PETA targeted struggling Ottawa church


I cannot believe it took me a full year to hear about this one; yet one more lowbrow attempt by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to drum-up exposure and support.

But this time they have lowered the bar even further, in my opinion.

This letter was sent by PETA’s Dan Mathews in April, 2010, to  Chris Henderson- chairperson for Ottawa’s Kitchissippi United Church (Formerly Westboro United Church) Congregational Council:

April 15, 2010 

Chris Henderson
Kitchissippi United Church Congregational Council


Dear Mr. Henderson,

In light of the recent news that the Westboro United Church has been put up for sale, PETA would like to offer to pay to hang a banner that reads, “God Loves All Creatures. Stop the Seal Slaughter,” on the side of your church until it’s sold.

Global leaders as diverse as Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and His Holiness The Dalai Lama have taken a stand against the slaughter, and the European Union recently voted to ban seal fur. We’d like to boost our campaign in Ottawa and send the message to the Canadian government that it’s time to put a stop to this disgraceful massacre once and for all.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss rates. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dan Mathews
PETA Senior Vice President

Well, I suppose I should not be surprised by the underhanded tactics employed by this so-called ‘non-profit’ organization, yet I always felt in the pit of my stomach that some things would remain sacred – even for them. I (wrongly) gave them that benefit of the doubt.

Evidently nothing is sacred when it comes to PETA – not even a house of God in midst of financial difficulty. The Westboro Church has  since amalgamated with two other parishes to form the Kitchissippi United Church (which incidentally has a fabulous rummage sale each year)

NO, I really shouldn’t be too surprised by PETA’s antics, as now I realize there is no level to which they will not stoop in proselytising their ‘good word’ on animal rights.

Here is PETA’s own press-release regarding their proposal to Ottawa’s former Westboro church, a place of worship right here in our city. I just love the part where these clowns refer to their propaganda ad as a “Win -Win”.

The whole idea of what they did makes me nauseous.

Ottawa — This morning, PETA sent a letter to Chris Henderson, chair of the Kitchissippi United Church Congregational Council, offering to buy space on the Westboro United Church to display a banner that reads, “God Loves All Creatures. Stop the Seal Slaughter.” The council owns the Westboro United building, which has fallen into disrepair and is for sale. Every year, tens of thousands of baby seals have their heads bashed in or are shot during the commercial seal slaughter, which is an off-season profit venture for the fishing industry.

“Our proposal is a win-win solution: It will raise awareness about Canada‘s shameful seal massacre and provide the church with much-needed funds at the same time,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “What better use for a proud old church than to have it serve as a beacon for showing compassion for others?”


Yup, just when you thought groups like this have achieved an the all-time low, they outdo themselves.

Well done Dan Mathews and PETA, you must be very proud.



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  1. Sigh … we shoot them, and its too bloody, we trap them and its cruel, we club them and thats cruel … what next?

    No animal dies nicely in nature, they starve, they get diseased, they die of exposure or they are eaten … there is no easy way to go in the real world. Disney has done an awful thing to this world, having further polluted the minds of people already distanced from nature.

    The Europeans shoot their seals as pests, leaving them to rot. They gore bulls with swords for fun, leaving the meat to rot. They run bulls to death, leaving the meat to rot. But we are the backwards people for hunting for food and fur.

  2. [quote…No animal dies nicely in nature, they starve, they get diseased, they die of exposure or they are eaten … there is no easy way to go in the real world….]

    They even get trample by cows. You know those grass eating beasts. What are they called again “vegetarian”.

    Yep, PETA has no consideration, but publicity for their ??cause??

  3. Nothing this group does, surprises me anymore. They don’t care about animals. They are all about using emotion to ilicit funds for causes they never actually do anything for or about. Typical. Pathetic, but typical.

    1. Good one, Mike!

      Geez I’m surprised, not one member has commented yet…

      Maybe this time I’ve touched a chord..or they’ve finally given up.


  4. they will never give up, they are mentally unstable, just talk to one of them.
    The people leading PETA have found a cause that can make them rich and the freaks out doing the protests don’t know any better.

  5. It’s all about business, they have a product, they have a client base and they know how to sell. And, they are willing to even break their own rules while torturing animals to do it:

    As for being a not for profit, does it really count when the directors pull in six figure salaries/benefits/bonuses?

