Outdoors Guy readers salmon trip of a lifetime


Thanks to Outdoor’s Guy Blog reader Denis Raymond for sending in some great photos of his recent salmon trip to Prince Rupert, British Columbia. 

It is a fishing trip Denis is calling his ‘Trip of a lifetime’ and after seeing his pics I tend to agree. 

I can recall stories an old hunting friend of mine, who use to live in Prince Rupert, would tell me. The area is known for having some of the best salmon and halibut fishing on earth! 


Denis and his pals fished out of Prince Rupert (800 Km north of Victoria) which I’m told is the last community in Northern BC.

They were actually only 60 miles from the southern panhandle of Alaska and just east of the Queen Charlotte Islands 




From the look of it they had one heck of a great experience.

Thanks to Denis Raymond for sharing his incredible photos with us.

Please feel free to send in stories and photos of your favourite hunting or fishing trip.


6 thoughts on “Outdoors Guy readers salmon trip of a lifetime”

    1. Denis, I checked out Captain Ken’s website…awesome!

      Can you imagine catching a 50-60 pound Tyee?!

      What’s the biggest King you guys landed?


  1. Thanks for the comment iggy, it was an incredible fishing trip, my good freind captain Ken Loewen is the owner and opperator of a fishing charter in BC, he is also a local resident of Kemptville during the off season, his charter is called Reelactiontours his web site is http://www.reelactiontours.com Have a look you will enjoy.


    Denis Raymond

  2. The biggest that was landed was 38lbs, that’s the one in the photos, I had one actually in the net but then out of the net and broke off (I have it on video) and Ken who is a verry experience guide said that that fish was verry close to 50lbs so you can imagine the rush of fighting such a fish.

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