Singer Morrissey snubs Duck Dynasty boys


Britain’s Morrissey – so-called singer of 80′s band The Smiths, has sparked controversy yet again over his refusal to appear on tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Morrissey, an outspoken Animal Rights Activist, was to be a guest on Kimmel’s late night talkshow, until discovering that the Robertson boys from Duck Dynasty television show fame, are also guests.

Morrissey says he cannot appear on the same show with the likes of those who amount to ‘animal serial killers’.


Phil Robertson, a serial killer?  I don’t think so!

Willie Roberston, a serial killer?  No siree Bob!

Jase Robertson, a serial killer?  Bahh, he couldn’t hurt a fly

Miss Kay, a serial killer?  Come on man have you lost your mind??


No one from Duck Dynasty was available for comment, but I think I know what they would say anyway.

To show you the shear depth of this Morrissey guy’s depravity. Before starting a one of his shows back in 2011, the delusional vegetarian told the crowd, “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown..though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried S**t every day!” 

His comments came only days after the Oslo, Norway mass shooting where 77 people, mostly children, were gunned down.

According to sources, Morrissey’s performance will be rescheduled for a later date. (I really hope they let us know when so I can tune out that night)

In other news, be sure to check out tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Show, with special guests stars the Robertson’s’ from Duck Dynasty, featuring musical guest anyone other than Morrissey.




37 thoughts on “Singer Morrissey snubs Duck Dynasty boys”

  1. I’m sure the term used: “rescheduled for a later date” is a nice way to say: “never again.”

    I’m sure every band member has a closet full of leather, and a suitcase full of make-up. They are a freaking traveling rock band… their impact on the environment is far greater than the average Jo – probably much worse than this Duck Dynasty crew.

    Like most activists, It’s only cruel to animals if they can benefit from it.

  2. Comparing mass murder of humans to what happens at KFC showes the mentality of this guy. Also you can only murder humans not animals . Once again proving this guy is unstable

    1. hehe..yeah really Trapper.

      He is/was leader singer of 80’s band the Smiths…had a girlfriend way back who liked them, but most guys (me included) thought they sucked!


    1. Oh yeah Si is great…always wondered what was in that iced tea he always drinks!

      He’s got my vote!


        1. hehe..oh man, you gotta see the crazy picture of Ted they have with the print version of my column today..too funny.


          1. Oh, and in case you missed it on Jimmy Kimmel..he did something special just for Mr. Morrissey..

            Kimmel said “He (Morrissey) continuously finds new ways to depress us”


    1. Got a nice reply from ‘Tedquarters’ this am…located in Jackson, Michigan! I sent him a copy of today’s outdoors column and the recent Blog Post on gun control.


    1. hehe..I wondered how long it would take for someone to catch on…

      I’m hoping to hear hear from the ‘man himself’ soon…his exec assistant passed along a big thanks for the support..on behalf of Uncle Ted!

      Honestly, you gotta see the pic of him they used in the paper today.he looks like he’s all hopped up on goofballs, course we know that not to be the case.


  3. He is standing up for something he believes in. In a free society, that is his right.
    And Ted Nugent is a pussy without a gun in his hand.

  4. On the topic of the Ted debate….. I say the NRA should replace him with Phil Robertson as a celebrity voice.

  5. Hey, these little pukes should be put on an ice flow and sent out to the sea. What a bunch of wimps, this world is full of teacups waiting to be dropped.

  6. Yes Marty he has every right to voice his opinion and as you can see Jeff Morrison allowed you to voice yours here ,but all most all anti hunting or anti meat groups will delete or even ban other pro meat discussion . So be grateful most hunters and meat eaters allow you to voice you pro vegan or anti hunting on there fourm/blogs . Like Ted says. “Leave us the hell alone”

    1. Chessy, I should have pointed out that the comment Marty left last night…was, in fact, one of three comments I received from the guy. The other two were laced with profanity and basically telling me where to go.

      I allowed that one comment of his to pass, in hopes that he may stop-by to further explain his stance…WITHOUT using any profanity or exhibiting any aggressive behaviour.

      The ball is in Marty’s court now…I invite him to come back to share his opinion because, afterall, “In a free society, it is his right”


  7. QUOTE:
    Marty charette says:

    February 28, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    He is standing up for something he believes in. In a free society, that is his right.
    And Ted Nugent is a pussy without a gun in his hand.
    speaking of pussy’s

    Uncle Ted’s pretty good with a bow too, and I’ll bet he could whip your ass one on one too
    everyone is so tough on a computer
    I think I hear your mom calling you up from the basement

    Oh and by the way, most people’s last name starts with a capital letter
    if Uncle Ted wants to fly you down to Michigan, I’m going with you

  8. Well it just goes to show you hou those dumb people think it is ok to shove my vegetables down people’s throat but don’t try to shove your meat down there throat . Ther is no place for profanity in a intelligent discussion

    1. lettuce cry….hehe, Iggs you have to see the new Duck Dynasty commercial..not sure if you’ve clicked on that Jimmy Kimmel link?


  9. Lol. My wife works for a company that is in the health food industry they are having a show in the spring I am going because of gmo and garbage they put in meat . I am I a healthy eater no but I really do care what I put in my mouth I urge all guys and gals to look at what the are putting in food

  10. I must say that I am having a giggle picturing our dear Marty hunched over his computer in his mother’s basement feverishly composing nasty emails to the Outdoors Guy.

    1. Hunting mom, the really ironic thing was I was on our basement computer when his comments arrived…hejut


  11. QUOTE ” Marty charette says: February 28, 2013 at 5:28 pm He is standing up for something he believes in. In a free society, that is his right. And Ted Nugent is a pussy without a gun in his hand.” END QUOTE

    You guys (and mom) are being pretty hard on little Marty aren’t you. No where in his comment did he suggest that he was a vegan or anti hunting. I encourage him to come back and sit a spell and chat with us.

    1. Yes Trapper, I was hoping for the same thing. I know he is a Morrissey supporter(& not an outdoors guy supporter) based on the other comments I had to cut, but I did want to hear his real views on this topic.


  12. Come on, it’s typical anti hunting format
    come on to a forum or blog, slash at everyone who participates, make stupid insulting comments, then run and hide. Chicken **** attitude and completely afraid to defend their comments and thoughts because the know they are indefensible

  13. these little roaches should be put out way out in the canadian shield and lets see how long they would stay vegetarians he heh heh i bet they would start lookung at each other like roadkill lmfa

  14. Marty had more fame in this blog in the last 3 days then Morrissey had in his whole career in all news papers

    1. Yes, Marty has become a legend without even saying another word…too bad Mr. Morrissey couldn’t keep so quiet.

      Speaking of Animal Rights people, where is the most level-headed Animal Rights person I know…

      Carol K…where are you????


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