    1. Thanks Rob for the link. There is an incredible amount of evidence in there, obviously these groups have a long history of hypocritical and suspect activities.

      I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would support, let alone donate to such an organization…after some of the things they’ve done; my Church story doesn’t seem that bad anymore.


  6. @rob st denis .. here is a web site .. find the bin number and enter it .. you would be suprised at the money they make . ofah 160 000 to 199 999 thousand a year ..

    here is another quick search

    candanain cancer care they have 4 people over 350 000 a year with a pay role over 56 000 000

    non profits are just a way for people to earn money on other peoples good will

    1. Ok Chessy, I’d love to find out what Exec’s and other big wigs in groups like PETA are making each year..can you dig up that info?

      Better still, I invite those individuals to comment here and tell us first hand.

      Then we’ll find out if its really about the rights of animals!!


  7. peta does not have a chapter in canada so they do not have to file there income statement in canada. if will take me a few days to GOOGLE it

    1. Yup, no profit there, eh Chess?

      And that’s just the money they’ve reported.

      P.S. I still can’t believe we haven’t recieved a single comment from a PETA member. I must be losing my touch..

  8. they are too embarrassed to comment, or they are out throwing themselves off the parliament buildings LOL


  9. I’m baffled as to why anyone is enraged by this? I wouldn’t consider myself a PETA supporter, so before I’m attacked otherwise, please take note of that. But on the flipside, I’m also not a supporter of animal cruelty and the Canadian seal hunt is just that. I don’t know if anyone here has actually investigated the hunt, or watched footage of the slaughter, but it’s horrible. Claiming it’s done so to harvest fur is quite pathetic, as the person that controls the hunt is an Australian man that sells fur or fashion, not for practicality – Hatem Yavutz, look him up. Synthetic alternatives to fur have been invented and used by all the conservationists in terribly cold areas, so there is no reason that a Canadian man or woman should “need” a seal fur coat as they are walking in and out of a store.

    As for blaming Disney for over-sensitizing people to the plight of animals – what a ridiculous comment to make. Disney is responsible for people objecting to domestic animal cruelty? Disney is responsible for the objection to dog fighting? Disney is responsible to objection of gestation crates? Is Disney also responsible for the objection of the dolphin drive slaughter in Taiji where thousands are sold to captivity? Is Disney responsible for this, or are revolutionised ethics to blame? Perhaps it’s Disney’s fault we moved away from slavery, too.

    The comment about People Eating Tasty Animals is only funny to assholes. I’m not a vegetarian and even I find that comment in poor taste. Not to mention it’s a recycled joke with little tact. Please, funny guy, be original with your humour.

    While I agree that some of PETA’s tactics take away from the overall message, it’s no reason to defame the plight of these harp and fur seals in Canada, as well as Namibia. Just because one group deploys trashy celebrities and controversial tactics does not take away from the fact that seals are being killed, not only by the thousands by now by the hundreds of thousands, as Canada has increased their kill from 80,000 to 400,000. It is unjust to shadow that and I question the morals and ethics of each person here that decided otherwise.

    When there are synthetics available, no animal should die so their skins may be worn.

    Blame Disney for sensitising us, but I blame large, wealthy corporations full of propaganda for desensitising you.

    1. Jessica wrote ” When there are synthetics available, no animal should die so their skins may be worn.”

      So Jessica, would you say you subsribe to protectionism and are a preservationist?

      In other words, leave all the animal species alone and everything will be right with the world? And to fill our needs, we just produce more things from synthetic material?

      I just want to get that straight to see what level animal rights supporter/environmentalist you really are.


  10. The techniques used by seal hunters are under extreme scrutiny and meet the same standards as what are required in abattoirs: in as much as the hakapik, rifle, shotgun, or club must cause irreversible unconsciousness prior to slaughter. They have been observed and approved by vets in as much. Seals are not skinned alive. In fact, a pumping heart would cause all sorts of problems for the fur (blood it a pain to clean out). The quota is nowhere close to 400,000, in fact the population is around 350,000

    Thanks for trying though …

  11. Now for what Disney has done; well where do we begin?

    Maybe around the time he was throwing lemmings off cliffs (thats where the falsehood of them committing suicide comes from) he was also betraying hunters as evil half human types in bambi. Beyond there, he portrays animals with human traits, predators never kill and everyone is friends. He sells a product to people so far out of touch with nature they know not where their food comes from, and distance themselves from the bloody timeline to their dinner time steak.

