PETA Pie another sorry attempt

During her presentation in support of the Seal Hunt, DFO Minister Gail Shea was administered one ‘tofu pie’ to the face, courtesy of yet one more loser PETA member.


“It did certainly strengthen my resolve to defend Canadian sealers, the Canadian seal hunt and Canadian coastal families that depend on it,” Shea commented at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters.


More and more, I witness the once Not-for-Profit organization pulling childish stunts like this and it makes me chuckle. Surely anyone who needs to pie someone in the face, or spray a fur coat with red paint to garner attention, has nothing at all useful to say.


It made me chuckle even more the day – a few years back – when PETA was stripped of their Not-for-Profit status, when it was determined they had, in fact, been pocketing poor ‘misguided’ member donations. Yeah, that was a knee-slapper if I ever heard one!


I am glad to see that Gail Shea took the pie in stride, though, showing no apparent sign of weakness or lack of resolve. That is true strength of character, if you ask me.


So long as the ‘People for the unethical treatment of humans’ (PUTH) pull their childish pranks, the further into the ridiculous and sublime they spiral. 


The armpit organization of the world needs to take a long hard look at themselves for what they truly are – a bunch of ignorant, childlike do-gooders with too much time on their hands, and clueless as to how to run a fair fight.


Each pie or can of spray paint only serves as confirmation to the general public that these people have no merit what-so-ever, and evidently no taste either!


Who the hell eats Tofu pie?



13 thoughts on “PETA Pie another sorry attempt”

  1. It would be nice if just once these so called animal rightists leaders would do something constructive for animals instead of using animal activism to line their pockets.

  2. Good one Rick, and now the latest word on the pie attack is they are considering it to be a potential act of terrorism. According to NL Liberal MP Gerry Byrne, PETA may soon be put on a watch list as a Terrorist Group! How sweet would that be?

    “Canada’s Criminal Code describes a terrorist organization as any group that disrupts lawful activities to commit an act for political, religious or ideological purposes, and that causes the public to be intimidated.” Said Byrne

    Let’s all prey this happens and the group gets what they finally deserve, to be labelled as the terrorists they are!


  3. Once again PETA has conquered the media spotlight. Until one of these persons are charged to the fullest extent of the law the will continue to win the ANTI demonstration. As a hunter, fisherman and Canadian resident (sorry Jeff but I refuse to use outdoors person) demand that, DFO Gail Shea charge this person for their criminal activity really she does not even have to charge her because the assault was caught on TV. The problem with most Canadians we have been taught that we are Canadian and being polite and courteous is the Canadian thing to do, however we have also been told that good guys/women always finish last. So now is the time for every hunter fishermen and trapper to roll up the sleeves and play dirty cause we have tried to play nice in the Canadian sandbox to long and the only thing left in the sand box to play with is the stuff cats leave.

  4. Hi Jeff:

    I’ve been calling PETA ecoterrorists for YEARS now, and I would support ANY government that would finally stand up and not take any more of this abuse. Civil and just societies MUST TOLERATE a wide range of differences in beliefs, but to accost a member of government that REPRESENTS ALL CANADIANS IS an act of terror against all of us, no matter how noble the person/organization thinks they are.

    This lady acted on behalf of PETA with the knowledge and intent to bully us into submission. My resolve is now even greater to promote hunting, fishing and trapping. This “lifestyle” is much more natural and closer to nature than the grannola sucking self, naval gazing, unenlightened PUNKS who most likely never spent any REAL TIME in the bush.

    Now, I don’t have any strong feeling either way on the issue…… Ya Right!

    PETA should be an accronym for Pittiful Eco Terrorist Anarchist

    Dave the trapper

  5. There’s no doubt that PETA gets way out of line. On the other hand they have all these pretty ladies that like to get naked (Kristina at -27 degrees, mmmh).

    Too bad there’s no way to get the entertainment without the baggage.

  6. Going backwards for to my cave man days… where is a response from the ofah on this this is a direct shot and hit on the hunting and fishing comunitee they are suposed to speak for us and yet they do the candian thing they are being polite….jeff i would ask you a journalist to find out what they think of it and mabey get a quote or two from them ..

  7. It is nice to see an organization like PETA get humiliated every once in a while.I don’t know if it’s a good idea to have them labeled as a terrorist organization.The more rediculous there antics in front of the camera the better.People will slowly disassociate themselves from this group.As long as they think this is working,they will spend there money there and on washed up hasbeen actresses like pam anderson(i wander do oversized implants or cologien thats shoved in her lips have any animal products to them).Besides better the enemy we know than the one we don’t.
    Now i do see a positive side to this fofu pie thing.The more that eat tofu,the more soybean that is needed.The more fields planted with soybean the more deer,turkeys,rabbits,bear etc.Hey i kind of like where this is headed!!!

  8. Yeah, me too Paul!

    I never thought of the ‘spin-off’ effect…bet those tree-huggers didn’t either, otherwise they’d have used something like bean pie…actually, no, that’d be beneficial too..what about possum pie? Nope, that’s no good, an animal must die.

    Hmm, I guess a big slice of ‘humble pie’ is the only one left..


  9. well you know i’m going to chime in 🙂

    a few thoughts:
    1. the pie tosser was American. She should be charged to the fullest extent and never allowed back in the country – just like a CDN would if they did this to anyone in the US (although, they’d probably be shot first during their attempt).

    2. how ironic that P(eople who) E(at) T(asty) A(nimals) resorts to violence to get their point across. It’s not like hunters have ever shown up at one of their meetings all geared up and forcing their opinions on their group

    3. once again, it goes to show a lack of education where PETA believes the seal hunt is just a slaughter for the fun of it. Jobs are at stake and more importantly, we’re helping balance the fish stocks. Plenty of reports going around that fish stocks have dwindled due to exploding seal populations (and yes, overfishing).

    PETA operates on bleeding heart emotions rather than fact based common sense.

  10. Some more great arguments in our favour, Keebler, thanks for the comments and your superb insight.

    It’s funny, you know, we have yet to hear from one member of PETA.

    Have they been silenced at last?


  11. PETA silenced at last?… if only. Their act has gotten to be tired and uninspiring, kudos to you for holding their feet to the fire and calling out their immature antics in a public forum.

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