Speaking of preservationists now we have rat protestors


“Animal Defence League” you ever heard of them??

No, me neither, but evidently their mandate includes the protection of rats – a mangy rodent notorious for its ability to carry disease and responsible for spreading the Black Plague. 

According to CFRA Radio:  

A woman walking along Laurier Avenue outside the park says, “I think they should leave the rats.” She argues that — as long as they don’t hurt anybody, destroying the park or going into garbage bins, why should they be hurt? 

The Animal Defence League has a 3pm protest planned to oppose the placement of rat poison in Confederation Park. 

Their news release says “rats are playful, love to be tickled and make chirping noises that sound like laughter”. 

“Rats are playful” – give me a break, I mean, Russell Williams was probably playful too as a boy, and looked how he turned out – the filthiest scumbag rat of them all!!

Ok, is it just me or has everyone in the City gone mad?? 

I invite any member of the Animal Defence League out there to please explain their stance for me, because obviously I’m not picking up what they’re putting down! 

Come on people, these are rats we’re talking about!! 


One very confused Outdoorsguy

31 thoughts on “Speaking of preservationists now we have rat protestors”

  1. i think this whole rat poisoning thing stinks when the City of ottawa Blatently puts Sodium flouride in the tap water supply.

    if we should be protesting any kind of poisoning it should be this cumulative poision that even had an MSDS listing as being extremly poisonious over a long period of time.
    lets see an example of what i mean because the general consencus is that floride is good for your teeth right?

    from the city of ottawa web site they State

    “The City of Ottawa uses Hydrofluorosilic acid (HFS) to fluoridate drinking water. It comes in the form of a liquid solution that is delivered to the treatment plant in tanker trucks. Liquid HFS is added to drinking water during the final stage of the water treatment process. All chemicals used in water purification must be approved for application in potable water. This means that they must meet a number of product quality standards including AWWA/ASTM and NSF- 60 certification.”

    now lets take that technical name of what they put in our water “Hydrofluorosilic acid ” and search the MSDS sytem that identifies workplace hazardous materials.

    i get this http://www.cleartech.ca/msds/sillyacid.pdf

    Inhalation……………….………….…….. Irritating to nose, throat, and respiratory system. Material is extremely
    destructive to tissue of the mucous membranes and upper respiratory
    tract,eyes and skin. Inhalation may result in spasm, inflammation and
    edema ofthe larynx and bronchi, chemical pneumonitis and pulmonary
    oedema. Symptoms of exposure may include burning sensation, coughing,
    wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting.
    Skin Contact / Absorption…….……. Symptoms of exposure to inorganic fluorides may include salivation,
    nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever and laboured breathing. Chronic
    fluorine poisoning can result in sclerosis of the bones. Calcification of
    ligaments, loss of weight, anorexia, anaemia, dental effects. Ingestion of
    large doses can cause severe diarrhea, and cramp-like pains.
    Eye Contact…………….………….……. Contact may cause ulceration and severe eye damage.
    Ingestion…………………………………. Symptoms may be delayed up to 24 hours depending upon the fluoride ion
    concentration. Prevention of absorption of the fluoride ion in cases of
    ingestion can be obtained by giving milk, chewable calcium carbonate
    tablets or milk of magnesia to conscious victims. Conditions such as
    hypocalcaemia, Hypomagnesaemia and cardiac arrhythmias should be
    monitored for, since they can occur after exposure.

    so Everone in ottawa that uses a tap water system is slowly being subsumed with a cumulative poision that FACELESS experts say is good for you. i say this is a mass poisoning brought on by world war 2 Nazis.

    read “crime and pujnishment with IG farbin, its states that the nazis first used flouride in their concentration camps water to reduce the willpower section of the brain. its like a chemical lobotomy.

    Why arent we protesting the mass poisioning of our water supply and protesting the poisoning of RATS.

    i say the reason for this is that the flouride in the water has surly taken its effect on the people who put together useless protests in the first place.

    1. Whoa, I’m glad now that I have my own well!

      So, what you’re saying is we should put out City water as bait instead of poison?


  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    a comedy show! ! !

    “i say this is a mass poisoning brought on by world war 2 Nazis.”


    ” its states that the nazis first used flouride in their concentration camps water to reduce the willpower section of the brain. its like a chemical lobotomy. ”

    duh, so that’s what happened to me


  3. I invite any member of the ADL to go out to the park at night and play with these cute things, tickle them, and make them laugh. Maybe they will discover a different animal.

    I wonder what the ADL would say if they discovered these cute animals in their trendy restaurants of the Market.

  4. we drink poison everyday/ that was my point behind my post. why protest rats being poisoned when everyone in ottawa that drinks tap water is accumulating poison everyday. GOOGLE “flouride cancer link”. dont listen to me


  5. I bet you have a very small penis and must overcompensate by acting macho and killing innocent animals unable to defend themselves.

    It’s obvious that poisoning is a horrific way to die and these rats are in terrible pain as they die. The poison will affect other wildlife also, there are owls and hawks in the park that are eating the rats, both are protected species. Please look passed your tiny penises and help protect wildlife not destroy it. Thank you.

    1. Ahh, I see we’ve found our first member of the Animal Defence League!

      Welcome….but I will ask that you please leave my penis out of this.


  6. Thanks Darrly for equating equipment size as part of a discussion. No wonder animal rights activists win all the arguements.

    That being said, if you check your history rats transmit and transfer desease. If the population is allowed to grow out of control, most restaurants would have to close down, due to the fact that rats can sqeeze their bodies into the smallest of gaps. Traps and poison are legitimate ways to get rid of infestations.