    Reality is much different. It is rare for an animal to lay down and die. They starve to death when they can’t hunt any longer. They die of exposure when the weather goes poor. They are eaten alive by predators, infections and parasites. The list goes on but the point is made. Dying by a hunters bullet in moments, or the same in a trap is humane in comparison.

    If the ends result in a fur for clothing (a fur coat will return harmlessly to the soil, where the synthetic equivalent takes up to half a gallon of petroleum and takes hundreds of years), or food, there is nothing more natural than that.

  12. Goofed a bit there, was thinking of grey seals when I wrote that first bit. The harp seal is 400k, however, that is 4.4% of the population.

    Compare that to the moose hunt in Ontario, where we harvested 5.5% of the population last year.

    But you are right, 400,000 is a big number, but then again, so is the 9,000,000 population it comes from.

  13. I have actually seen footage of the seals skinned alive. It happens. That’s what happens when no one is around to make sure of it. (and who would want to hang around the frozen landscape anyway). Killing animals for fashion is ridiculous and pathetic. No one eats the seals.

  14. There is no more hypocrisy than religion. Trying to be holy and acting in the name of a god that permits all
    The atrocities in this world. There us no god but the one you have within yourself. Stop pretending to be righteous
    When you allow the torture of innocent beings. If you still beleive this is acceptable by your god he surely must be
    Nothing of merciful and loving. Grow up people a church is just a building. You are the temple of your sorry souls!

    1. Yes Leila Right, it is just a building…so perhaps you should ‘look within yourself’, and send PETA your address so they can plaster your house in anti-seal posters!


  15. QOUTE “It is unjust to shadow that and I question the morals and ethics of each person here that decided otherwise.”
    if you think my morals are in question your morals must be really messed up if you agree to this .

    PETA donated $1,500 in 2001 to the North American Earth Liberation Front, a group classified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as “domestic terrorists.”

    PETA members have been arrested numerous times for various criminal offenses, including felonies.

  16. nagevog: before you go ahead and perpetuate lies given by orgs that are PAID to produce horrible videos like that … check out this link:

    These orgs have actually been found guilty in court numerous times for paying drunks to do horrible things to animals far outside what is normal practices. So can you honestly trust them?

    Not to mention the ridiculousness to think that people would try to skin an animal live while it’s heart pumps blood all over the pelt, while it wriggles around making the cuts uneven, and effectively lowering the value of it.

    Oh, and tell the Newfies and Inuit that noone eats seal … It is actually quite good.

  17. I think the only reason peta comes on here to debate us is so we are not out in the woods hunting and harvesting animals. They come on here just before weekend of turkey season. just ignore the intellectually challenged .

    1. Chessy, you might be onto something there.

      The funny thing is, everyone I’ve seen who defends that organization, also claim not to be a member, and make a point of distancing themselves from the group.

      Man, you gotta love it when Animal Rights Groups are embarrassed of one another!

      Really, anyone who thinks taking advantage of a church in peril, (for their own sick agenda) is a good thing, SHOULD be embarrassed!

      And anyone who supports an organization that believes violence and a blatant disregard for human rights is ok to further their cause, SHOULD be embarrassed!

      And anyone who puts the rights of animals ahead of the rights of their own children IS an embarrassment to us all!


  18. Hey now Jeff, these green people would much prefer people wear synthetic clothes that last a handful of years before being tossed in a landfill rather than pelts that can last a lifetime before rotting harmlessly in the ground. They prefer wearing artificial oil based clothing to natural products.

    Seems like they like supporting the oil companies, rather than aboriginal people … so I have to ask … who is supporting the big corporations here?

    And before any PETA-type comes on here and runs on about chemicals used in tanning, most are just harmless salts. The formaldehyde based ones haven’t been used in decades. And, those of us that make all natural clothes, use the brain tanning and smoking methods, which are even cleaner.

  19. A quote from dennis miller

    MILLER: I think PETA people are emotional wrecks. I think they have been so horribly disappointed by their fellow human beings that they have to cozy up to a ferret to have a friend. And I think there are even animals out there who are embarrassed that they front them. They ought to lay off the kids, although psychologically and intellectually, that’s who they’re akin to. But the simple fact is kids love the circus. And PETA to get in the middle of that, it’s just, you know, like I said, it’s embarrassing to them.

