

Do yourself a favour and pick-up a copy of this fine local publication. Of the 30,000 Premiere Edition copies distributed, I’m told there are still a few to be found around town.

My new “Outdoors Guy” hunting & fishing column will appear in the next issue of Bounder due out early fall.

I forgot to mention the best part about Bounder Magazine, it’s FREE!


18 thoughts on “Outdoors Guy joins Bounder Magazine”

  1. Great news. Congrats.

    Will try to obtain one of the rare copies of the shelf.

    Talk about Fly-fishing from a Float-Tube in one of them. Seems to be a bunch of enthusiasts in the Ottawa region, that just got one more to join the fun. 🙂

  2. Thanks LG!

    Man, I can only imagine the size of float tube you’d need for a guy your height…


  3. is there a online addition as i am not near ottawa and it is no fair that the Men of ottawa get all your attention 🙂

  4. Don’t worry Chessy, you guys on the ‘outskirts of life’ will get my attention too….I’ll mail you a copy if I have to…and Trapper too!


  5. I read that magazine about two weeks ago one slow night at work and I was pleasantly surprised
    they had a good artice about Jim Miles’ garage “man house” and I know that would have made him smile ear to ear. Seems like a really good magazine and just about every story was of interest, also a real good story by Papy about a NFLD fishing trip
    Needs way more hunting stuff

  6. Thanks Iggy.

    You know that’s what I’m there..Brian wants more hunting stuff too…so watch out!


    1. Alain, I know its out in a bunch of places, but let me look into it and get back to you.



  7. good show jeff looking forward to looking it over; on holidays soon for a couple of weeks so should have time to do some reading. is mag. a monthly publication?

  8. McDan, for now it’ll only be out 3-4 times per year…but you know how things go if it takes off!


  9. I was so excited while watching Billy the Exterminator the other night..guy had on the same Lacrosse Alphaburly boots as me (above photo)

    I only know of one other person in this region who wears those…


  10. Congrats man! This area definitely needed a local publication dedicated to the outdoors. It give exposure to the natural area and also to businesses and services available locally in support of this. Good to hear!

  11. GPG, yes it is a win-win situation for all us outdoor enthusiasts…hunters get to read more stories of interest (hopefully) and businesses will not only be featured in my articles occasionally, they may even consider purchasing ad. space now that hunters are reading it! This is something the publisher likes to see too…which keeps the publication going…

    And the whole world just becomes a better place..hehe


  12. Congratulations, Jeff!

    I’ll spread the word around to the local Ducks Unlimited crew and the car and bike guys I know.

    Best of luck to you and Bounder!

  13. Thanks PanFisher…much appreciated!

    So based on your screen name, I now know what you waterfowl guys do in the ‘off-season’

    Have a good one!


  14. congrats Jeff! awsesome news. It’s great to have a voice for the people and to keep people interested. There are so many people enjoying the wilderness through hunting and fishing!

    1. Thanks Keebler…Im hoping to bring all the hunters over to Bounder with me!


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