    You’ve won the pestesides on the lawn battle, you’ve won the smoking battle, you have a partial victory on the cute and cuddly seal hunt. To go after “save the cute and giggly rats campaign” might be your bridge to far. I will say this though, if you win this one, somewhere down the road, we will all be vegans by law.

    But good luck looking for your big piece of equipment fella, hope he makes you happy.

  7. I understand you may not want to talk about your insecurities on a public forum but it’s probably a big part of the reason you think it’s okay to destroy wildlife. There are plenty of good psychologists in Ottawa that could help you out.

    I don’t think anyone with half a brain reads your blahhg so no reason to discuss there is plenty of material in the library and online about the gentle nature and intelligence of rats.

    1. Ms Darryl, you may be surprised at the number of intelligent and well-informed conservationists who read this Blahhg..but alas you may also choose to leave and inform yourself at PETA’s big propaganda library, then by all means go…you should fit right in.

      Let me guess, you’re a member of Sea Sheppard too..I believe there is copious information available on Paul Watson at the same library.


      1. Actually Darryl, before you go…perhaps you could present to us one valid argument for protecting these rats – other than resorting to Anthropomorphism like the rest of the animal right’s people by assigning cute, human-like qualities to what are basically rodents.

        I wouldn’t bother looking up Anthropomorphism at your library either; you probably won’t find it there.


  8. Suggestion: We live trap all the rats and give them to Darryl for safe keeping. If he is unwilling to save these rats them I submit he shut the he$$ up!

    I also challenge Darryl to a public measure off to see who has the cojonies to back up their argument.

  9. hey, how did you find out about my penis size. 🙁
    well I’m supposed to go in for an enlargement soon 🙂
    will that make you happier???
    what a way to introduce yourself
    ya we are neanderthals
    maybe soon they’ll let us bring our firearms and shoot all the rats.
    or maybe we can all get diseases from these rats
    that would be good
    funny how you idiots keep an eye on blahhgs (LOL ) like this
    why don’t you go start your own
    you could call it Penis Heaven
    then all your friends would know what your obsessed with


  10. I strongly suspect that ‘Darryl’ would decline a measure-off…not for fear of losing, but for the simple fact that ‘Darryl’ is actually a woman..and thus the reason I addressed her as ‘Ms’ earlier on.

    Not that it really matters, but if you analyze their writing style you can tell this person is female.

    See, I’ve been watching Criminals Minds long enough now, I feel qualified to profile people.


  11. Or she/he could be like Klinger, who was once described by Dr Sidney Freedman as a homosexual Transvestite
    scary eh LOL

  12. Is that all they ever think about
    the size of my freekin penis
    hey Darryl, I have some pictures, send me you e-mail address 😉

  13. ha, ha they sure come out of the woodwork on this one. Go to any restaurent , shopping center ,hotels ect.. and check out the basements if you can get access and you will find rats. Trust me on this one. They are controlled as best can be but if they werent they would be an epidemic proportion. They can be as bad as roaches. Anywhere there is the hint of food there will be rats and roaches. When they tore down the congress centre they were scattering all through that area!!

  14. thats what you get for living in ottawa or toronto…. they are mistaking rats for polititions ….. you reap what you so

    glad i live in a small town.. and we are starting to get crack pots here to

  15. Well we had a good trip … monday morning it could have been all over with before guys got to watch but guy decided to pass on a spike bull.. but he was rewarded with a big 45-50 inch bull in the after noon . at 10 yards.. his gun how ever blew up his whole trigger mechanisim exploded in his browning bar 338 . he watched the bull for 10 min before it ran down the draw road… there was some lauguage that is not repeatable.. my daughter had a cub bear and 2 bucks go by her in the afternoon dog. the next day the spike bull was not so luckey . it came out to a guy that has not shot a moose in years so he took it .. the next day the big bull from the day before came out to my daugther then out to another guy then proceeded down the road to the guy that had the missunderstanding with him the day before. the bull stood broadside again for about 3 min then wondered back in the woods.. as we did not have another bull tag. we seemed to have all the bulls this year and the camps to the south of us had the cows and calfs.. . so for the week. daughter saw bear 2 bucks and 3 other deer that she could not identify and a pine marten snow shoe rabbit and grouse. think it was alot better then sending her to the toronto zoo for a trip lol there was lots of good times to be had especially ribbing the guy on the big bull… think i am going to send him some chocolate coverd almonds as a gag gift for christmas … from the moose thanking him for not shooting him and scaring the crap out of him lol (for those that dont know chocolate coverd almonds look like moose poop 🙂

    1. Ah man, what a story..Im surprised the guy never got injured! He must have had some very bad karma to be teased, not once but twice, by such a big bull moose!!

      Chessy, I dont think you could ever compare such an experience for your daughter, to any trip to the zoo…it’ll probably be something she’ll remember for a lifetime!

      How’d you make out with that special vehicle permit you were waiting for?


  16. It never came… Only left camp twice opening morning and Friday.
    Went on a usual 20 minute walk but took me and the daughter 2 hrs. to get to our spot. We did see two deer though, while walking to our spot.

    Even though it’s approved I didn’t have it so I could not drive, thank god for good hunters that took her out…. So she wouldn’t be by herself for the first time.

  17. If we scare you that much, maybe you would like to just leave, then you won’t have nightmares tonight and pee the bed

    1. Jen, I don’t need to look it up…I know the theory behind Speciesism is that since we are human, we feel a certain inherent superiority or ownership over the ‘non-human’ or ‘animal world’…..I also know it’s a term Animal Rights Groups like to use when trying to contradict or defeat the principle of ‘food chain’…I suggest you take a wildlife science class and then come see us.

      I also suggest Y’all look up Anthropomorphism…as every Animal Rights person I ever met who used the term Speciesism practices it….


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