    I feel empathy and I feel loathing for PETA. Because sometimes I look at them and I go, “Wow, they’ve been so cracked up about fellow humans, they’ve got to befriend the pet world.” And then there are other times that I think, “Oh, shut up, you’re going to have a kid one day, for God’s sakes. Let him go to the circus.”

  20. this is starting to piss me off
    QUOTE:The comment about People Eating Tasty Animals is only funny to assholes. I’m not a vegetarian and even I find that comment in poor taste. Not to mention it’s a recycled joke with little tact. Please, funny guy, be original with your humour.

    first of all, assholes are people too, and there is no reason to talk to them that way
    second, every time a joke is told it’s recycled goofball, and when jokes are funny, they are retold over and over again, and that just happens to be really funny, and if you don’t think so, go elsewhere
    third, your telling the people that think it’s funny it’s in bad taste but your ok with the antics of the PITA people ?
    that is the pot calling the kettle black eh?

    I never intend to stop eating meat, and I never intend to stop harvesting my own meat, and the more people like you crow about it, the more I want to get out and shoot my own animals to eat them

  21. Trap, I disagree, this is an outdoors blog, and they come on here and spew @#$%,
    they’ll get it back from me just like I’d get it from them if I went on their blogs, not that I would.



    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Oh yes, our good friends the Animal Rights People are so concerned with animal rights..and according to Ted Nugent – outspoken American conservationist and pro-hunting activist:

      “Animals do have rights…yes they do! They have the right to butter, garlic and cooking on both sides!”

      Now, I have never quoted that statement here before because I do find it a bit harsh…but you can see how these people make you want to fight back!


  22. I don’t find it harsh, I find it rubbing it right in their face, just like they do to us so I find it exactly what’s called for.

    I remember a forum I once spent a lot of time on and a guy gave me heck for saying “harvest”, he said I was pandering to the antis, and you know what, he was right, now I say “I just kill them and eat them”, probably just another reason I only hunt what I’ll eat. I don’t have any problem with people hunting seals or wolves or fox and coyote, but I don’t hunt them cause I don’t eat them.

  23. Ig … thing with ‘yotes is they are competition for my food, but, all the same, the birds love the carcasses so nothing goes to waste.

  24. I was asked once by a vegan why I kill those beautiful harmless animals. My reply was “because otherwise they would not stay in my frying pan!”

    Jessica add me to the ranks of PETA supporters – that is of course “People Eating Tasty Animals.” I use that statement every time anyone asks me if I am a PETA supporter.

    1. Ok, thats no fun…they really didnt put up much of a fight this time!


      P.S. Iggy, I dont see a thing wrong with that..and Chessy btw, my latest book features a great recipe for Wild Turkey Soup!!

    1. Rob, I bet you Keebler is going out Monday…he seems to quite excited about it!

      Have you got your bird tied to a tree yet?


  25. Well I haven’t had feed at that site for a week and a half and they are still hitting it like clock work between 830-10 in the morning and 1530-17 in the eve nearly every day … and its supposed to be good weather so they should be out and about

    The deer seem to be taking to this southern pass in the open in the middle of my pasture rather than under the tree cover, so I’m thinking the greens are more a temptation than the feed corn now.

    My spypoint finally died (I broke the SD card slot retaining thing), so looking to get a couple smaller cameras to replace it, wally world has moultries 5mp on for about $150 a pop so might end up going that route.

    Going to hard wire the 8GB sd card into the spypoint so itll take up duties where I can get to it while bringing the laptop to download the pics.

  26. I took monday off, and it was worth it. i got my first turkey. man what a rush. not a big tom, but will be tasty on the table. i think i am one of those peta people that was mentioned before. by the time it came to the decoys, i was shaking so bad like a dog passing a peach pit. hope everyone else made out good on opening day. looks like the weather is going to be crap the rest of the week. cheers jaye

    1. Right on Jaye…there’s nothing like the first time!

      It will be something to remember a lifetime, and I predict it wont be the last one either..

      I’m actually working on the Gobbler recipe section in my latest book as we speak..would you mind if I used a bit of info. from your ‘first time turkey’ experience?

      You can send me a PM if you have any questions…



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